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Wacky Word Wednesday — October 28, 2015

Wacky Word Wednesday

It’s Wednesday already and time to time to unearth another little-used word, dust it off and give breathe new life into it. The word I have for you today was made popular by Princess Anne, of all people. As some of you may know, the Queen’s only daughter can be rather feisty and grumpy, and takes after her father for not giving a toss about what people think of her!  So here is that delightful word.

Naff. For its first meaning, this word is followed by ‘off!’ It is a wonderful substitute for the ‘f-word’ when in polite company (if it’s good enough for the Royals….) It conveys annoyance at cheeky journalists snapping less than flattering pictures or invading one’s privacy. Pretty much any time someone or something gets on your nerves, this word helps to express the outrage felt!

Now for the other meaning, it is unstylish, useless, shoddy and second-rate. It is the mullet hairdo, or the cheesy pop album; a blast from the past that was pretty crappy first time around!  It is getting short-changed, diddled, scammed, and ripped off, by some shady character. Clashing colours, substandard service, embarrassing in-laws, anything that is a bit below par really. Something I know I am guilty of being.

Mr Grump’s Brand New Boxers! — September 19, 2015

Mr Grump’s Brand New Boxers!

Poor old Mr Grump, he is not exactly a trendsetter, well neither am I for that matter! It is just as well really as Miss Hap has decided that she likes to wear only stuff that is made by the ‘right’ brand, which I touched on in this post.

The one ‘trend’ that I can’t stand is when young men wear their trousers around their hips and have half of their arse hanging out! Of course, they have nearly always got a waistband of a pair of Calvin Klein boxers poking out over the top. Presumably, this is the go-to boxer of choice for the young of today. Well, each to their own, but I don’t want to see them, and I have to almost restrain myself from telling them to ‘pull your bloody trousers up’ and have in fact, mentioned to my nephew that perhaps he might need a belt to keep them up!

Anyway, a long- standing joke between myself and Mr Grump is that I always moan about the price of boxer shorts, and he normally gets a three pair pack once a year (if I am feeling generous, after all, it is not even Christmas or birthdays when he gets them, it is extra).

About a week ago, we were doing a bit of grocery shopping in Lidl (a cut price German Supermarket), when I saw a pack of 3 boxers. I checked out the price and they were a couple of quid cheaper than we normally pay, so I (begrudgingly) bought him some.

I did laugh as a day or two later he was standing by our back door, and I happened to notice that his trousers had slipped down a little (this was more by accident than design). Not for him the fancy brand name on his underpants oh no, his were proudly displaying ‘Casual Basics’ on the waistband!

That says it all really!

Episode 214: Imitation Is The Best Form of Flattery? — March 11, 2015

Episode 214: Imitation Is The Best Form of Flattery?

Many of us have seen something advertised, or admired something that  a famous person has worn and wondered where we could get one. Now a lot of us don’t really have the budget to spend large amounts of money on the ‘designer’ version, so if we see a cheaper one we jump at it. We never learn do we?!

Now, eBay and Amazon very often have things that are similar in style to the original, but you really do have to be realistic about your expectations! For a start the materials used in the knock-off version may be a lot cheaper; fabric may be thinner and not hold its shape, or maybe it is a little more transparent than the original.

We all know that ‘you get what you pay for’. However, I did feel a bit sorry for one poor woman. She ordered a dress that was worn by an actress which was pretty revealing. Now this actress no doubt had access to stylists as well to help her look her best. The woman who bought  the dress which was advertised as ‘soft, comfortable and breathable’ could not wait for it to be delivered.

As soon as it arrived she got straight into it. Being the type of dress it was, no underwear was required as it would spoil the look, but the buyer decided that pink slippers would be a wonderful accessory to showcase the outfit to the best advantage.

She must have been thrilled with how it looked as she immediately posted some pictures of herself on the seller’s website. I admire her, she is one brave woman!

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