I was going to start off today with singing the praises of Mr Grump! I have to say that he really got his finger out this morning. Off he went with a friend (who he had roped into helping) to pick up a new washing machine, got rid of the old flashing one, and plumbed in the new one in, all in a couple of hours. That is all the work I am going to get out of him today though, as he has caught my awful cold, but his has somehow mutated into MAN FLU! ….

Every time he sneezes I get a blow-by-blow account of how terrible he feels,  (of course I was never like that, and suffered in silence)! And talking of sneezing, why the hell does it have to be so LOUD? Honestly! I am  sitting here minding my own business when the next thing I nearly jump out of my skin as a huge ATI SHOOOOOOO emits from him,which terrifies the dog, making her leap off of his lap into a place of safety!

I have picked up snotty tissues which he has left on the coffee table (yuk),as he is too weak to walk to the bin to dispose of them properly! I have even made him a cup of tea today! Of course,at work, I look after poorly people all the time, and I really do enjoy it; however it’s his job to look after me (and of course Miss Hap) at home !!!

As it happened, I did get a call from work earlier on, asking me if I could come in and do a night shift tonight (I am not at all keen on nights), as they were very short-staffed. On this occasion, they didn’t need to worry, I jumped at the chance to abandon ship here at home and leave Mr Grump to fester, Miss Hap also knew what was good for her, and decided that she would stay at Nanny’s tonight to keep her company. The poor dog, however, has no choice but to stay here.

I did manage to ‘persuade’ Mr Grump that we needed to do the Supermarket shop today though, as it would do him good, rather than sit at home relaxing, and taking it easy!! I called Miss Hap in from outdoors where she was playing with some friends for her to come with us. She had got this ‘hair chalk’ stuff in various bright colours, which she had decided to experiment with today, on her lovely long brown hair.

Pillar box red is rather a lovely colour, and it did look quite nice on the ends of her hair,(thankfully it washes out pretty easily) However, for some reason, she had managed to get it, not only all over her hands as well, but her entire face! I told her to go and wash her face and hands immediately before we went out, which she (for once) obediently did! Unfortunately, although this stuff comes off hair very easily, it refuses to be washed off skin!

Off we trot to the supermarket (which was packed being a Saturday) with Mr Grump sneezing at full pelt, and Miss Hap, looking very flushed with her lovely tomato coloured face and hands…..I however, discreetly kept my distance from them!