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Everyone Loves the Underdog! — September 19, 2015

Everyone Loves the Underdog!

What a start to the Rugby World cup. Only a few games in, and there has just been a surprising result which has ended in tears (on both sides)! Japan(unplaced) has just played South Africa (twice World Champions), and won – by 35-32 points, and in overtime too! Japan are beyond ecstatic and, Mr Grump nearly screamed the house down shouting encouragement at the Japanese players which of course, spurred them on to victory.

The British Press definitely love an underdog, They always seem to focus their attention on reality TV contestants though. You know, the wimp screaming in the jungle, or perhaps the unusual looking person with an extraordinary talent and a decent sob-story on the X-Factor type shows. They also love a clumsy klutz in the dancing type of shows, whether it be ballroom clod hopping, or skidding on ice.

What makes me laugh though, is they build these people up, giving them lots of confidence and support, sometimes even rallying the public to their cause, before cruelly and seemingly for no reason, bringing them down. Running stories about their sordid pasts, criminal relatives, or even dodgy taste in clothes. It seems to be a fun game for them to play, seeing how far they can go in both extremes, in some cases ruining careers, and/or reputations.

I enjoy seeing people surpass others’ expectations of them. This is why it is so important to have faith and belief in yourself. That Japanese rugby team did and look where it has got them! No-one expected  or even thought they would stand a chance against those South Africans, but they won.

Congratulations to them, what wonderful role models for the underdogs!

Episode 148: Family Night….. — February 6, 2015

Episode 148: Family Night…..

The weekend is upon us. The time for families to spend quality time together enjoying each other’s company….not in our house!

We all started off sitting together in the front room having dinner, then Miss Hap got a call afterwards from a school friend, She decided that they needed to ‘face time’ each other as talking is obviously not enough (neither is the fact that she was just with her at school a few hours previously) and she clomped off upstairs to get some privacy!

I remember those days when younger and my friends would phone on the weekend. My Mum and step-dad would moan loudly about ‘bloody kids’ phoning up when we only saw them 5 minutes ago. We didn’t have the luxury of a cordless phone and the cable wasn’t that long either. That normally meant sitting in the front room trying to talk to your friend whilst getting withering glances from the others as you were disturbing their TV viewing pleasure!

Privacy was not an option. If you were lucky, you might be able to yank the phone out to the hall and sit on the stairs for 5 minutes, before being yelled at to ‘get off the bloody phone’ – even if your friend called you! Those were the days!

Mt Grump has plonked himself in front of the (blaring) TV  with a few beers, to watch the Rugby. It is England V Wales, and is being played in his home town of Cardiff. The rest of the family are English, and he has been getting a few texts from them commiserating over Wales’ inevitable trouncing by England even though it hasn’t started yet! In fact we are being treated to a light show of dizzying brilliance.

I am sat at my laptop trying to block out the bloody racket coming from the TV. My headphones have blocked out about 50% of it, but no doubt I will still hear the shouts if Wales score, or the swearing if England do!

Good old technology. where would we be with out it?…..Probably all sitting around playing a board game and spending quality family time together no doubt!!!

Episode 38: Saturday Sport… — November 8, 2014

Episode 38: Saturday Sport…

Mr Grump is in his element today, as the Rugby is on.  Apparently it is the Autumn Internationals (?), and as Wales (he grew up in Cardiff) and Australia are playing, it promises to be a riveting game. I am not that bothered myself, especially as England have failed to qualify,  but will enjoy rooting for Australia to wind him up!

I will say I certainly prefer rugby to football though. For a start, the men are REAL men, with their cauliflower ears, squashed noses and thick thighs, unlike some of the footballers with their perfect hair, chiselled looks and manicured nails. Rugby players get stuck right into the game, and if they get hurt (especially if there is a punch up), they just carry on bloodied and bruised. Footballers however are very precious; They get a foot away from another player and down they go, rolling around on the floor for a few minutes, faces contorted in agony even though there didn’t appear to have been any physical contact!

God help them if their hair gets messed up or someone gets hit in the face….oh dear, bye-bye advertising career. You can’t have some ugly broken-nosed, wonky-eyed footballer advertising Nivea or L’Oreal for men…no that wouldn’t do, and worse still who would want to seem them in their (very snug) underpants?! Not me, that’s for sure. Rugby players however, if they do any form of advertising, it is usually beer or pizza, not some namby-pamby skin care/shampoo/hair dye etc.

Another huge difference are the fans. As a general rule, there is rarely any trouble at rugby matches. Adults and kids seem to really enjoy themselves, and opposing fans are seated together. Alcohol is even allowed in the stadium!! This is a far cry from some of the football matches. Fans normally have to be separated, even to the extent of travelling to and from the stadiums, often using different busses and trains, many having to be supervised by a strong police presence. Plus you get the ‘yobbos’ that are just there to make trouble, and pick fights, with no regard for the game itself! Such a shame.

Mostly, the fights that occur in Rugby are on the pitch, when one or two players get involved in  fist fight, which is duly forgotten after the match, when everyone mingles together in the bar. If two opposing football team fans met in the same pub, it would more than likely kick-off, and would end in serious injury.

The biggest advantage of all though for me, is that Mr Grump only really watches the  International games, which are not that often. I can quite happily sit through the odd match now and again, especially as there are plenty of big, burly guys running about in their little shorts to keep me interested!!

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