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Episode 489: Home — September 9, 2015

Episode 489: Home

Today for writing 101,  our prompt was to choose one word from a selection of six prompt words and write about the one that ‘spoke’ to us the most. I chose ‘home’ as this word has the most meaning for me in so many ways…

When I was six years old my parents divorced and I moved from one end of the country to the other. Then, due to my Mum’s job we moved around some more until finally coming to the county where I have lived for most of the time since.

When I married my first husband, I moved around yet again as he changed jobs, and we always lived with other people. I used to spend at least 18 hours a day in one room due to his long hours, and other issues (I will write about them one day)! This went on for about 8 years until our eventual divorce. Although for the last 2 years I did at least see people as I worked with him for 18 hours per day!

My second marriage, sadly didn’t last long but for the first time we had our own place, albeit only for 6 months before I ended up moving back in with my parents and stayed there throughout my pregnancy, and for the first 10 weeks of Miss Hap’s life.

Then I got this house, which is finally my home. Myself and my baby daughter (at the time) moved in with no carpets, very little furniture (most of it donated to us), mismatched curtains and a small tv. It didn’t matter though as it was home. Our home. Over the 12 years I have been here, I have added carpets, matching curtains and a nice settee as well as some new furniture. More importantly I have planted the garden with the beautiful, fragrant roses that I love so much,

For once in my entire life, I was able to put down some roots, and settle down. I could decorate how I wanted and put up whichever pictures I liked. We have made so many memories here, which it why it is our home.

Episode 418: The Delights of Decorating! — July 16, 2015

Episode 418: The Delights of Decorating!

Tomorrow Miss Hap breaks up for the summer holidays until early September! This is always a nightmare as far as childcare is concerned as myself and Mr Grump usually take a couple of alternate weeks off each, and for the others I work a couple of nights and a day over the weekend. We are lucky that we can do this, and Mr Grump has got the first week off next week.

Miss Hap has decided that she wants to totally redecorate her room as she has grown tired of it! We only did it a couple of years ago in the orange and lime green that she wanted. (It sounds a bit loud but I really like it actually, although I was a bit reluctant at first)! As her room was the last one to be done it was not next on my list at all, but as she had worked so hard at school lately despite a very rocky start, and won an award on Monday for German and Music I am considering it. I also have an ulterior motive in that her room is a mess, and I told her if she cleaned it out spotlessly I might think about it.

Now she has already been giving her orders about colour schemes and what she wants to do. In fact, bless her, she cut a load of letters out to stick on her wall already as you can see in the pic. Now I hate decorating (well the mess that goes with it), and get very stressed with furniture all over the place and other stuff strewn about, so I have decided that this part of the deal will go to Mr Grump!

He likes painting and decorating, and if he doesn’t get it done next week (along with some other chores I have given him to do), then he is off  the first week in August and can do it then. It’s a shame really, because I have got to work and he will have to do it all by himself (no doubt a lot of direction from Miss Hap too)!!


Episode 76: An Unexpected Treat! — December 15, 2014

Episode 76: An Unexpected Treat!

Miss Hap came home from her Nanny’s yesterday afternoon after spending the night there, and informed me that she HAD to make some cupcakes that very evening. I asked what the urgency was and she told me that her class had actually made them in school last week and as she had forgotten her ingredients she was unable to participate, but she needed to make them, and take a picture in order for her to be able to complete her course work.

I was quite cross as she had told me she was making cup cakes THIS week! We even had all  the ingredients ready for once as well! Honestly, that girl is more scatter-brained than I am and that is saying something! (I had to go to a training course one day whilst I was on annual leave, and turned up a day early to be greeted with a dark and locked training room)! .

Anyway, although we did have the ingredients, we had no cupcake cases. Mr Grump was already out so I phoned him to pick some up, which he was delighted about, and meanwhile, I got out the bits and pieces needed to make the cakes. My daughter was to make these all by herself with NO help from me whatsoever! Now, I have mentioned before in Episode 70 that I am concerned about letting Miss Hap loose on certain things like certain chores and cooking, due to her tendency to be a little bit accident prone, and I was worried about things getting broken or her getting burnt! However,she is 11 now, my little sister lets her do it, fellow bloggers have advised me that she is old enough to do it, and school insists that she does do it, I have to curb the control instinct and let her get on with it!

Luckily for me, the cupcakes were made using the all-in-one method, so it didn’t matter that she is (like me) heavy-handed! She carefully and meticulously weighed out her ingredients a few grams at a time until she had the exact amount, and the finished mixture had a lovely consistency, in no time at all. We had the cases now so she arranged them in the baking tin, ensuring that she used all of the coloured cases. The mix was enough for six cakes so she doled it out equally, and made a good job of it.

I made her check the cakes to see that they were ready and she prodded the top to ensure that they were. I was roped in to help make the butter cream icing once she weighed out the ingredients and I said I would start her off. Of course I made a hell of a mess; the icing sugar went everywhere as I tried to beat it in. Anyway, Miss Hap wanted to decorate the cakes which I was happy for her to do.

The end results looked  so lovely I had to have one. I was impressed, she is obviously much more capable than I give her credit for.

Episode 74: It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas……. — December 13, 2014

Episode 74: It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…….

Today I could no longer put off the inevitable and it was time to put up the Christmas decorations!  Miss Hap was getting excited and, given her way, they would have been put up a couple of weeks ago! I had asked Mr Grump to get the decorations out of the loft  last night as that is somewhere where I NEVER venture. It is far too dangerous for someone as clumsy as me. For,if I don’t break my neck getting up there, one wrong move could send me plummeting headfirst over the bannister and down the stairs. I spend enough time at the hospital as it is, and did not want to experience it ‘from the other side’!

My morning didn’t exactly start very well. I have been bone tired this week for some reason. Mr Grump was on an early start for work this morning and had sneaked out about 5am. Unfortunately for me, Miss Hap heard him leave and the next thing I knew she had got into my bed and decided it was high time I got up. I did so very reluctantly as I still felt shattered.

Anyway, once I had finally come to, after several cups of tea, we decided that we would  take the dog out for her walk before we did anything else. Now Roxy gets really excited  like most dogs when she sees her lead, and it took me a while to clip it on her collar as she was dancing about wildly.Once fastened, we headed for the front door. Oh, its locked, and Mr Grump has the key. We can’t get out! As he left so early, he locked us in. I looked around for my keys but didn’t have them as they were on the key ring with my car keys, and my car had gone to be fixed! Great! Roxy is going berserk, frustrated at us not going anywhere!

I decided to phone Mr Grump as he was due home soon, and I wanted to know how long he would be. He answered but was nowhere near home,and the job was talking a lot longer than expected! He told me that I did have a front door key at home in my bag. I turned out my handbag, work bag and coat pockets, no key! I knew there was no bloody key anyway,, it was with the car! I phoned Mr Grump back to rage at him for a bit as I was mad; the dog was going crazy, Miss Hap was moaning loudly as we couldn’t get out of the back gate either due to something that was Mr Grump’s fault! The poor dog had to settle with being ran around the back garden on her lead by Miss Hap, so at least it appeared she was being taken for a walk!

I was not feeling  that festive by now, but we put on one of the music channels for a bit of Christmas music, and Boney M’s Mary’s Boy Child had me singing along loudly and tunelessly. lifting my mood completely. Myself and Miss Hap even managed to lift up the heavy box with the Christmas tree in,and transport it downstairs without injury or harm to either of us or the tree! Plus it only took two attempts to correctly assemble it! The end result was lovely though, and we enjoyed ourselves singing and dancing along with the music as we decorated the tree.

Mr Grump came home soon after we finished, and took poor Roxy for her walk. When he came back he dangled my front door key in front of my face, which he HAD thoughtfully separated from the car keys. It had been hanging up in the kitchen the whole time on my Betty Boop key ring, but he didn’t think to tell me it was there!

He wasn’t off the hook though as the rest of the decorations still needed to be put up around the room, plus the lights outside!  That wiped the smugness off his face! Miss Hap decided to bugger off to Nanny’s as her job here was done. I however, was designated drawing pin holder…..’It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’!

Episode 25: Cosy Nights In…… — October 25, 2014

Episode 25: Cosy Nights In……

Well it’s official! As of 2am tonight (or more precisely tomorrow morning) British summertime ends and winter is upon us…So far autumn has been pretty good, it has  even been  warm enough to wear a t-shirt out WITH NO COAT (sorry for the excitement, but this is England and we are not used to having such mild weather, even in summer)!!

Anyway,,, whatever the weather (us Brits are obsessed with it I know), one thing for sure is, the nights will get darker earlier, and  will therefore feel longer, so I have decided that now would be a good time to do a bit of decorating, as it will give Mr Grump plenty to occupy him, plus the hall, stairs and landing are in desperate need of brightening up!

Luckily for me, Mr Grump is pretty handy. He will have a go at most DIY jobs, and has already done a bit of painting in the house. However, I know he is not keen on this particular job, as it will  take ages, and not only do I hate painting and decorating myself, but also seem to get in the way whilst he is trying to get on with it……Funnily enough, he doesn’t like my helpful suggestions either, so I end up just keeping him supplied with cups of tea, and then staying well out of the way,

Unluckily, for Mr Grump, both myself and Miss Hap are also off all week. I know that he won’t want either of us  anywhere near him when he gets the ladder out to paint the top part of the landing, as we are both so clumsy there is a good chance that one of us will trip over the ladder and send him plummeting to his doom, right  to the bottom of the stairs. However, he needn’t worry about that as:

a) he is not insured for enough and is worth more alive,

b) I can’t bear mess as it is, and don’t want to have to clean him up off of the carpet,

c) I still have more decorating to be done!

I know that he has all the equipment that he needs for the job in the shed, so all I have to do now is choose the colour of the paint (I know I want something bright, lively and cheerful, which no doubt, will not be to his taste, especially if it is not blue)! Maybe a lemony yellow, or perhaps a nice lime green would make our home feel happy and welcoming (and not nauseous and dizzy as I suspect it might,if the colour turns out wrong)!!

Well all I have to do now is a bit of nagging (or should I say ‘reminding’, men do have a tendency to forget things you want them to do so you have to ‘remind’ them now and again) or if that doesn’t work, I may have to resort to resort to underhand tactics and use my womanly wiles on him (not sure about that one, as it means I will have to be nice for a while, and I won’t be able to keep that up for long)!!

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