Hello, welcome to my website and thanks for stopping by. I am Judy, in my early fifties and decided that life definitely gets more interesting as it goes on!

Me and my long-suffering husband whom I refer to as Mr Grump in my blog

I am a wife and a mum and have worked with a brilliant team of community and hospital nurses as an Associate Nursing Practitioner. In fact, I admire them so much I have just started at University studying for my own Nursing degree!  It is a lovely job which is so rewarding plus I get to meet some wonderful people too. I was born in Somerset but have been living in Kent for most of my life. It is only recently that I have begun to realise just how beautiful the countryside is here;  it is a pleasure driving around visiting patients and admiring the views as I go! I have recently moved to a little coastal town and am lucky to have the sea on my doorstep as well as the beautiful countryside

I am one of six children so have a very large family, in fact, I have recently become a Great Aunty (I always thought I was anyway),  so our family has grown even bigger which of course gives me more to write about.

I have a beautiful daughter who is a typical teenager with the messy room and raging (being the operative word), hormones to go with it so I have a wealth of inspiration from my own family alone for my poems and little stories. I am also a prolific blogger and enjoy writing funny stories, anecdotes, and anything really that takes my fancy. Again, I always have plenty to write about, after all ‘there is nowt so queer as folk’ and I know plenty of characters!

My beautiful daughter whom I often refer to a ‘Miss Hap’ in my blog. She has inherited my accident prone genes!

Last but certainly not least, is our mischievous, adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Benji.

Benji at the pub with Mr Grump!

I am also a poet and the author of my debut book, ‘Rhymes of the Times.’  I love to laugh, and I love rhyming words too, so I joined the two together and my book was born. I am also working on another book in the series where I will be incorporating other types of poems, such as limericks which are a particular favourite of mine.

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I hope you enjoy your visit to my site,  if you feel like dropping me a line, I would love to hear from you.