This week Ronovan has given us the lovely prompt word ‘hope’ for his and Colleen’s Writer’s Quote Challenge.

The quote I have chosen is particularly apt in so many ways….

I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.

–  Anne Frank


When rain blocks out the sunshine

And dampens down the day

A rainbow shows its colours

And brightens up the grey

The night sky so foreboding

Shadowy and dark

The moon and stars start playing

Causing illuminating sparks

A young family on the breadline

Trying to make ends meet

Dad has bought some sweets home

Just to give them a little treat

The little boy with cancer

Who is struggling to survive

His parents treasure every day

Their precious son is alive

A woman longing for a baby

Who has tried for so many years

Then her prayers are answered

As the thin blue line appears

Wars and terror divide us

We need unity, hope and faith

Together, we can make a difference

To make this world a better place