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Hugh’s Views and News Photo Challenge: Week 5 . Pair — November 7, 2015

Hugh’s Views and News Photo Challenge: Week 5 . Pair

Hugh is already in his fifth week of the photo challenge he created. I have enjoyed participating in this as it is fun trying to fit the photo to the word, or vice versa! I love the poached eggs on toast  pic on his blog – what a lovely pair!

My entry for this week is much more conventional, being a pair of shoes! However, these are real skyscrapers and something that my niece loves to wear,

I know I am getting older now as I had to jam my poor toes into the narrow shoe and had Mr Grump haul me up! My knee clicked in protest as I rose to the tallest I have ever been in my life, probably about 5ft 8 or 9 as I was even taller than old Grump!

I had to hold onto the door whilst he took the photo as I could barely balance on them let alone walk.No sexy wiggle for me in my heels, more of an arthritic hobble followed by an almighty fall I shouldn’t wonder!

Episode 494: What a mix-up! — September 13, 2015

Episode 494: What a mix-up!

Having always been a little bit absent-minded, I am used to getting things muddled up, however, as I get older, I have noticed that it happens quite a bit more frequently than I would like!

It can be pretty annoying as I find myself walking into a room then forgetting why I was going there, recounting a story only to get distracted, then completely forgetting what I was going to say next, or even putting down the phone after taking a message, then struggling to remember what that message actually was!

I know that this does happen to all of us, but it is so embarrassing at times. We have a lot of students come onto our ward, some staying for a couple of weeks, some for a couple of months. I very often see them around the hospital, and it is always lovely when I notice the change of uniform to Staff Nurse, or on some occasions Sister. The problem I have is when some of them stop and chat with me, calling me by name, and I have completely forgotten theirs! Worse, if I am with someone else and they ask me who I was talking to!

Has anybody else gone to put the bread in the fridge or the milk in the bread bin? I am always doing stuff like that, but normally realise at the last minute, when I suddenly ‘snap out’ of the daze that I seem to be in!

I notice I have even done it with my blog! Finding unanswered messages, I could have sworn were not there before, discovering that people I thought had gone quiet with their own blogs were actually still posting, it was just that I had somehow unfollowed them (I think WordPress has got some naughty little Gremlins playing with my head here though).

I had even scheduled a post that I wrote yesterday to be ‘live’ today, that was actually 5 days early! I had convinced myself that today was the right day.

I was hoping that  I would become ‘older and wiser’ but it looks like I am going straight from ‘absent-minded’ to ‘eccentric!’

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