Oh, I do love it when things go wrong, and poor old Geoff made a monumental cock up some time ago when he took his family on holiday!
I so would have loved to have met his dad. Enjoy the trip with Dickhead Tours!


A while back I posted about my experiences as a holiday organiser and why it was not a complete success. As we enter the summer holiday season I thought I might return to the subject for those of you who missed it previously. 

Back in the mid 1990s, when the Lawyer and the Vet were small we regularly holidayed in Devon. Soon enough this became a tradition – the early start, the Little Chef breakfast and the difficult choice of Butterfly farm/Otter sanctuary/model railway at Buckfast or the caves and model village at Torbay before checking into our cottage for the week.


Happy days. We loved it. So much so that when one of the cottages we stayed in, in Kingston, near Buckfast, came to be offered on a  timeshare basis we decided to buy a week – the first week of the school holidays in July. This cottage was one of…

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