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Wacky Word Wednesday #18 — September 9, 2015

Wacky Word Wednesday #18

Welcome to Wednesday, where I get to play with another weird, wonderful or wacky word. Today, I have a wonderful word to share with you. In fact, I was going to use this word in my last post, but then decided that it was worth saving, and being in the spotlight, having a post all to itself! I always love a rhyme so that makes this word even more fun for me.

Argy-bargy. This word is anything from a bit of banter to a bicker and finally an out and out brawl! It is a squabble or a scrap, a tangle and a tussle, or even a fracas leading to fisticuffs!

Some to-ing and fro-ing of words between rivals, a difference of opinion, pushing and shoving, or even a right royal punch-up! This is a family party when we all get together and wind each other up, especially if we start playing games!

Episode 464. Wacky Word Wednesday #15 — August 19, 2015

Episode 464. Wacky Word Wednesday #15

Wednesday is here which means it is time to pay tribute to, and celebrate another weird, wacky or wonderful word. Today I have chosen one that, although still used frequently, has a light and fluffy texture to it, that always brings a smile to my face.

Kerfuffle. This word is causing a commotion or creating chaos. It is getting mixed up in the middle of a melee or fighting your way out of a fracas.

Causing a rumpus, starting a scrimmage, or even bickering and brawling, this word likes to get in the thick of the action. It is a free-for-all fight or feud that anyone is welcome to take part in.

This word is the result of a few drinks on a Saturday night in my local town centre!

Episode 309: What Family Is To Me — April 29, 2015

Episode 309: What Family Is To Me

This post is inspired by Ronovanswrtites  BeWoW.

I come from quite a large family, having three older brothers and two sisters, one older and one younger; that makes me number five of six children, It’s quite funny how things worked out as my eldest brother and sister were born on the same day exactly a year apart, and myself and my younger sister were also born on the same day as each other but I am two years older.

Growing up, there was always someone around so there was not a lot of peace and quiet, nor was there any chance of being lonely. Of course sharing a birthday with my sister was quite nice as well. When we were younger we always got dressed the same and I think were treated as almost one entity of ‘the two girls.’ Mind you, for ages we fought like hell, pinching and scratching as well as pulling each other’s hair!

Now we all have children of our own, I remember how proud I was when I first became an aunty at 15. I now have a total of 10 nephews and nieces, two of those are also married. I also have my own daughter and was the last one out of the six to have children. Luckily I got in a fair bit of practice having all those nephews and nieces!

I think for me family is definitely about learning to share, but also keeping your wits about you. In our house if you weren’t looking, someone would nick a roast potato off your plate! However, there was always at least one person to play Monopoly or Mousetrap with (even if a fight did normally ensue)!

Family teaches you about relationships as well which applies to all sorts of other situations. You get to know your place in the hierarchy, which being fifth and extremely shy was pretty low down to start with! Respect is a large part of family life; I certainly had to respect my elders and of course my parents. When there are so many of you who have different personalities, you have to learn to try to respect each other’s differences.

Most importantly, family is love. Yes, we all have our fallings out, sometimes quite serious ones, but know that we will still be there for each other should anything happen, Forgiveness is also part of being a family. I know sometimes we all might have acted out of turn, but are usually forgiven!

Family is also about laughter. Sharing those hilarious moments with each other; reminiscing about the good times, or the bad; accepting each other, having someone to confide in; it is extremely important to me.

Family is being loved for yourself, and loving others for who they are, despite them driving us bloody crazy at times!

Episode 137: Trial By Jeremy Vile: Helpful or Humiliating? — February 3, 2015

Episode 137: Trial By Jeremy Vile: Helpful or Humiliating?

Ah the good old chat show! Don’t you just love them? How things have changed from the good old days of ‘Ricki Lake’ and ‘Oprah’. Oh yes, they sometimes got heated but then ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ burst onto our screens complete with bizarre guests, and punch ups galore! Compulsive viewing, to start with as it was just so shocking.

Over here in the UK, we have got good old Jeremy Kyle, Some of you might have already heard of him. He just loves to get right in people’s faces, and wind them up, calling them stupid, or telling them to go and get a job etc. Then gets out of the way was they are about to lash out. He is very agile is Jezza!

God knows why anyone would want to go on TV and air their dirty laundry but there seems to be no shortage of guests ready and willing to put themselves up for humiliation, not just by him, but by the press who occasionally latch on to a story associated with the show.

I have to share with you, a couple of extracts from a conversation between Jeremy, a female guest and her ex-boyfriend. It went along the lines of:

Jeremy, “So you sent pictures of your private parts to another woman on your phone?”

Ex, “Well I had a bad day at work!”

Jeremy: Why did you get arrested for harassing her?”

Ex, “Because I harassed her!”

Now I get the fact that the show is trying to help people; It  offers after care services,  for all manner of problems, addiction, child contact centres, financial help and the like, but they really have to go through the ringer in order to get it!

Jeremy is very often condescending; takes the mickey out of the guests, and shouts in people’s faces. Not to mention his favourite expression is for men to ‘put something on the end of it’! Now that is a catchphrase to be proud of!

Do you think these shows are really helpful, or just titillation for the viewers?

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