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Episode 271: Easter Wishes. — April 5, 2015

Episode 271: Easter Wishes.

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I hope that you have fun whatever you decide to do today. We are going over to my sister’s for a lovely roast, and will probably play a few games. We always have a good time over there.

It is great that none of us are working over Easter for a change, and are able to spend some time together. My mum (who is 82), will also be coming over. and she surprised us all in the summer by being a bit of a mean table tennis player! Despite her arthritis and reduced mobility, she can certainly have us all running about trying to return her killer serves!

Miss Hap has already had a couple of eggs and some new pyjamas (I don’t know why but I always buy her pyjamas at Easter)! The dog has had some doggy chocolate droops as well, so she is happy.

Mr Grump bought me some beautiful flowers instead of chocolate. Unfortunately, I have also had to have some paracetamol! I am full of cold, and ache like hell, but I have been looking forward to spending the day with family, so have dosed myself up in preparation.

Although I am not particularly religious, I do believe in love, friendship, family, honesty, trust and respect, which is the mainstay of most religions anyway.

I hope that however you choose to spend your day, it is filled with joy and happiness.

Happy Easter!

Episode 270! Hoppy Easter! — April 4, 2015

Episode 270! Hoppy Easter!

Oooh I can’t wait for tomorrow

Time for lots of lovely treats

The bunny has been delivering

Yummy Easter eggs and sweets

It’s great to be with family

You rarely get to see

Playing games and having fun

It means the world to me

Pretty Easter decor

Brightly coloured bunting

Hiding eggs and leaving clues

For the kids to go treasure hunting!

Have a Happy Easter

Whatever you intend to do

I hope the Easter bunny

Leaves lots of treats for you!

Episode 268: Hot Cross Edwina! — April 3, 2015

Episode 268: Hot Cross Edwina!

What a busy week it has been, I normally only work 4 days per week, and what with one thing and another, I have not done my usual hours for a while. However, this week I have ended up doing 5 days and  shattered! I know many of you probably work a lot longer hours and more days, but I am just finding it tiring getting back into the swing of things.

Anyway, today was my last day at work before the Easter holidays. Miss Hap broke up from school yesterday, and as me and Mr Grump were working, got to spend a lovely day with her Nanny.

Work was of course busy as always, but we had a great team on shift. The patients were all treated to a hot cross bun this morning with their mid morning hot drink, which went down rather well. (It would have gone down even better if they had been given a bit of butter with their buns as they were rather large and quite dry-looking)!

I did go to the kitchen and grab a load of spreads and butters, but by the time I went around with them, anyone that was going to eat them had already done so! Still, they cheered up a bit when the Easter eggs were being dished out. A local charity had donated loads of Easter eggs so that every patient got one.

Two of my ladies in particular, had started tucking into theirs straight away. I jokingly told them that lunch would be served any minute and I would not be happy if they ate the chocolate and not their meal. It was so nice to see them laughing and happy, enjoying their unexpected Easter treats.

When I got home Mr Grump was here having finished early,  and Miss Hap came home soon after. Now i could relax and enjoy my two weeks holiday from work. Only problem is…my throat is prickly.. and my nose is blocked up….I’m all hot and cold! Typical! I always feel rough when I am on annual leave!

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