I am going to have a go at this Challenge as it seems a lot of fun and could prove to be insightful too 🙂

La duchesse d'Erat

Dear Friends,

I invite you to live an experience for the forth coming year : build your own Great Book of Lists.

Lists reflect your happiness, your hopes, your project, your inclinations, the person you were, the person you long to become.

At the end of the year, 52 lists will offer a unique capture of your year. Compiled together, they’ll composer your Great Book of Lists, a gold mine of information in which you’ll be able to dig later on.

It will contain, I hope, humour, love, surprises, silliness – maybe – and many treasures for sure.

Each Monday, I’ll post a new theme and you’ll have until Sunday to publish you post, with the #TGBOL hashtag and a ping back  to the post of the week you participate

I’ll publish a round up on Monday.

The comments section is all yours to suggest themes for the forthcoming lists.


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