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Episode 500: Expanding Comments. — September 16, 2015

Episode 500: Expanding Comments.

Once I have commented on a post and interacted a bit with the blogger responsible for it, I tend not to think anymore about it. However, today for Writing 101, I am going to write my post expanding on a comment that I left on another blog.

The lovely Daffy  very often combines two different challenges into one post, and makes a damn good job of it too! I was impressed that she entitled the post ‘Yellow’ as that covered everything perfectly. I commented as much too,

Now, as many of you know, yellow is my favourite colour, and I have a lovely (well at least I think so) yellow car which I wrote about here. Anyway, yesterday I went to pick my sister up after work and was a little early (as usual)! I sat in my car daydreaming when I heard a thump.

I looked up and thee was this cat sitting on my bonnet,  looking straight at me. I nearly jumped out of my skin, but grabbed my phone and got a picture. He hopped up onto the roof, jumped down onto the boot and then disappeared!

How odd, Anyway, I forgot about it and two minutes later he was back, only this time he jumped on my side of the bonnet and was mewing at me (as you can see in the picture). I didn’t know what he wanted but off he flounced again but not before I got another picture of him. He is after all, very pretty with his yellowish fur and blue eyes.

When my sister arrived, I told her about him; she already knows him as he belongs to the people she works for, and is called ‘Cloud.’ Apparently he is a big wimp and normally shies away from people, so I must have been honoured to have had him come to see me.

Must have been my pretty yellow car!

Episode 138: Carbuncle in the Cotswolds! — February 3, 2015

Episode 138: Carbuncle in the Cotswolds!

Oh how some people make me laugh! There has been a bit of an outcry at the moment because of a yellow car and a beautiful village  in the Cotswolds…….

Now, only a couple of days ago, I posted about how much I miss driving my pretty yellow car at the moment as it is off the road. Note I said ‘pretty’ yellow car. That’s right, it is a cheery, sunshiny. happy colour is yellow.

Some people don’t like yellow, and are particularly offended by cars in that most beautiful of colours. Yes, I’m talking about tourists, and photographers. They are kicking up a stink about a particular yellow car owned by a retired  82-year-old dentist, (Bless him).

The problem is that this car is parked smack-bang in the middle of a row of 14th Century Medieval cottages in the beautiful village of Bilbury, situated in the Cotswolds. Now this particular row of cottages attracts visitors and tourists from far and wide, who want to capture the beauty and serenity of this little lane.

The problem is this poor little yellow car is spoiling their view, and (shock, horror) appearing in their photos, Now this dentist is entitled to park his car there and is doing nothing wrong, Even the National Trust who own the buildings cannot force this owner to park his car elsewhere.

This area is one of ‘outstanding beauty’ hence the huge number of people it attracts. It is a shame that some of those people are so snobby and petty as to object to a little unobtrusive yellow Corsa, which quite frankly, adds to the ambience of the scene, in my opinion.

Is it an asset or an eyesore?

Episode 133: Yellow Peril…. — February 1, 2015

Episode 133: Yellow Peril….

I never thought I would  say this but I can’t wait for my car to be back on the road! I might have mentioned before that I absolutely hate driving. If I can get out of it at any time then I will. However I have actually missed the fact that I can’t just nip off to my sister’s if i want to, or the shops, or anywhere for that matter!

I haven’t even had it that long, since September I think. I already had a perfectly good little car, but it wasn’t really me. it was red and…well,.. boring really. I like brightly coloured things. I like pretty things, and this car was neither, Humdrum and ordinary.

Mr Grump was browsing through some cars on one of those online Auto mag websites and he jokingly showed me a picture of this car, as he knew I would like the colour of it. Big mistake. I wanted that car. It was my favourite colour yellow; not only that, all the inside of it matched as well, yellow gear stick knob (very important), and pedals as well as the seat covers etc.

To cut a long story very short, I got it! I was thrilled with it. Forget the fact that Mr Grump said it was a ‘Boy Racer’s’ car, and that the exhaust had been ‘Bad Boyed’,so that it makes a really loud roaring sound (you can hear me coming for miles), It was yellow and it was pretty. Oh and it has a fancy stereo, that you can watch films on as well (not whilst driving of course), and that was I that I cared about!

I thought by having this car, it might even encourage me to drive a bit more, (it did a bit), but not for long because the MOT was due on it a couple of months after I had got it (roadworthiness test). It failed! Bloody thing!

Anyway, most of the work that has needed doing on it has been done, and tomorrow the new catalytic converter is going to be fitted, so fingers crossed It will be re-tested and back on the road soon.

So I will no longer be chauffeured to and from work by a disgruntled Mr Grump, which I have to say I have enjoyed immensely. I will however be roaring about in my pretty little car, getting strange looks off the young lads. (They admire my car and then look aghast as they see this old girl getting out of it, rather than some spotty, teenaged boy)!

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