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#FundayMonday There Are Many Ways to be Artistic — November 13, 2017

#FundayMonday There Are Many Ways to be Artistic

Today’s video poem is about the different ways of being artistic and creative.


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Rhymes of the Times


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Episode 26: Sulky Sunday — October 26, 2014

Episode 26: Sulky Sunday

Today has been a bit of a strange one really…a sort of hodgepodge of a day,where I can’t seem to settle to do anything!….

For a start I woke up at 5am! I know the clocks had gone back an hour and everyone loves an extra hour’s sleep, but because I always end up getting up so early it is a bit of a pain…still, I filled my time constructively,playing games on my tablet, whilst watching a bit of catchup tv!…

Mr Grump had to get up early today as well (if you call 8am on a Sunday early, I call it a lie-in)!!! He and my nephew were off to a friend’s house to do something with their roof ( God only knows what they were doing, but as it involved heights and DIY combined, I decided not to ask and just to leave them to get on with it)! At least it got Mr Grump out of my hair for a while, although I was a bit cross that he was doing odd jobs for someone else when there is a little matter of some painting that needs to be done at home still!!

Anyway after Miss Hap and I had feasted on a delicious fry up, we decided that we really ought to have a bit of a pamper session. As neither of us are able to wear nail varnish during the week normally what with school and work, we decided to make the most of having a bit of time off and out came our collection of polishes.(I only had two bottles of rather boring pink, so had to rely on my 11-year-old daughter’s rather extensive collection of nearly every colour imaginable)!

As we had such a varied choice, we decided that it would be criminal not to use as much colour as possible,so we painted each others’ toenails in five different shades, (Miss Hap rather liked the blue and painted an extra bit on one of my toes too for good measure)! I As she has only got little toenails, I managed to blob a bit of polish on each one, but we were both pleased with the results, and I decided that I would go for the lovely blue for my fingernails, (We had a bit of a disaster with that though, I thought they had dried and went to take the joint out of the oven, but where I had put my hands in the oven mitts, it had smudged a bit). Never mind, I just went over the dodgy bits and they are as good as new!

Mr Grump came home just after lunchtime unscathed, and decided that he was going to play on his Playstation (he very rarely plays on it but when he does it is usually a marathon session).  I casually mentioned that I might like to go and look at some paints this afternoon….nothing! I asked if he had a particular colour in mind for the hall etc….nope!! He did however moan at me this morning when I dared to mention how grubby the paintwork is looking, “I thought it had gone past springtime” he says huffily “Well we need to do an Autumn clean as well as a Spring one this year” I replied.

With no offers of decorating forthcoming, I decided to sulk for a bit and set about the ironing!! Of course, he wasn’t bothered about me viciously brandishing the iron about on our poor, unsuspecting clothes, steaming them into submission with a frenzy…oh, no, of course not, he was sat in front of the tv, eyes bulging, killing baddies…..Men!


Episode 25: Cosy Nights In…… — October 25, 2014

Episode 25: Cosy Nights In……

Well it’s official! As of 2am tonight (or more precisely tomorrow morning) British summertime ends and winter is upon us…So far autumn has been pretty good, it has  even been  warm enough to wear a t-shirt out WITH NO COAT (sorry for the excitement, but this is England and we are not used to having such mild weather, even in summer)!!

Anyway,,, whatever the weather (us Brits are obsessed with it I know), one thing for sure is, the nights will get darker earlier, and  will therefore feel longer, so I have decided that now would be a good time to do a bit of decorating, as it will give Mr Grump plenty to occupy him, plus the hall, stairs and landing are in desperate need of brightening up!

Luckily for me, Mr Grump is pretty handy. He will have a go at most DIY jobs, and has already done a bit of painting in the house. However, I know he is not keen on this particular job, as it will  take ages, and not only do I hate painting and decorating myself, but also seem to get in the way whilst he is trying to get on with it……Funnily enough, he doesn’t like my helpful suggestions either, so I end up just keeping him supplied with cups of tea, and then staying well out of the way,

Unluckily, for Mr Grump, both myself and Miss Hap are also off all week. I know that he won’t want either of us  anywhere near him when he gets the ladder out to paint the top part of the landing, as we are both so clumsy there is a good chance that one of us will trip over the ladder and send him plummeting to his doom, right  to the bottom of the stairs. However, he needn’t worry about that as:

a) he is not insured for enough and is worth more alive,

b) I can’t bear mess as it is, and don’t want to have to clean him up off of the carpet,

c) I still have more decorating to be done!

I know that he has all the equipment that he needs for the job in the shed, so all I have to do now is choose the colour of the paint (I know I want something bright, lively and cheerful, which no doubt, will not be to his taste, especially if it is not blue)! Maybe a lemony yellow, or perhaps a nice lime green would make our home feel happy and welcoming (and not nauseous and dizzy as I suspect it might,if the colour turns out wrong)!!

Well all I have to do now is a bit of nagging (or should I say ‘reminding’, men do have a tendency to forget things you want them to do so you have to ‘remind’ them now and again) or if that doesn’t work, I may have to resort to resort to underhand tactics and use my womanly wiles on him (not sure about that one, as it means I will have to be nice for a while, and I won’t be able to keep that up for long)!!

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