Today we have quite a weighty prompt word for Linda’s Just Jot it January prompt, ‘honourable.’ Honour is very important to me and I like to think that I am a person who acts with decency and integrity. Although I don’t consider myself a naive person, I have been shocked a some of the practices people carry out, thinking nothing of it, yet for me, it is dishonourable and/or dishonest.

  • Whilst at university, handing in assignments that have either been proofread by an English teacher or looked over and corrected by a senior nurse!
  • Taking part in a fun office quiz in a group of about 20 where I was the only one  who had never tried any illegal drugs of any kind. (I smoked and drank alcohol though)!
  • Knowing that some people are working, and claiming benefit, and seeing them enjoy all their latest gadgets and going off on foreign holidays!
  • Listening to a conversation between two people where one of them takes credit for some of the things others have said or done.
  • People using the automated ‘scan and shop’ service at supermarkets and not scanning all their items.
  • Sitting in a room full of women at break time, and hearing them slag someone off as soon as they leave, yet they had been chatting with her two minutes before.
  • Hearing two stories recently of people stealing other blogger’s work and claiming it as their own.

I know that some of this stuff probably seems petty, and I am not trying to portray myself as better than anyone else, I have done my fair share of stupid things, but hopefully, I still have my,  ahem,  honour intact! 20150730_144606-1_wm