Today the challenge is to write something nice about another blog that is participating in the ‘Daydreamer Challenge.’

That is not difficult at all for me to do, in fact, the only difficulty I have is selecting one blog, so I am going to choose two; both of which I am following anyway.

But I Smile Anyway. Ritu is someone I felt an immediate connection to. We have quite a lot in common, our sense of humour, we both like to write things ‘off the cuff’ and we also love to write a poem about anything and everything!

What I also love about Ritu’s blog is that you are never going to know what she is going to write about next! She has a wealth of inspiration which she draws upon to write her posts (I am not at all envious – much)! She is also a lovely person. Friendly and funny, and that is why I love her blog!

A Momma’s ViewΒ I have been following this blog for quite some time now. This woman is a living dynamo! She is an excellent cook, takes beautiful photos, had two children which she home schools AND if that isn’t enough, is an author of not one, but three books!

I would love to have a bit of her stamina and dedication, that’s for sure! She is another one that helps and supports other bloggers which I admire greatly. She Β is a very kind and lovely person as well.

As I said, it was extremely easy to be nice about these two wonderful blogs. Go and see for yourself, they are worth a visit for sure,