I am guest blogging on Rachel’s blog today which I have been very excited about.

Rachael Ritchey

Happy Monday (or Tuesday or Thursday or [insert-today’s-day-here])!!! We have a fun and insightful poem from guest author and blogger Judy E. Martin. Make sure you stop in at her blog, Edwina’s Episodes, for more uplifting and fun posts from Judy!

The poem that she’s sharing with us today is specially written for my blog, which I am just thrilled about! If you’ve read my books you know how important inner beauty is to me, to see the goodness of a person shining from the inside out. Well, I just love this fun poem from Judy E. Martin and am so thankful for her sharing it with us here today. Make sure to share and comment. We love hearing from you!

Inner Beauty

by Judy E. Martin


Thank you so much for reading Judy’s poem today. Make sure you check out her

and find her book Rhymes of…

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