This looks hilarious! I am looking forward to its release!

lucinda E Clarke

You may have noticed that I rarely talk about my books and try and flog them on my blog site. Β So this is an extra blog just to tell everyone that I am shortly going to publish book #6.

If you have ever read any one of my biographies you will be aware that I have written about subjects as diverse as splitting the atom, health, investments, advertisements, mayoral speeches, set books in English literature, rural life in Africa and toilets in townships. The list is endless, and even I can’t remember all the topics.

I hold the view that writers should be capable of writing anything, in any genre for any media.

Why all this blurb? Because my next book is something entirely different.

In 1989, when it was almost complete, I put it under the bed and it has remained there until late last year. Why? Firstly I…

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