This week Linda has given us ink to use for our Stream of Consciousness posts, which can be either as a noun or a verb.

Funnily enough, I was just saying to Ritu recently that I thought writing with a fountain pen and ink seems to improve the look of my handwriting.

At school, my handwriting was once described as resembling ‘a drunken spider’  wandering over the page and that as kind of stuck with me ever since. I have always admired beautiful penmanship and have tried several times to improve my scrawl.  I do think that having a decent pen helps.

My history teacher was very strict about what pen we used in his class. If we forgot to bring a fountain pen then we would have to write in pencil then go over it in fountain pen later. ‘Biro’ was a dirty word to him and nobody dared use one in his presence!

Although I do like the look of my writing with a fountain pen, I have found it can be very messy. Well, it is if you are clumsy at least. I have ended up with huge splodges of ink on my work, as well as over my hands, the desk and occasionally down the front of my school shirt!

I tend to write with a fine liner pen now as I like how it looks, plus some of them have ink that dries quickly so doesn’t smudge. Perfect!


SoCS Ink