In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Break the Silence.”

I thought that I would have a go at today’s writing prompt from the Daily Post as it was something that resonates with me.

I have always been pretty timid and shy, as well as a people pleaser so the idea of speaking out about something is alien to me. I would rather carry on being taken advantage of, worrying or seething inside than confronting the issue head-on and trying to sort out the problem.

Oh yes, I know that I should speak up or shut up,as opposed to bottling everything up, until the inevitable explosion, where I would end up incoherently blabbing about something that happened ages ago!

Mostly though, I chose to keep quiet. Notice I said chose.Β I am becoming stronger, especially now that I am fast approaching the half a century milestone, and realise that life already too short is getting a damn sight shorter!

I have, little by little, been speaking up about things. There are still many that I can’t broach yet as I do not want to lose one of my friends (she has a partner who I have begun to see in a totally different light, and it is not pleasant)m but there are also some situations that I have tackled and I am pleased I did.

I e-mailed my boss and outlined my concerns at work. I did get called into her office, and explained what was wrong. After consulting with a senior member of staff who backed me up, she did take it seriously (shame she couldn’t just take my word for it, but at least I got somewhere).

I am also speaking up when I am not feeling ‘well’ (anxiety) which I just left until it got too much and would have to go to the doctor. Β I think people are pretty understanding about it.

I have began to realise that no-one else is going to understand my resentment of a situation if I do not let them know that it is upsetting me for whatever reason. So I am going to assert myself more and ‘spit it out!’