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Tjs Household Haiku Challenge — October 31, 2015

Tjs Household Haiku Challenge

This week TJ has given us ‘treats’ to use for our prompt for his Household Haiku Challenge, which of course, is very fitting for Halloween.

My mind immediately went in the same direction as TJs with the sweets/chocolates idea, as for me, they are indeed a very special treat.

This is what I came up with:

Halloween treats for

witches, monsters, ghosts and ghouls

go to sleep happy!

Episode 107: Henpecked…By The Dog! — January 17, 2015

Episode 107: Henpecked…By The Dog!

Our little dog Roxy rules the roost in our house. She knows what she wants, and uses her big brown eyes (or other methods) to let us know all about it…..

Our day normally starts with her waiting to go out for her walk. When I am working and get up at dark o’clock, she knows it’s not time for her yet, so she settles back down whilst I have my bath. As soon as I come in to wake Mr Grump up, she is waiting for the signal…(Usually me pulling the blinds and whacking him on the back) and then she goes berserk.

She jumps on his head, licking his ear frantically, until he gives in and gets up. Then there is the 2 minute dance routine whilst he is trying to clip her lead on. Although she can’t wait to go out, she twirls round and round excitedly so it’s a struggle to catch her and keep her still long enough to attach the lead!

Finally, off they trot for their walk; and it’s breakfast when they get back. On my days off, Mr Grump has to give her a doggy biscuit or she will not settle when he leaves for work. If she doesn’t get it, I will  be in the front room and hear this ‘bap….bap’  from the kitchen. It is Roxy reminding me that I have forgotten her biscuit.

During the day, she curls up in the comfiest  spot awaiting the return of her beloved ‘Daddy’. As soon as he comes in, she is ecstatic and bounces around all over the place, slobbering all over him and tripping him up as she gets under his feet.

She has her dinner first and then the rest of us sit around the table for ours. She knows she will not get scraps from the table, and gets told off for begging (she makes this pitiful howling noise, and tries to catch someone’ s eye, with her big brown ones. Think a doggy version of ‘Puss in Boots)’.

Craftily, she sits under the table just in front of Miss Hap, as she knows that something will inevitably fall onto the floor which she devours  in seconds. My daughter always leaves the table first and nearly always leaves something on her plate, which she takes out into the kitchen.

Two minutes later bap….bap. Roxy is calling us as she knows there are leftovers to be had. Sure enough Mr Grump usually gives her a bit of whatever it is, and doesn’t listen to me when I tell him he is spoiling her!

In the evenings she is snuggled up on Mr Grump’s lap mostly. She does have a little bed of her own, but rarely goes in it. No…she likes to clamber over her ‘Daddy’ and hates it if me or Miss Hap go near him, as she is jealous. She makes a strange noise and nips at his nose frantically, making sure she gets all the attention!

Even when he goes to the bathroom, he gets no peace.  Roxy comes over to me bap…bap,  jumping up at me pulling my hand until I get up and let her in with him! Weird or what?!

Finally at bed time, she waits for us to go up, goes to check on Miss Hap, and then gets on the bed, straight to Mr Grump!

So much for my little lap-dog!

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