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Design Fails! — October 29, 2015

Design Fails!

Now I like to think that I am a woman of the times! (Ahem, except perhaps when it comes to music, as I am still in my little 80’s bubble)! I know that Social Media is the way forward and I am pretty good on Facebook. Ok, I don’t post that often apart from my blog, but I do when I have got something to say that might be slightly interesting.

Anyway, I have to face facts, I am a bloody dunce when it comes to the rest of them, despite my efforts! I saw loads of posts about how wonderful Pinterest is, and I duly went over there and set up a few boards. It is ok but I still have quite a lot to learn. Whilst looking at Suzie’s blog this week with her lovely coordinated colours and sleek-looking blog, it made me think that I out to have a go at making my own pins.

How hard could it be? I have got Canva as well and  Pic Monkey. I know how to watch a tutorial! In fact I spent a good couple of hours last night watching tutorials, and, convinced that I was an expert, decided to put it all into practice today.

I thought I might design a new Instagram picture showing off my colour coordinating and designing skills promoting my blog. Well. Instagram is still new to me; I signed up ages ago but only posted this week and have the grand total of three photos to my credit on there! Prolific is not really the word! Now, it is all Hugh’s fault that I actually decided to put my Instagram account to good use!

So today once I had done some chores, I sat down to design a masterpiece putting into practice all that I had learned last night. It took me ages to produce even one design. Miss Hap gave me a few tips (“that is rubbish” being one of them), and took great delight in nudging my arm whilst I painstakingly tried to overlay a picture and erase it onto a background which led me to taking a chunk out of my leg!

A few hours later when Mr Grump came home, I asked which one of the three designs he liked best. With ill-disguised indifference, he told me that he liked the one I had before! (I never even had one before). This is where it would come in bloody handy to have a bit of imagination as all three were a disaster!  Ah well, I think I’ll just stick to stringing words together, even if it is very, long-winded!

Episode 294: How To Make An Arse Of Yourself! — April 18, 2015

Episode 294: How To Make An Arse Of Yourself!

Silly old Michael Buble has landed himself in trouble over an Instagram pic that his wife took.  Whilst holidaying in Miami, he and his family went to get some food, and his wife decided to take a picture of him. In the background there is a young woman with rather a skimpy pair of shorts on, which the wife thought to include in the picture.

When Buble saw the pic of the young lady he thought it would be a great snap to post, and thereby share with all of his followers. Just in case they didn’t appreciate the young lady’s assets, he included hashtags such a ‘beautiful bum’ and ‘hungry shorts’ amongst others to draw attention to the ‘humps’ in question!

He thought no more about it until he started getting irate messages by people incensed that he ‘body-shamed’ this poor woman. He was accused of being a misogynist, who was disrespecting women. Others also asked him whether or not he had obtained permission from the woman to even take her photo.

Others were concerned that the young woman might have only been a minor. Michael Buble thought that the pic was a bit of ‘light-hearted’ fun and that is was complementary to the young lady concerned to post her backside all over Instagram!

Do you think Buble has made an ‘arse’ of himself, or is he just having a bit of harmless ‘cheeky’ fun!

Episode 262: I’ve No Pinterest In Tweeting on Linkedin! Maybe Facebook Is More My Style! — March 29, 2015

Episode 262: I’ve No Pinterest In Tweeting on Linkedin! Maybe Facebook Is More My Style!

I try to use Social Networks

To talk about my blog

But being tech-illiterate

I’d have more luck plaiting fog!

Linked in is more like locked out

As I don’t know what to do

Twitter makes me bitter

As I haven’t got a clue!

Pinterest lost my interest

Many months ago

On Instagram I have no likes

Because I am so slow!

Facebook is my favourite

As I don’t get in a rage

It would make me very happy

If you would ‘like’ my Facebook page!


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