Today we have ‘sane’ as our prompt word for Linda’s Just Jot it January Prompt. The more I think about this word, the trickier it becomes to write something about it.

Being sane is, of course, having a healthy rational mind, and being able to make sound decisions. Therefore, being insane is having an unhealthy mind, and being irrational at times? Hmmm, it seems it is not as simple as that.

Most of us at some point have joked about insanity, referring to ourselves or others as being mad, crazy, nutty, mental, gaga, off their rocker, or a lunatic, and think nothing of it. It is not really something we take seriously, in fact, we very often laugh about it.

We all make irrational decisions at times, or become overwhelmed with emotion and feel unable to deal with Β everyday ‘life.’ This normally doesn’t last too long and we can continue on with our lives with no ill effects. sometimes, though, it does last for a long time and it becomes difficult to function. Β Luckily, we are able to visit the GP and get the help we need, whether it be medicinal or counselling and therapy, or perhaps a combination of both.

Thankfully, over time, treatment for mental health problems have progressed, so that sufferers are no longer carted off to an asylum, as was the case not too long ago. Anyone from a ‘promiscuous’ woman (funny but I have never heard of a promiscuous man being considered insane) to a person who has learning difficulties, to menopausal women (we don’t halfΒ get a raw deal), have in the past, been incarcerated in institutions for the insane, never to get out again.

I, for one, am grateful that we live in an era where mental illness does not necessarily equate to insanity and having to be locked up!