Today I am going to be combining two of Linda’s challenges, Just Jot it January and Stream of Consciousness.

Linda has suggested that we use the letters ‘an’ for today’s prompt and either use it as a word in itself or find a word that has those two letters together and use that as our theme.

The first word that had come into my brain is ‘anti-social.’ Oh, that is a bit of an unfortunate one to have for my theme, but I suppose it does pretty much sum me up most of the time!

It is not so much that I am anti-social, but more that I am shy that makes me avoid most social situations. Even when I am with my family, I sometimes get a bit overwhelmed with all the chatter and the noise, and long to retreat back home in my little ‘cocoon’!

At work, though, I am different. In, fact, I was just saying yesterday to one of the students we have with us, that I feel we owe it to our patients to go into their homes with a cheerful and friendly manner. After all, we might be the only person they have seen or will see for a while, and who wants to see someone that has a face like a smacked arse and miserable manner to match?!

I don’t find it difficult to be more outgoing at work, probably because it is a different environment and we have got many things to talk about. Yes out in a pub or bar, with a load of other, I often tend to retreat a bit, preferring to watch from the sidelines, so to speak.

I am pretty rubbish at small talk, and even if I am really interested in talking to someone to find out more about them, I end up with my words coming out wrong, showing myself up.

However, I do actually like people, so I am not totally anti-social!