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#SoCS Well — October 14, 2017

#SoCS Well

Linda’s back with us this week and has given us well to use as our prompt word for our Stream of Consciousness post.

[clickToTweet tweet=”What does being ‘well’ mean to you? #SoCS #health” quote=”What does being ‘well’ mean to you?”] Is it the way you feel when you are healthy, things are going along nicely in your life and everything at work is just tickety-boo? Or is it that you are just grateful that you are alive and have a job, family and friends?

As some of you may know I am striving to make changes in my life so that I lose weight and become healthier, that also includes exercise of course, all of which is a bit of a struggle for me.

I am hoping that it will improve my well-being too. It is not that I  feel unwell at the moment but I am overweight, have diabetes type 2 and suffer with anxiety and depression. I know that the exercise is good for my mental health as well a physical so I am really trying to stick with it.

Of course, if I lose weight and am able to wear the kind of clothes that do not make me look pregnant, are straining at the seams, or dig in and leave a mark on my skin then that is going to also improve my well-being. Nobody feels great when they look like a sack of spuds.

I am lucky in that I have a  wonderful family and friend and not only that, but I am studying to become a nurse, something I am so proud of. This is really the perfect time for me to get my own health in check as much as I can. I don’t want to be advising people to live healthier lifestyles if I am the size of a bus!

Are you well today?


SoCS liquid

Just Jot it January 10th – Sane — January 10, 2016

Just Jot it January 10th – Sane


Today we have ‘sane’ as our prompt word for Linda’s Just Jot it January Prompt. The more I think about this word, the trickier it becomes to write something about it.

Being sane is, of course, having a healthy rational mind, and being able to make sound decisions. Therefore, being insane is having an unhealthy mind, and being irrational at times? Hmmm, it seems it is not as simple as that.

Most of us at some point have joked about insanity, referring to ourselves or others as being mad, crazy, nutty, mental, gaga, off their rocker, or a lunatic, and think nothing of it. It is not really something we take seriously, in fact, we very often laugh about it.

We all make irrational decisions at times, or become overwhelmed with emotion and feel unable to deal with  everyday ‘life.’ This normally doesn’t last too long and we can continue on with our lives with no ill effects. sometimes, though, it does last for a long time and it becomes difficult to function.  Luckily, we are able to visit the GP and get the help we need, whether it be medicinal or counselling and therapy, or perhaps a combination of both.

Thankfully, over time, treatment for mental health problems have progressed, so that sufferers are no longer carted off to an asylum, as was the case not too long ago. Anyone from a ‘promiscuous’ woman (funny but I have never heard of a promiscuous man being considered insane) to a person who has learning difficulties, to menopausal women (we don’t half get a raw deal), have in the past, been incarcerated in institutions for the insane, never to get out again.

I, for one, am grateful that we live in an era where mental illness does not necessarily equate to insanity and having to be locked up!




Episode 286: Multicoloured Madness! — April 14, 2015

Episode 286: Multicoloured Madness!

Over here in the UK we have got a bit of Election Fever going on.  In less than a month we will be casing our votes for the next Prime Minister and their government to take up residence, and all of the major parties are spouting off about the miraculous things they are going to change, or introduce.

One parliamentary candidate decided that it would be a great idea for people who  suffer from mental health problems, to wear some sort of coloured wristband according to their conditions.This was mentioned by her at a debate to keep the NHS public; she thought it might help professionals to identify conditions that mentally ill people might not be able to convey to them otherwise!

She has managed to offend quite a few people by this outrageous suggestion, not least because people with mental health conditions tend to already be stigmatised, or pre-judged in some way. There is still quite a lack of understanding and ignorance surrounding mental health, and decorating people with an array of different coloured wristbands is just like branding them as ‘unclean’ or something!

I suffer from depression myself (as it happens today is not a great day for me), and I don’t think I want to be walking about with an accessory that identifies me as having a mental illness. I am not ashamed of it, or anything, but there is far too much discrimination  as it is, due to ignorance. To broadcast to all and sundry that you have one or more of these conditions is setting yourself up for yet more problems!

Do you agree with the wearing of wristbands for mental health sufferers?

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