Now I don’t like to boast, but poor Donna from MyOBT was just complaining how cold it was over in New York, and I just had to mention what a beautiful, sunny day it is here in the good old UK. Knowing how obsessed us Brits are with the weather, it makes a very pleasant change to have something positive to say about it for once!

Last night I had to work a rare night shift; It was really busy, and as usual was stuffy and hot up on the ward despite the freezing temperatures outside. I was heartened however, to notice that the dawn was breaking early, and as it approached 8am when it was time to go home, the sun was shining.

I did not however, bargain on having to scrape ice off the windscreen and spend 20 minutes defrosting the car, before  I could get home to my bed. Not being used to nights my poor, shattered eyes were squinting against the dazzling sun driving home.

When I finally dropped into bed, I was awakened about less than three hours later by kids playing outside, (it’s half-term week), enjoying the unexpectedly lovely day. I dragged myself downstairs to see Mr Grump manically cleaning out the fish tank. Something has put him in a good mood then, must be the sunshine!

I decided to leave him to it and flopped out on the sofa for an hour, trying to get a bit more shut-eye. When I woke back up we decided to go out and get a couple more fish as the tank was looking a bit sparse. a bit of new life is what we needed. As we walked into the Garden Centre Mr Grump suddenly piped up with,

“Oooh it’s a little colder than I thought”. I told him that I was ok, in fact, I was quite warm. The difference between us was, that I hadn’t gone Commando!

Don’t you just love the spring?