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#SoCS Hot Cross Bun — March 31, 2018

#SoCS Hot Cross Bun

This week Linda has given us, bun for our Stream of Consciousness posts, which can be used any way we choose. 

Seeing as it is Easter weekend I just have to mention the good old hot cross bun, which in case you are not familiar with, you can read about them here. 

The fact that they are so soft and squidgy and doughy and delicious plus carb laden goes without saying that I love them. They taste absolutely gorgeous with a generous dollop of butter slathered on them, and, of course, me being me, who doesn’t know when to stop, a sizeable chunk of cheddar really adds to the experience!

Hot Cross Buns!

Hot Cross Buns!

One a penny, two a penny

Hot Cross Buns!

If you have no daughters, give them to your sons,

One a penny, two a penny

Hot Cross Buns!

A little nursery rhyme to finish up with, enjoy! [social_warfare]

Broken English and Bad Language — November 21, 2017

Broken English and Bad Language

Now I am quite an old-fashioned, traditional woman as some of you might have noticed. I am also partial to using some out-dated words or phrases as we have such a rich and beautiful language. It is a shame to let them disappear into the mists of time, shrivelling up with lack of use.

I have noticed something disturbing over the years, however, that has become more prevalent as technology advances and the world becomes smaller. The fact that I have a young daughter who likes to keep up with the latest fads and trends also brings this home to me, and I don’t like it one bit.

I may not be the best at writing, I understand that my grammar leaves a lot to be desired at times, and I am careless and shoddy with my proofreading (I know, being the Typo Queen is not something to be proud of). However, I do try to make sure that I at least make some use of the language that I was brought up with. I become very annoyed that my mother-tongue is being messed about with, chopped up and put in a blender, then coming out with chunks in it that I am unfamiliar with!

Now, I do not wish to offend anyone at all, this is my opinion, and being a bit of an old ‘stick in the mud’ I like the language just the way it is, thank you very much.

To illustrate my point, here are a few examples

Text Talk WTF??? (See, I can do some of the trendy abbreviations). You will probably not be surprised to know that when I text someone, I write the whole lot out in full, complete with punctuation. I know, I am extremely uncool, (but I do love a smiley face). I hate all of this cul8tr stuff. I mean, what the hell is that? The first time I saw it I tried to read it as a word, thinking it was ‘culture’ and that someone has pressed the 8 by mistake and did it in a hurry, (Something I am always guilty of).

All these abbreviations are fine,(if you can understand them), but I do worry that our kids are losing the art of writing. I remember when I was at school we had to learn how to write all the different types of letters, like formal, business and personal using the appropriate greeting, and signing off correctly, which I am not sure they still teach despite the fact that letters do still need to be written on occasion.

The other thing I get annoyed about is nicking words from other languages when we have perfectly good ones of our own! Miss Hap does it all the time (she knows it annoys me).

“Mum, have you got any Bobby pins?”

“What? Oh, you mean hair grips”!



You get the idea. Or this habit of calling each other ‘bruv!’ I am not your bloody bruv, nor am I your ‘mate!’

I know I am getting to be a moany Old Codger but I can’t help it. Is it just me or do you despair at the way language is evolving?

There’s Nowhere Quite Like England — May 19, 2016

There’s Nowhere Quite Like England

This is a poem that I wrote many years ago but I have since updated by added another verse. For my 50th birthday, my sister and brother-in-law recorded my mum reading it for me and provided some background music too. I have put it at the end of the poem for you to enjoy.


There’s Nowhere quite like England

There’s Nowhere quite like England

with its counties and its shires

The ancient, rolling countryside

The marshes and the mires


There’s nowhere quite like England

The coastline and the sea

The churches and cathedrals

All steeped in history


There’s nowhere quite like England

The people are unique

We have our ‘quaint’ traditions

And like the Queen we speak!!


There’s nowhere quite like England

The climate so insane

One minute, brilliant sunshine

The next it’s lashing rain!


There’s nowhere quite like England

We love a cup of tea

Fish and chips and clotted cream

And juicy strawberries!


There’s nowhere quite like England

And, although it’s very small

To me, it is quite frankly

The most wonderful place of all




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