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Wacky Word Wednesday #20 — September 23, 2015

Wacky Word Wednesday #20

This is week 20 of my Wacky Wordy Wednesday feature where I have fun with a word that is weird, wonderful or just plain wacky! It is always a pleasure hunting down words that I think people will like; either because they are unfamiliar to them, or as a blast from the past that brings back memories along with a smile.

Today I have found a word that I love the sound of. This is true of many of the words that I choose. I can burst out laughing when I hear a word like this, this isn’t meant to be funny, but just has that comedic ring to it, (I know, I am odd)! So here is my offering today.

Boffin. This is the expert, the geeky bod with his head in a science book.  A mad professor, wild haired and wild-eyed, cooking  up potions in his laboratory, or inventing gadgets like the top of an egg chopper-off-er, or other eccentricities.

Wherever there are sheds filled with assorted odds and ends that nobody wants, there will be a brain-bonce poring over blueprints and strange looking diagrams, cobbling together all manner of ‘handy’ household items! Sometimes, they even work!

Episode 407: Wacky Word Wednesday #9 — July 8, 2015

Episode 407: Wacky Word Wednesday #9

I am in the mood for another wacky, weird or wonderful word, and seeing as it is Wednesday, I’m in luck as I can get to resurrect one that is not used often enough. Today’s offering, sounds very old-fashioned and rather lofty, but I love it.

Flabbergast. This word amazes and dazes, confounds and dumbfounds. It’s a ‘you could have knocked me down with at feather’ type of word; shock and surprise follows it wherever it goes. In fact in can be strong enough to startle or stun the unsuspecting.

It is news that can appal and enthrall, as well as overawe, being both frightful and delightful.  Hmmm, that sounds a bit like me, depending what mood I am in!

Episode 236: Snotty Sneezes, Sets off Smacker! — March 21, 2015

Episode 236: Snotty Sneezes, Sets off Smacker!

We all get the sniffles sometimes. Occasionally a sneeze comes out of nowhere and can be quite startling to those around who were not expecting a snotty explosion, and the accompanying ATTTTTISHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!  Just this morning, as i was sound asleep, both me and the dog were awoken by Mr Grump letting rip an almighty sneeze!

For most of us, it is a minor annoyance when someone dares to disturb our peace by letting out an unfettered sneeze, however, one middle-aged man in the north of england, has taken offence by these sniffy snufflers and has taken to whacking them around the head!

Maybe he has some sort of germ phobia, or perhaps he is sensitive to sudden outbursts of noise, but either way, he is taking things a little bit far here. He is not shy in letting his disapproval be known either. He clouted the first middle-aged victim in the middle of Carlisle city centre when she inadvertently sneezed in the middle of shopping. He then disappeared before she had realised what had hit her (literally in this case)!

The other poor victim was an elderly lady who got smacked around the head when she too let out an unexpected sneeze. She was pretty upset and shaken, and again, the weird whacker had disappeared before anyone could do anything.

Th police are now calling for witnesses and are desperately trying to catch this nasty nutter before he does it again. After all, spring is just around the corner, and not only are people still likely to be suffering from the usual colds, but hay fever could well be added to the nix, thereby doubling the list of potential victims!

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