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November Might be Quiet Around Here! — October 28, 2015

November Might be Quiet Around Here!

As I mentioned a while ago, I have signed up to take part in this year’s NaNoWriMo Challenge. I don’t do things by halves so have gone running full tilt into something I know very little about, which is typical of me really!

As many of you know, I have never written a book or even half a one before, so panic is now setting in at the enormity of what I am about to do. However I am nothing if not determined, and I do have a story that I really want to tell, and it has been swirling around in my mind pestering me to write it, so I am going to have a bloody good go at it!

This means that I probably won’t be blogging too much during November, as I will be trying to articulate my jumbled thoughts into a coherent story (I know, it doesn’t exactly bode well), and won’t have any energy left for anything else I shouldn’t think!

I will be around though checking in (how could I not), and anyone else that is taking part in the challenge is free to add me as a buddy if they feel like it! I do hope to write the odd post (nothing new there) now and again, but other than that, will be back in December to bore you all senseless with my trials (and hopefully not too many) tribulations!

Mining My Own Material. — September 29, 2015

Mining My Own Material.

The assignment we were given for Writing 101 today is to look back into our previous posts,or social media and find something to re-use or recycle from it. Perhaps an unused draft (I never have those, I have to publish everything straight off, or schedule it) for example.

I have decided that my whole post will be made up of previous post titles that I have used, so don’t be surprised if it does not make that much sense (you should already be used to that from me anyway).

Firstly, I’m ‘pleased to meet you’. I’m Judy and I like to blog about ‘when things go wrong.’ It is normally a good idea to ‘think before you blog’, but always ‘be yourself.’ ‘I write because’  there are so many ‘things I like’. for example, it could be ‘expanding on comments,  ‘what I see in a tree’ or even just writing about ‘home.’ ‘What a mix-up!’

‘I would tell you over a coffee’ that I have ‘no sense of direction’ despite being told that ‘it is all about perspective’, and anyway, getting lost takes me to ‘new horizons.’

Blogging, to me, brings a much-needed ‘ray of sunshine’ and makes for ‘a colourful life’. In fact, I think I have become ‘addicted to blogging’ due to having found a wonderful ‘community’ of ‘fantastic friends.’

Free-For-All-Friday #29 — September 18, 2015

Free-For-All-Friday #29

It’s the end of the week, which means that I have got a tasty selection of treats for you to enjoy over the weekend. There is all sorts this week, from a short and very sweet Haiku, to a very sad open letter which really touched my heart and also some laughs in-between. As ever please go over and visit these blogs to see what other delights there are in store.

But I Smile Anyway Ritu always manages to bring a smile to my face with her sunny nature. This post really tickled my funny bone!

Stuff and What If, Olga’s Haiku has all the ingredients for a sweet post.

Of Means and Ends I happened across this post, and was appalled when I watched the video. So it seems, was this blogger.

Chris, The Story Reading Ape’s Blog Now I love a good put-down or comeback, and this is a prime example!

A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales This is a fellow Writing 101er whose blog I have just started following. This letter was so touching and heartfelt as well as extremely tragic.

Hope you all enjoy these as much as I did.

Happy Friday!

Free-For-All Friday #17 — June 26, 2015

Free-For-All Friday #17

Welcome to Friday! It’s a lovely day, the weekend is coming and I have some wonderful blogs to share with you. I have a mixed bag of treats for you this week. Everything from the silly to the sublime.

Kyrosmagica This was a wonderful take on one of the challenges that is going around at the moment. A funny and creative effort that I really enjoyed.

Heels And A Toolbox I have been following Vanessa’s blog right from when I first started. She gets up to all sorts of things, and always has a project on the go! This post however, is a little different to what you would expect, but an honest and heartfelt tribute.

Little Steps To Somewhere I have not been following this blog for very long, but I really enjoyed this post. It is light-hearted and funny and celebrates a little triumph that many of us can relate to!

I Refuse To Follow Your Blog Now this post looks at something from a totally different perspective, and rightly honours those that really deserve it.

The Write Place I love a bit of Flash Fiction, even though I can’t do it myself, I am still impressed at some of the creative stories that people come up with by just a photo prompt or a song title etc. This one is a brilliant example of how a great story can be told with so few words.

So there you have it. Please check these blogs out if you haven’t already as they are all wonderful and have lots to offer.

Have a happy Friday!

Episode 313: Five Things I Have Learned About Blogging! — May 4, 2015

Episode 313: Five Things I Have Learned About Blogging!

  • Don’t forget to proofread! Now I am one of those people who, once I have written something, unless there is a glaringly obvious mistake, then I might not notice it, despite re-reading the whole post to check for errors. I have hit ‘publish’ before then have gone into the article at a later date and found a typo in the very first word! How embarrassing! Mind you, even worse is when I have commented on other blogs and made a few typos!
  • Interact with others. This may seem bloody obvious, but you can’t afford to be shy. I know I was very daunted by commenting on other blogs, but we all like to know we are doing something right, so a little encouraging remark can go a very long way; sometimes you might even get a reply!
  • Be careful what you say. Again, this might be blindingly obvious, but if you are having a bit of a rant and rave about someone who has annoyed you, the chances are they will find out about it! Once a post has been published, it is there for all to see, so think twice about putting up drunken pictures of yourself in a heap on the floor. It’s not pretty!
  • Learn how to connect with social media, If you want people to read your blog, and are a dunce when it comes to using social media, you need to learn how it works. So many people use it, that you are missing out on a huge audience if you do not know how to share on these sites. This is a work in progress for me, which I am getting to the bottom of as it is going to take a bit of time, I think!
  • Be passionate about what you write. Nobody wants to read a boring post that drones on and on with no feeling or emotion. Who wants to be dragged down to the depths of despair by a dismal post? Exactly! I find that when I have written a positive and enthusiastic post then I get more comments and likes. Readers can pick up on when you are passionate or excited about something, and it influences the way they feel about it too.
Episode 239: Making a Date… — March 22, 2015

Episode 239: Making a Date…

For the very last Bogging 101 post, our task is to ‘set ourselves up for continuing success’ by working on an editorial calendar, letting our readers knows when they can expect us to post. Then we are to visit five other blogs and congratulate them!
The last part of that is pretty easy as I am always visiting other bloggers, and they have plenty for me to congratulate them about.The difficult part for me due to my technical ineptitude is creating a calendar…

Suffice it to say, I have now got a calendar, and I have even added some events to it. The tricky part is trying to sync it (or whatever it is you have to do) to my blog! I have created a page for it which I will publish tomorrow probably.

What you can expect from me? Well this is a tricky one. Apart from the new Free-For-All Friday feature I created in order to share other brilliant posts that I love, and an upcoming challenge I am going to be taking part in soon (I will reveal more about that tomorrow. See I have learned how to schedule a post at least) I do not have a set timetable of what I post.

You can expect to see at least one daily post from me, and possibly more. It all depends on what mood I am in; what I have seen that has tickled my fancy, or whether or not something has happened that I want to write about. I do not plan what I am going to post at all really. The one thing I do hope though is that whatever I do post can make you laugh, or at least smile. That part is in the rules 🙂

Episode 96: Posting No 101…. — January 10, 2015

Episode 96: Posting No 101….

I just had a notification that the last post I did was my 100th. It’s typical of me that I didn’t realise, and let it slip by unnoticed so I thought I would celebrate my 101st post instead!

I am very thankful to those that have read my blog; it’s always a pleasure to interact with people, read their comments, and opinions and build up a rapport with them.

I have found a whole new world here in the blogosphere. There are so many wonderful blogs, funny ones, sad ones, informative ones, creative ones,not to mention racy ones (I must have led a sheltered life)!  All of them have something to offer, and had I not started blogging, I would have missed out on all of these.

I have encountered some lovely people as well. Different characters that have cheered me up, made me howl with laughter, brought a tear to my eye, or made me see things in a different way…very inspirational.

Anyway, I am still very much a novice, and am learning all the time, but I feel like I am starting to settle into this wonderful community. Thanks for making me feel welcome.

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