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Episode 61: Goodbye to NaBloPoMo!! — November 30, 2014

Episode 61: Goodbye to NaBloPoMo!!

Well that’s it, I did it! I managed to post every day throughout November. I have to admit that I have struggled at times. The delirium-induced posts written whilst in the throes of a raging fever; the frantic whizzing of ideas going round in my brain, refusing to be caught and plucked out for the next post; Oh yes, it has been pretty tough at times, but I am nothing if not determined, and I did not want to be beaten…

This last month has not only been demanding, but it has been very rewarding as well. I have encountered new people whose blogs have been a wonderful inspiration; I have had lots of support from others in the blogging community, and I’m starting to feel pretty comfy in the big wide blogosphere (I haven’t quite got my feet under the table yet, but hopefully that will come).

The fact that just over two months ago, I decided to take the plunge and start a blog, with no real clue of what the hell I was doing, (I am still only one step up from that actually) to getting a Liebster award and 94 followers, is nothing short of amazing to me. Thank you so much everyone, it’s fantastic to know that people are enjoying my blog.

I had already decided that I would post pretty regularly, but trying to produce something everyday was pretty hard work; however, somehow me and my fellow NaBloPoMoers pulled it off, and now, if we choose to, we can rest up, and recharge. I have found it daunting to write 30 posts that are entertaining (at least mildly), tell a story (even if written in rhyme), and are over a paragraph long!

At the very start of NaBloPoMo, I wrote a post describing what my blog was about and what to expect, which you can see here. I think I have stuck mostly to this theme of cringeworthy embarrassing moments, random silliness, dragging my poor family into my stories, and showing them up, as well as giving you some extra random facts about me that you’d probably rather not know!

All in all, it has been a really wonderful experience. The best thing of all to come out of it is definitely discovering the sense of community amongst bloggers. The support and encouragement they give to each other;  gaining confidence, building a rapport, discovering new concepts. This applies not just to NaBloPoMo but blogging in general. Being such a novice at all this, I am still barging about, trying to get my bearings (as well as understand some of the jargon)!

Well, I braced myself and have dipped my (funny) toe into the shallow end of blogging, then doggy paddled into the deep waters of NaBloPoMo, and although I flailed around a bit, out of my depth, I stayed afloat, bobbing about of the surface. I did not drown!

Episode 60: I’ve Been Liebstered! — November 29, 2014

Episode 60: I’ve Been Liebstered!

I am thrilled and flattered to have been nominated for a Liebster award, by Wendy of the Rock. As a fairly new blogger, it came as a lovely surprise and i am very proud to accept.. Wendy herself was nominated by Mary-Anne of Breathing Life. All three of us set out on the NaBloPoMo journey together, and have supported each other throughout the month, commenting on each other’s posts and sharing ideas. I am particularly proud to be in the good company of these two intelligent, funny and clever ladies, and pleased that we have crossed paths.

I have gleaned from various sources (Google being the winner) certain rules associated with the Liebster Award, and although they do differ slightly, the main points that I am going with are these:

1: Acknowledge and accept the Liebster Award by leaving a comment on the blog where you were nominated.
2: Copy and paste the Liebster logo onto your own blog.
3: Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
4: Answer the 11 questions put to you by the person who nominated you.
5: List 11 random facts about yourself.
6: Nominate and link to 3—11 other blogs you enjoy that have less than 3000 followers
7: List 11 questions for your Liebster Award nominees on your blog.
8: Inform your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.

So here are the 11 questions I was asked:

Why did you start to blog?

My sister suggested it actually. She has mentioned many times that she thinks I have a way with words and can tell a good story. I was reluctant  to do it as I am not a writer, and had only previously written poems (or ditties) for families on special occasions, However, one day I sat down and typed, loved it, and have become a little addicted to it !!

How did you decide upon your blog’s name?

Well I wanted to be anonymous, as I didn’t know what to expect, and I’m quite a shy person really so I used Edwina which is my middle name. I wanted something to go with it, that I liked the sound of, and would describe little snippets of my life, so I chose Episodes; it not only suggests a sequence of events, but  regular instalments, which is what I wanted to convey.

What other talent/s do you have apart from blogging?

God, this is a tricky question as most things I have a go at fail miserably: The only thing I can think of is the poems! 

Which three words best describe you?

Caring, clumsy,kind.

Where is your happy place?

By the sea somewhere, preferably on the beach with a load of my family, and a huge picnic! Chilling out, swimming, having a laugh, running around.

What movies have you watched over and over?

I am pretty rubbish with Movies, as I tend to nod off halfway through! I do love ‘Grease’ though, I’ve seen it so many times, singing along to all the songs. It just cheers me up and lifts my mood.
Who is your favourite fictional character? Why?

I think it is Bridget Jones. It is so refreshing to have a clumsy, awkward, chunky, gauche character being the heroine for once! Someone who I can definitely identify with! 

What would you tell your 10-year-old self?

This really is a cliche,but to make the most of the opportunities given to me at school, as it is so much easier getting it right first time around!
If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose? Why?

It has to be Florence Nightingale! I would love to have a chat with her about how nursing has changed so much over the years, and to get her thoughts  on how she perceives modern nursing to be.

What is your most cherished possession?

My wedding rings! For what they symbolise, and what they mean to me.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by so many people, those living in appalling conditions, those living with serious illness/disease but still keep positive, people that go out of their way to help others,inventors, artists, writers,crafters, triers,and entertainers to name but a few! 

11 Random Facts About me!

  1. I have funny toes! The shape of my foot is pointed at the front due to this, and I sometimes have a job finding shoes that fit properly.
  2. I am terrified of heights. I hate even standing on chairs!
  3. I HATE driving. To me it is a means to an end, and that is it! I’m pleased I passed my test finally, but now I have, I have discovered that I don’t like it!
  4. I am a real early bird! I can’t seem to stop myself getting up between 5 and 6am!
  5. I love 1950’s style dresses, They are so beautiful and flattering, as well as being feminine and girly.
  6. Yellow roses are my favourite flowers, especially if they are scented. Gorgeous.
  7. I can’t sing a note but I love karaoke, especially when it is just family who have to endure my croaking!
  8. I love my goggly-eyed fish! They are very pretty, and it cheers me up seeing them swimming about in their fish tank.
  9. I love walking along the beach when there is a brisk wind, invigorating!
  10. I am a useless dancer! I have 2 left feet (as well as the funny toes)!
  11. My birthday is on the same day as my sister (she is 2 years younger).

Now this is the bit where I nominate some blogs that I enjoy. Although I have only been blogging for 2 months, I do have a few favourites already (Most are listed on my blog). However,  It has been very difficult nominating due to the fact that some have only recently been nominated themselves,  some have way too many followers. and others would not want to participate. The following blogs are some of the ones that have made an impact on me in one way or another:

Heels and A Toolbox

Zoe’s Clothes

Rachel Being Chatty 

Vitamin BS

Fourth Generation Farmgirl

These Are Your 11 Questions:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. When do you produce your best work?
  3. Name something that annoys you
  4. What makes you happy?
  5. If you could live in a different era, which one would you choose and why?
  6. What is your biggest regret?
  7. What other talents do you have?
  8. What is your biggest achievement?
  9. Sunshine or snow?
  10. What is your biggest vice?
  11. What song sums you up?

Thanks again Wendy!

Episode 59: On The Home Straight…. — November 28, 2014

Episode 59: On The Home Straight….

The end is getting so near now

I’m starting to see through the fog

Only 3 more days of this pressure

In daily posting my blog!

So many subjects I’ve covered

My brain has been stretched to the max

Thoughts and ideas that are spinning

Oh how I need to relax!

I’ve ranted, I’ve rhymed and I’ve ruminated

On different parts of my life

I’ve aired, I’ve bared and I’ve shared

My tribulations, troubles and strife!

My tank is now running on empty

I’ve hardly got anything left

But I know that once this is over

I’m going to feel so bereft!

For how I have loved being part of

This challenge I set out to do

For not only was it great posting

I read some fantastic blogs too!

Episode 58: Judge Me for Who I Am, Not What I do!!! — November 27, 2014

Episode 58: Judge Me for Who I Am, Not What I do!!!

Isn’t it strange how very often a person is judged on the job that they do, or profession they choose. It even categorizes what ‘class’ you belong to.Very often, even now,when participating in any sort of consumer study or market research, the question is always asked as to, either the occupation of the ‘head of house’ (at least it is not assumed now that will automatically be a male) or the income of the main breadwinner, in order to determine which socio-economic group or class to slot people into.

People can be so snobby and superior if they don’t consider your job to be worthwhile or, if it required little or no qualifications, they assume that perhaps you must be a cretin and therefore unworthy of their attention. Mr Grump used to clean toilets a couple of years ago before his current job as a driver. (I may have mentioned before, but he is a trained and qualified chef, but after many years of stress and shift work, decided he wanted to do something different). I am an Associate Nurse  (not a Registered Nurse, I studied for 2 years not 3 as they do).

Anyway, the reason I mention it , is when we have met people and told them what we did for a living, we could see the disdain, and desire in them for a quick getaway to move on to someone else more interesting. (After all, we can’t be very clever if one of us cleans toilets and the other isn’t even a proper nurse)! Next time we got asked what we did for a living, we rather truthfully, but bluntly replied, “clean up other people’s shit”! If you are going to get a reaction, make it a good one!

I feel sorry for the stay-at-home-mums as well. Regardless of their skills, experience, knowledge and training, they have somehow, turned into an empty-headed, muzzy brained, frazzled mum, who does nothing all day but play with their kids and watch trash TV! Oh wouldn’t that be lovely if only it were true! What a bloody insult to be written off, as a non-entity who has nothing to talk about other than how well little Johnny is doing with his potty training, or how to treat cracked nipples when breastfeeding!

By the same token, people very often respect others with nice,trustworthy. middle class jobs, like doctors for example. (Ever heard of Dr Harold Shipman, one of Britain’s, if not the world’s, most prolific serial killers?) Oh yes, lovely man to have at a party. Just don’t introduce him to your wealthy elderly  aunty, or you might find that she meets an untimely demise under his expert ministrations! (Yes I know he killed himself now,but you get the point)!

So many swindlers, con men and fraudsters have supposedly ‘good’ jobs or are in respectable professions, just as there have been some awful abusive, spiteful and cruel people in ‘caring’ roles.Look at the dishonest Politicians,and their fake expenses claims,not to mention the philandering that goes on(and ends up in the Sunday Tabloids), What about the fat cat bosses and their huge pay rises? It is not  necessarily a safe assumption to base a person’s character on the nature of their work.

What do you think? Are you happy being judged on what you do, as opposed to who you are?

Episode 57: Oh No, Christmas Is Coming! — November 26, 2014

Episode 57: Oh No, Christmas Is Coming!

There’s only 4 weeks until Christmas

And I’ve not even started my shop

No presents, no food, and no booze yet

 I don’t even have any pop!

The town is all lit up and sparkling

Santa’s grotto has also arrived

The shops are blaring out music

The old Christmas favourites revived!

All the heart-warming adverts on TV

They are sure to bring a tear to the eye

But my festive spirit is lacking

And I’ve not even made a mince pie!

I really need to get started

There are so many things still to get

I will make more of an effort

But it’s still not  December yet!

Episode 56: Domestic Goddess? No, But My Husband Is!!! — November 25, 2014

Episode 56: Domestic Goddess? No, But My Husband Is!!!

I’ve often wished that I was more of a practical person.  I am absolutely blown away by some of the talented bloggers around, and quite envious of their abilities. Take Heels and a Toolbox for example (http://www.heelsandatoolbox.com/). She takes on all sorts of DIY tasks, and gives others tips on how to save money by fixing things yourself! What a great idea and if I had a modicum of ability, I would definitely give it a go. My problem is not only being heavy-handed and a little accident prone,but also having a husband who is good at DIY,so I don’t HAVE to do it!

It was mentioned on the same website that some women never have to fill up their own cars with petrol, nor do they know how to! Well that got me thinking actually,as I AM one of those women! I do know how to fill up my car, but I don’t like doing it; the same as I don’t like putting the rubbish out, decorating, mowing the lawn, and other chores that long ago were associated more with the ‘man of the house’.I don’t like anything that is going to break my nails off (even though I must have them reasonably short for work), I don’t want to go grubbing about in the dirt (well not if it means digging the garden anyway, or weeding the flowers).I certainly don’t want to have to climb ladders to do ANY job (that is twofold; one I don’t like heights, two, it is safer for me, and everyone else) if I stay on the ground!

The thing with me is, I am also not that great at things normally associated with the ‘lady of the house’ either. My Mum, sisters and nieces are all really wonderful cooks, and not only can make something out of nothing, but most of them never measure out an ingredient or follow a recipe,unlike me.(I can cook a mean roast dinner though). I am lucky that Mr Grump does all the cooking at home unless I have some mad urge to do it!

I do get involved with housework though, I will clean, dust  plump cushions up, iron clothes, and do the washing. However I only vacuum if I have to, I hate it and it puts me in a bad mood, so good old Mr Grump gets that chore!

I do not get on very well with crafts either,but I am a glutton for punishment and I do constantly try to make things, sometimes I even make a reasonable job of it, (See Episode 21). I do attempt a bit of dressmaking (I use that term very  loosely in my case) but apart from one dress that I can actually wear, have been mostly unsuccessful. I will not give in with it though, just keep trying easier patterns. I can knit though, but all the best stuff I have ever made I have done for others so I actually don’t have anything good myself that I have made!

I am absolutely rubbish with hair, make-up and other things associated with ‘beauty’. I can put a bit of slap on when  the occasion merits it, but it is a tried and tested method I have used for years, and it serves me well .  My hair is long; that is it, pony tail, plait (not a French plait or a fishtail plait mind) or up in a clip..maybe bunches if I am feeling quirky, Oh and for going out, it gets straightened….job done!

I know that when I was on my own, I did have to mow the lawn (how I raged whilst doing it, getting all hot and bothered), I did put the stinky rubbish out, and I even put petrol in my car. Just as I also cooked every meal for me and Miss Hap (luckily she turned out all right), and pushed the vacuum around (bashing into everything as I went). So although I do envy other people’s creativity, talent and practicality, I am just going to have to accept that I missed out when they were handed out, and I must have other ‘hidden’ talents instead. Meanwhile, dear old Mr Grump cracks on with keeping the house in order!

Episode 55: Raining on My Parade…. — November 24, 2014

Episode 55: Raining on My Parade….

I was feeling a little heavy-headed when I got up yesterday; not really ‘with-it’, and lacking in energy and enthusiasm. Looking outside didn’t help matters either; grey, damp. miserable, just like my mood actually!…

I had wanted to try to do a bit of Christmas shopping, you know, be organised for once. Usually it is a maniacal, crazed dash around, last-minute panic buying , competing with the rest of the no-hopers who have disorganised lives. Not this year…I’m going to be one of those annoying people who have wrapped everything up (both figuratively and literally)  by December 1st!! Shame, I just wasn’t in the mood for it though…..

Miss Hap had been staying over at Nanny’s, and when asked if she wanted to come with us, sensibly declined our offer. So Mr Grump and I put on our new matching ‘His n Hers’ waterproof jackets  that he got us(actually they are more like ‘His n His’ jackets as mine is rather large as well as masculine looking, but it keeps the rain out) and  ventured out into the lashing rain!

We got to the town centre and it was quite deserted which was nice (not everyone was as keen to get soaked as we were). The Christmas lights had been turned on Saturday, and it was looking very festive through the rain (It was a big disappointment as most towns get a ‘celebrity’ turning on their lights, we got Postman Pat! I know he is a celebrity in his own right to the under 5’s, but for the rest of us,a bit of a let-down)!  I tried putting my hood up as the rain was getting heavier, but it totally blocked out my vision,(seeing as it was a bit on the massive side). Mr Grump fussed about with it, and sight restored, we headed to some shops further in the town.

After a while  I decided I needed a coffee, and as Mr Grump is back smoking again (busted)! we went to a cafe with tables and chairs outside. I went in to get the drinks and when I came out Mr Grump had bagged a table that had a parasol, so we enjoyed our coffee outside; only getting half soaked, as opposed to completely drenched if there had been no shelter. Suitably refreshed we traipsed off again. Suffice to say, we didn’t end up getting ANY Christmas shopping, I just couldn’t summon up enough motivation, plus I didn’t fancy getting bogged down with loads of bags, which would get soggy with the rain. We did however, get an extension lead, so we have enough space to plug in all the Christmas lights (when we can be bothered to put them up)! See, I AM getting organised.

Mr Grump then wanted to drag me to the Supermarket as of course we needed groceries. He didn’t think it fair for some reason, to drive all the way home, drop me off, then go out again on his own, so I huffily went with him. It was packed in there; obviously it is THE place to be on filthy Sunday morning.It took ages getting what we needed, but finally we went back to the car, and, as is the norm, I got in whilst Mr Grump opened the  boot, ready to unpack the shopping from the trolley…I was cold and crabby, and huddled down in my seat. I happened to glance up, out of the window, and saw Mr Grump haring off! Our trolley nowhere in sight. It must have rolled off whilst he was round the back of the car.

Sure enough, he came back pushing the errant trolley. It was still bucketing down with rain, and poor old Mr Grump was looking a little bedraggled. Well, if anything was going to put a smile on my face, then this was it. My shoulders were shaking as I watched him viciously manhandle the trolley to the back of the car, and start shoving everything in. I cackled as he muttered under his breath, and guffawed as he got in next to me and ranted! That cheered me up!

Episode 54: Nobody Likes A Smart Arse! — November 23, 2014

Episode 54: Nobody Likes A Smart Arse!

Oh how I wish I wasn’t such a dunce with technology. Don’t get me wrong, I know my way around a computer (at least enough to be able to use the basics for home and work), and I can manage to call and text from my mobile phone (aren’t I clever)?! but that is just about all I can do, and I feel like I am not only missing out, but lagging behind!

I’m sick of everything being ‘smart’! Phones, TVs, you name it, ‘smart’ is the thing to be. Well that’s all well and good, but when you have a bloody idiot like me trying to use these things, I am well and truly outwitted, and have to rely on others (Mr Grump and Miss Hap are both very tech savvy) to help me work things out, as I am  certainly not smart enough!

Take my mobile for example; I remember trying to video Miss Hap’s Sports Day on it.  When she won the skipping race (I was so thrilled, especially as she managed not to trip over the rope like I would have done) and I thought I had captured her triumph on  my phone. Looking at the footage, it was shaky, several people’s heads are in the way at times, and it seemed like I was about a mile away from the action. I don’t like to mess about with any settings, but apparently I could have zoomed in a bit more to actually SEE my daughter’s features!

Our super-duper 3D TV with its superior intelligence, also mocks my ham-fisted attempts to utilise it properly. I know it has the internet, and I can synch it up with my laptop, should I wish to. I did wish to actually, I had just got the Sims 4 (I know it’s a dreadful addiction, but I’ve given up the fags and sweet food, so am allowed one vice) and I was told that I could play my game on the laptop,but somehow project it onto the TV screen which I thought would be great.I will never know though because I can’t bloody do it and neither can the other two!

That brings me to the laptop, or more generally the Internet. Oh the wonders of the web; the things you can do; the fun you can have. Well I want to have a bit of a rant actually because I can’t do things; it’s not for want of trying though. I try to teach myself, I get tutorials, I look at help pages, I ask others, but no, I am still a disaster.

Now that I have really got into blogging, I have been trying to tweak my website a bit to make it look a little more polished, I have seen some wonderful blogs which are so professional  looking, with links here and separate pages there! Oh how I envy them, I tried creating a  new Facebook profile just for my blog, but realised it’s not really going to work unless I use my actual name as I won’t be able to add my friends! After all, I have now actually put a pic up (brace yourselves)!

I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet, and get my daughter to sit with me to help my poor brain  understand the fundamentals of being ‘smart’. I don’t want my stupidity being taken advantage of by all this clever technology!

Episode 53: Our Pet Pooch! — November 22, 2014

Episode 53: Our Pet Pooch!

Although my parents had a dog when I was younger, I’ve never had one myself, until 2 years ago when Roxy came into our family…..

I had mentioned to Mr Grump that I would love to have a dog; he loves all animals so was definitely in agreement. We also thought it would be lovely for Miss Hap to have a pet to love and learn how to look after. Of course, we wanted to make sure that we got the right dog for us, that would fit into our family, and that we would be able to give the right care to.I had also done a bit of research online as well, to see what types of dog were good with children, and amongst my favourites were the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

We decided that we wanted to get a rescue dog if possible, as there are so many pets that need re-homing. We contacted a few centres locally but they mostly had large dogs or staffies, which I didn’t think would be right for us. I e-mailed one centre and asked to be considered if they had any small dogs that needed placing, left my contact details and left it at that.

About a fortnight later when I got in from work Mr Grump asked me to phone the rescue centre which I did. They informed me that a young mum with 5 kids,and a puppy that she couldn’t take care of as it was too boisterous!  She needed them to come and get it NOW before she dumped it. The rescue centre asked if I would be interested which of course I was. All she knew was that it was a Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy, just what we were looking for. I contacted the woman direct who invited us to come and see her. we were straight on the motorway and an hour later met little Roxy for the first time…..

We were all instantly smitten with her. She was so excited to see us, jumping up at us, tail going like the clappers; she had actually been very well looked after, she was microchipped and had all her injections; the harassed woman just came to the end of her tether as she had so much going on!  We ended up taking her home with us that evening along with all of her paraphernalia! The rescue centre were amazed when we told them, but thrilled that Roxy had got a new loving home.

On the journey home, Roxy snuggled into my lap, and was as good as gold. She settled in with us so quickly it was unbelievable.Mr Grump took charge of feeding her and taking her out for walks, and Roxy absolutely adores him! About a week after getting her we took her to the beach.  I went in for a swim with my sister and her labrador Milo came bounding in after us. Two minutes later I saw this little face and flapping ears working its way towards me, Roxy wanted to join in.

Of course, she soon knew how to get around Mr Grump, and he spoils her rotten! She sits on his lap in the evenings and trots off after him everywhere, as she knows that she will often get an extra treat, looking up at him with her beguiling eyes. She sleeps in our room (her little bed didn’t last long), but always noses into Miss Hap’s room before bed to make sure she is ok!

She does get a little jealous though if Mr Grump shows affection to anyone (or anything else). If I ever dare to sit with Mr Grump then she will either turn her back on us, and sulk, or she will paw at me trying to get me away!  She doesn’t like being late for her walk either and if Mr Grump thinks he might get a sneaky lie-in on the weekend he is very much mistaken. She will jump on his head to wake him up, then race downstairs and bark at the coat rack until he gets his jacket on to go out.

I feel so blessed that we have Roxy in our lives… it was such a coincidence how we came to get her, and I am so pleased that she is now a member of our family.

Episode 52: Optimistically Pessimistic! — November 21, 2014

Episode 52: Optimistically Pessimistic!

I’m afraid I am one of life’s worriers. If I have something to worry about then so much the better, if not I will just worry because things are going well, and that always means that something bad is about to happen! I have tried to change my ways, even on occasion, being positive, but to no avail. It just doesn’t suit me being a ‘glass half-full’ type of person!

Now don’t get me wrong, being a worrier does not equate to being a miserable sod. Far from it (although I am one of those unfortunate people who has the type of face that complete strangers feel the need to say to me, “Cheer up love, it may never happen)”  well actually it has now they have said that to me for no reason, but I laugh it off through gritted teeth, as to come out with a rude reply would have ME worrying that I have offended THEM!

I worry when I  meet new people  because I am usually a little quiet until I get to know someone A couple of years ago I  applied for University as part of my job role. I didn’t know any of the other 25 students who were going to  be studying with me, and my God didn’t I worry about that!…Would I be the oldest student there? Would I appear stupid as I am so quiet? All this kind of stuff would run through my head. However it didn’t stop me going for it, and I made some really good friends, AND even gave presentations in front of the group (we had no choice, but I did it)!

I worry about my daughter constantly. She tends to say exactly what she thinks, and it can (and does) get her into trouble sometimes. She has problems understanding diplomacy and tact, and struggles to understand what effect her words might have on people’s feelings (She has Asperger’s).Last night at her school’s ‘academic review’ one of her teachers was asking her how she enjoyed ‘Community Day’ (The school is divided up into various communities and once a month they do fun activities and games) “I can’t even remember it” sulked my daughter who was mad because she didn’t want to go to her review. Mr Grump and I cringed as she gave one monotonous answer after another, being deliberately obtuse to make everyone aware of her displeasure at being dragged along. She didn’t even cheer up when she was praised for her achievements! This of course made me worry what the teacher must have thought of us, as well as how I was going to teach my daughter that some things in life have to be endured, with good grace, and a bit of enthusiasm! After all, we were all there for her benefit.

Being clumsy of course, has its own disadvantages when you are a worrier like me. I have lost count of the times I have made a grand entrance,   rather than the subtle one I would have preferred, due to the fact that I  have tripped over something which has led to me stumbling headlong into the room. On one occasion at work I had gone into a side room to dress an old lady’s badly ulcerated legs. She was not the most timid of patients and liked to speak her mind. Anyway, I spent a  long time ensuring a made a good job of the legs, and that she was comfortable. As I was cleaning the metal equipment trolley I had used afterwards, I misaligned the top tray so that it landed with a clatter and an almighty crash to the floor, startling us both, . “Get out of here you noisy bitch” raged my patient!

I know that to some extent, everyone worries about something, after all it is human nature. I just wish that I could lighten up a bit at times, and just ‘go with the flow’ instead of over-analysing things, and making something out of nothing. I long to breeze through life without a care…but I know that even if my glass was half full rather than half empty, I would probably knock it over anyway!

I would love to know if there are any other worriers out there!

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sew VeraVenus

"A modern make on vintage style."

Rachael's Thoughts

Lifestyle blog featuring the fabulous North East and beyond

My Window

Sharing my thoughts, poems, travel & art

WordPress.com Apps

Apps for any screen

Learning to write

Just your average PhD student using the internet to enhance their CV


Life in words

Stuff and what if...

Exploring writing and the creative randomness of life. Snapshots of moments.


The Learning Technology Team at Canterbury Christ Church University



Gin & Lemonade

...with a twist.

Peacock Poetry

by Sam Allen

Tallis Steelyard

The jumbled musings of Tallis Steelyard

Diary of a Dublin Housewife

Diary of a Dublin Housewife


Art Inspiring Magic by Carolina Russo

Two on a Rant

Rants, humor, sarcasm, and a haiku-like substance? It's hard to know what's going to come out of our minds next.

We Are Holistic

Promoting a Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit


Photography and Travel


An onion has many layers. So have I!

Fatty McCupcakes

Rants, Ramblings, and Regrets

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