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Roxy’s Quest for Love — May 20, 2016

Roxy’s Quest for Love

A Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Roxy

Thought she looked rather foxy

With her liquid brown eyes

That she flashed at the guys

She got known as a bit of a doxy!


We decided she needed to be mated

A quick romp, so no longer frustrated

No boxes were ticked

With the dogs that we picked

As most of them were sadly  castrated!




Just Jot It January 4th – Dachshund — January 4, 2016

Just Jot It January 4th – Dachshund

I have managed to stick with the prompts so far for Linda’s Just Jot It January challenge. Today’s however, is rather tricky as I do not have a dachshund, nor have I ever even met one!

Hmmm, I know, I will write a haiku about one!

Short legs, long body

Skilled in the art of hunting

Looks like a sausage!

Short-haired-Dachshund (1)
Iamge courtesy of Wikipedia
Roxy’s New Hairdo — October 11, 2015

Roxy’s New Hairdo

The time had come, no excuses

Roxy’s hair was getting too long

A table outside in the garden

Was used for our doggy salon!

The clippers pressed into service

Parted Roxy with some of her hair

She was beginning to look rather tufty

Although, she seemed not to care!

Grump and I had her cornered

And given that she looked so forlorn

The job was rather successful

Now her hair’s decorating our lawn!

As if that wasn’t enough stress

It was then time to get in the bath

I left that job to the Grumpster

He’d have to deal with her wrath!

Finally after a good shake off

She settled herself down for a sleep

All this primping and preening is too much

Getting shorn like she was a sheep!


Episode 396: In The Doghouse! — June 28, 2015

Episode 396: In The Doghouse!

Well although I was working today and knew that I would be up very early, I did not intend on getting up quite as early as 4:30!

Roxy, like all of the females in this house is a bit of a klutz! This morning was no exception, as she fell off the bed landing with a thud, that jolted both me and Mr Grump awake. Not only that but she managed to get herself entangled in the power cord from my hair straighteners, that were hanging on the shelf of our 3ft high mirror on the wall by the side of the bed (yes, that was the wall NOT the ceiling, Cat)!

Anyway as she ran forward she tugged the cable which yanked the mirror off the wall completely, sending it crashing to the floor with a huge bang! Thank God Roxy had got out of the way and the mirror didn’t smash either.

Needless to say, I was wide awake by then and got up. Roxy got an extra hour sleep in before she got taken out for her walk! She was not my favourite doggy this morning!

Episode 332: Make Mine A Pint Please! — May 17, 2015

Episode 332: Make Mine A Pint Please!

Yesterday evening was unexpectedly pleasant, and after having a bit of a rough couple of weeks, in one way or the other, Mr Grump suggested we take the 5 minute walk down to the local pub, and take Roxy with us. She always loves an extra walk loves it when we sit outside at the pub as people quite often make a fuss of her.

We met up with Miss Hap who was with her friend at the park; she stayed long enough to cadge some money for some sweets, before deciding that the park was much more fun than sitting with us old gits and going back off to play.

As the back garden of the pub was packed, we sat at one of the two tables out the front which was like a little sun trap. There are a number of shops there as well as the vet’s surgery where Roxy goes to get her jabs when needed. (She is the only dog I know that loves the vets and tires to drag us in there every time we walk past).

Sure enough, when Mr Grump went in to get our drinks a little girl came over and made a huge fuss of Roxy which she loved. Mr Grump came out with the drinks and a couple of packets of my favourite steak crisps which Roxy is rather partial to as well.

As you can see by the photo, Roxy loves a drop of beer and Mr Grump let her have some of the froth from his, although I am sure she would have drunk the lot if he had let her! Luckily they both managed to walk home ok!

Episode 295: What’s In a Name? — April 18, 2015

Episode 295: What’s In a Name?

As many of you know, my name is not actually Edwina, it is Judy. I used Edwina due to wanting to remain anonymous when I first started out in blogging (all of 7 months ago). At the beginning of this year I decided  I was brave enough to use my own name.but I have kept the blog name the same as I like it, and some people still address me as Edwina anyway which is fine by me.

I am pretty partial to giving little pet names to some of my family members anyway – even my mum! I call her ‘Peg’ and have done for many years as I thought her teeth looked like pegs! Not very nice I know, but she doesn’t mind, even when ex-boyfriends have mistakenly called her it, thinking it was her name!

Miss Hap I call ‘Beauty’ or ‘Cinderella!’ She hates it when I dare to do it in front of her friends, but she is my little princess and that is that! The poor dog gets called ‘Roxy Roo’ or ‘Poxy’ by my elder sister! Mind you I call her ‘Willow’ after ‘Willow The Wisp!’ My daughter calls her ‘Gingerella’ or ‘Aunty Ginger’ for obvious reasons!

Mr Grump I normally call ‘hub’ or ‘Victor’ when he is crabby (after Victor Meldrew), along with ‘Mr Selfishness’  when he dares to buy himself anything (especially if he hasn’t got me anything)!

Yes I love nicknames. My nieces both over 25 years old, still get called ‘Buffle’ and ‘Boof’! Silly little made-up names that I thought suited them when they were little! One of my nephews I named ‘plumptious’ (he is 23)!

Do you like your name or do you use a nick name?

Episode 107: Henpecked…By The Dog! — January 17, 2015

Episode 107: Henpecked…By The Dog!

Our little dog Roxy rules the roost in our house. She knows what she wants, and uses her big brown eyes (or other methods) to let us know all about it…..

Our day normally starts with her waiting to go out for her walk. When I am working and get up at dark o’clock, she knows it’s not time for her yet, so she settles back down whilst I have my bath. As soon as I come in to wake Mr Grump up, she is waiting for the signal…(Usually me pulling the blinds and whacking him on the back) and then she goes berserk.

She jumps on his head, licking his ear frantically, until he gives in and gets up. Then there is the 2 minute dance routine whilst he is trying to clip her lead on. Although she can’t wait to go out, she twirls round and round excitedly so it’s a struggle to catch her and keep her still long enough to attach the lead!

Finally, off they trot for their walk; and it’s breakfast when they get back. On my days off, Mr Grump has to give her a doggy biscuit or she will not settle when he leaves for work. If she doesn’t get it, I will  be in the front room and hear this ‘bap….bap’  from the kitchen. It is Roxy reminding me that I have forgotten her biscuit.

During the day, she curls up in the comfiest  spot awaiting the return of her beloved ‘Daddy’. As soon as he comes in, she is ecstatic and bounces around all over the place, slobbering all over him and tripping him up as she gets under his feet.

She has her dinner first and then the rest of us sit around the table for ours. She knows she will not get scraps from the table, and gets told off for begging (she makes this pitiful howling noise, and tries to catch someone’ s eye, with her big brown ones. Think a doggy version of ‘Puss in Boots)’.

Craftily, she sits under the table just in front of Miss Hap, as she knows that something will inevitably fall onto the floor which she devours  in seconds. My daughter always leaves the table first and nearly always leaves something on her plate, which she takes out into the kitchen.

Two minutes later bap….bap. Roxy is calling us as she knows there are leftovers to be had. Sure enough Mr Grump usually gives her a bit of whatever it is, and doesn’t listen to me when I tell him he is spoiling her!

In the evenings she is snuggled up on Mr Grump’s lap mostly. She does have a little bed of her own, but rarely goes in it. No…she likes to clamber over her ‘Daddy’ and hates it if me or Miss Hap go near him, as she is jealous. She makes a strange noise and nips at his nose frantically, making sure she gets all the attention!

Even when he goes to the bathroom, he gets no peace.  Roxy comes over to me bap…bap,  jumping up at me pulling my hand until I get up and let her in with him! Weird or what?!

Finally at bed time, she waits for us to go up, goes to check on Miss Hap, and then gets on the bed, straight to Mr Grump!

So much for my little lap-dog!

Episode 53: Our Pet Pooch! — November 22, 2014

Episode 53: Our Pet Pooch!

Although my parents had a dog when I was younger, I’ve never had one myself, until 2 years ago when Roxy came into our family…..

I had mentioned to Mr Grump that I would love to have a dog; he loves all animals so was definitely in agreement. We also thought it would be lovely for Miss Hap to have a pet to love and learn how to look after. Of course, we wanted to make sure that we got the right dog for us, that would fit into our family, and that we would be able to give the right care to.I had also done a bit of research online as well, to see what types of dog were good with children, and amongst my favourites were the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

We decided that we wanted to get a rescue dog if possible, as there are so many pets that need re-homing. We contacted a few centres locally but they mostly had large dogs or staffies, which I didn’t think would be right for us. I e-mailed one centre and asked to be considered if they had any small dogs that needed placing, left my contact details and left it at that.

About a fortnight later when I got in from work Mr Grump asked me to phone the rescue centre which I did. They informed me that a young mum with 5 kids,and a puppy that she couldn’t take care of as it was too boisterous!  She needed them to come and get it NOW before she dumped it. The rescue centre asked if I would be interested which of course I was. All she knew was that it was a Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy, just what we were looking for. I contacted the woman direct who invited us to come and see her. we were straight on the motorway and an hour later met little Roxy for the first time…..

We were all instantly smitten with her. She was so excited to see us, jumping up at us, tail going like the clappers; she had actually been very well looked after, she was microchipped and had all her injections; the harassed woman just came to the end of her tether as she had so much going on!  We ended up taking her home with us that evening along with all of her paraphernalia! The rescue centre were amazed when we told them, but thrilled that Roxy had got a new loving home.

On the journey home, Roxy snuggled into my lap, and was as good as gold. She settled in with us so quickly it was unbelievable.Mr Grump took charge of feeding her and taking her out for walks, and Roxy absolutely adores him! About a week after getting her we took her to the beach.  I went in for a swim with my sister and her labrador Milo came bounding in after us. Two minutes later I saw this little face and flapping ears working its way towards me, Roxy wanted to join in.

Of course, she soon knew how to get around Mr Grump, and he spoils her rotten! She sits on his lap in the evenings and trots off after him everywhere, as she knows that she will often get an extra treat, looking up at him with her beguiling eyes. She sleeps in our room (her little bed didn’t last long), but always noses into Miss Hap’s room before bed to make sure she is ok!

She does get a little jealous though if Mr Grump shows affection to anyone (or anything else). If I ever dare to sit with Mr Grump then she will either turn her back on us, and sulk, or she will paw at me trying to get me away!  She doesn’t like being late for her walk either and if Mr Grump thinks he might get a sneaky lie-in on the weekend he is very much mistaken. She will jump on his head to wake him up, then race downstairs and bark at the coat rack until he gets his jacket on to go out.

I feel so blessed that we have Roxy in our lives… it was such a coincidence how we came to get her, and I am so pleased that she is now a member of our family.

Episode 20: Puppy Love — October 12, 2014

Episode 20: Puppy Love

We have a little Cavalier King Charles spaniel, who is about 2 years old and she is adorable! She is a rescue dog that we have had since she was about 5  months old and is totally part of our family now. Mr Grump  spoils her rotten and she in turn, adores him. Wherever he goes, she trots on behind him,and it is very sweet to see them both snuggled up in the armchair together…

Even Miss Hap has grown to love her…at first she was a little jealous of the attention the dog got, but that soon passed, and she has even been known to take the dog out for walks now and again, as well as play games with her out in the garden.

A few days ago, my friends’ golden labrador gave birth to a litter of 8 puppies, and I was desperate to go and see them. Mr Grump had already beaten me to it, and said they were gorgeous, so Friday evening we piled around to have a look….Oh they were so beautiful… as the lab was crossed with a retriever, the pups were varying in colours from golden to ginger.

The nagging started as soon as I got home.. I wanted to have one of the puppies when they were ready to be homed, but Mr Grump was not to be persuaded! We had already discussed getting another dog from the rescue centre as a companion for our little dog, plus we felt that we could give one more dog a loving home ,but on a practical level, we could only have another small dog…they are cute though ….

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