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Wacky Word Wednesday. — November 25, 2015

Wacky Word Wednesday.

Welcome to another wild, wacky and wonderful Wednesday, where I get to play around with words that are underused and under-appreciated (in my opinion), and give them a turn in the spotlight. This week I have been given a suggestion by the wonderful Geoff from Tangental. He is certainly a master of words if ever I met one,  and is the author of two books which you can check out on his website. So the words for this week is…

Pukka. Now this word is proper, the real deal, bang on the money type of a word. it is genuine and sincere, bona fide, spot on. A certain young Naked Chef made this saying popular some time ago and for such a simple word, it manages to say a lot.

It can be authentic and original, top-notch and tip-top. smart and special. An all round good-egg, or someone who has been a brick!

It could actually apply to good old Geoff himself!!!



Episode 498: Be Yourself! — September 15, 2015

Episode 498: Be Yourself!

Today the requirement from the Writing 101 Team is to start our post with a block quote; something that speaks to us. Although I have used quotes in my post before I have never tried out this block quote button so that will be a first, neither have I written a post around a quote. Well, here I go, I am sure you will love this quote as much as I do.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken

-Oscar Wilde

Good old Oscar, he has that knack of stating the obvious but in a witty way. It is surprising really, that for some people, being themselves is not enough and they aspire to change into someone completely different.

Now, there are quite a few things I would love to change about myself, but I have kind of got used to being me after nearly fifty years, and I realise that I am not that bad really! Even if I was, I wouldn’t want to be a clone of someone else; identity is very important to me, it is what makes me unique.

As far as writing is concerned, I suppose I am a bit of a one-trick pony! Yes, I write poems, and Haiku as well as other little anecdotes, but I always use the same style of writing, which is the only one I know!

I am not a professional, so when I write, I just get it all down as I think it, or as I would tell it to someone else.This may result in a bit of rambling, or perhaps the odd random thought thrown into the mix which may have gone off topic, or something that I have suddenly found really funny that I might try to weave into the story.

In a nutshell, my writing is me recounting a story or an event that happened and telling you as I remember it. That means it might not be in a logical sequence as I might have forgotten something at the beginning, so have slotted it when it comes to me.

This is me though, as clichéd as it may be, what you see (or read) is what you get! Luckily, it seems to serve me well in blogging, as I think bloggers appreciate each other’s personalities, and it helps us to get to know the person behind the blog.

So, as wonderful as it would be to have the wit and intelligence of dear Oscar, or Stephen Fry; the beauty of Marilyn Monroe, and the riches of the Sultan of Brunei, I am stuck with being Judy, and I can live with that!

Episode 41: Revelations….. — November 11, 2014

Episode 41: Revelations…..

My younger sister is responsible for me starting this blog! She had heard on the local radio show some funny comment that I had made,that got read out, and encouraged me to start blogging as she thought I had  unique way of telling stories about the absurd, ridiculous, as well as mundane and everyday!

Now that was a challenge! I do love words…. I love stories…making people laugh.  I have been told that I am quite a good raconteur, but  would all  of this be enough to blog about? would anyone read it? and what would I call it? After all, the one thing I had decided was that I could not use my real name. I would be so embarrassed if people who knew me saw it and hated it, or if I unintentionally offended anyone I knew. who I might have mentioned in one of my stories.

Anyway…with anonymity in mind, in order that I would feel less inhibited about what I wrote, Edwinas Episodes was born. The reason I chose Edwina is because it is actually my middle name (after some mad aunty of my Mum’s). I really didn’t know how I  was going to start, but with  the help of a computer literate daughter we suddenly had a website…How exciting my own website!

I knew that Ii was going to blog about the ordinary, random, silly, and often embarrassing things that happen in my life, I had to think of pseudonyms for my husband and daughter, and although they are not the most original, they ARE the most apt! (Mr Grump would much prefer to be known as ‘Mr Still Got It’ ), and Miss Hap as something cool and trendy; so cool and trendy that me as the exact opposite,  could never find the right word to describe it!

In the two months that I have been blogging, I have been completely over-whelmed with the response I have got to it. I have even amassed 70 followers! That is absolutely amazing to me, as I know one of my sisters, plus my sister-in-law read it regularly but neither of them follow it, so that meant that other people actually liked it! Now, I  even get regular comments as well! That is fantastic, and really means a lot. It is so lovely to interact with other people, and share their experiences as well.

There was one thing bothering me though. Someone commented on what a nice name Edwina was, and it is a very pretty name, but it is not my name! My blog is all about humourous stories and events from my life which are all true. I felt a bit fake when I received comments from people who have used their own names, and they have addressed me as Edwina. Particularly as there are some people who regularly comment, and I have built up a really lovely rapport with them. To top it all off, a family friend of 40 years who is like an Uncle to me read my blog  and wrote a lovely comment, but used my real name!

So although I am still too shy to put photos of myself up(don’t want to spoil your image of me as a beautiful, sexy slim, foxy lady) , plus I  want to keep Miss Hap and Mr Grump anonymous to save their embarrassment, I am going to ‘out’ the dog, (her name is Roxy), and myself. I am Judy..and thank you so much for reading my blog.

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