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Live to Eat — February 7, 2016

Live to Eat

Cup Cakes

I thought I would have a go at the ‘Daily Prompt’ today, which I like to do sometimes. Today the question is live to eat or eat to live? Also how far would we travel for the best meal of our lives?

The first part of this is easy for me, absolutely without a doubt, I live to eat! I am sure that nobody is at all surprised by that revelation. The thing is, I was brought up by a mother who was an excellent cook, as was her mother, and my dad’s mother too! My sisters are also brilliant cooks, in fact, one trained as a chef, as did my husband, even I can cook (although I rarely need to) Not only was I spoiled by having good, wholesome food as I grew up, it was frowned upon to leave anything on your plate.

All my family have ‘healthy’ appetites! Sitting around the table for our meals when growing up was the norm for us, and it was filled with talking, laughing, shouting and arguing, the bickering and banter of family life. Mum would go mad if anyone was late for meals, they were almost set in stone, breakfast being the most flexible, but other than that, lunch at 1 pm and dinner or ‘tea’ as we called it about 5.30pm. She relented a bit when microwaves became commonplace and she could reheat a meal for some latecomer. Mind you, she was terrified of the microwave, approaching it with caution and at arm’s length!

It’s funny, but whenever any of my family put on a meal, buffet or BBQ, you know there is going to be plenty of food, as we are all used to catering for large numbers, coming from such a huge family!

Now, one thing I do enjoy is a good meal. Food is not just fuel for the body, it is supposed to be a pleasurable and sensual experience. Well, at least in my book! It is very often the very heart of family life too when you think about it. When there is a birthday, or Valentine’ s day or Christmas or other holiday occasions, there is usually a meal or some sort of food associated with it as a form of celebration.

We have a pub that does a great carvery and it is lovely going there with some of the family in the summer  whiling the hours away sitting out in the garden after a great meal, chatting and laughing.

When it comes to how far I would travel for the best meal of my life, I am not sure. I have simple tastes and it is more the company and the occasion than the meal itself. I am lucky enough to have not only enough food to eat, but to have it beautifully cooked too!


3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 3 — November 30, 2015

3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 3

My dear friend Erika has nominated me to take part in this challenge again. Please visit her blog for a daily dose of music, wisdom and enlightenment. I am so pleased she nominated me for this challenge as it is one of my favourites.

Challenge rules:

  1. Post 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days
  2. Thank the person who nominated you
  3. Nominate 3 new bloggers each single day of the challenge

In light of the season, and recent events, I am going with a theme of thankfulness, and the ‘quotes’ are my own.

For the last day, after posting on family and work, this post will be about leisure. and of course, you all know what my favourite leisure activity is 🙂

For me, being a part of the blogging  community is having a wealth of taleneted,empathetic,  funny, and articualte people as my neighbours who are always there for a chat and a bit of advice.

Judy Martin 2015.

I would like to nominate the following to take part if they fancy it 🙂






3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 2 — November 29, 2015

3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 2

My dear friend Erika has nominated me to take part in this challenge again. Please visit her blog for a daily dose of music, wisdom and enlightenment. I am so pleased she nominated me for this challenge as it is one of my favourites.

Challenge rules:

  1. Post 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days
  2. Thank the person who nominated you
  3. Nominate 3 new bloggers each single day of the challenge

In light of the season, and recent events, I am going with a theme of thankfulness, and the ‘quotes’ are my own.

Today I am looking at work. In my job, I see so many people struggling with things many of us take for granted.

When you hate the thought of getting out of bed and going to work, remember there are those that would give anything just to be able to get out of bed, let alone have the strength to work.

Judy Martin 2015.

I would like to nominate the following to take part if they fancy it 🙂


La Sabrosona





3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1 — November 28, 2015

3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

My dear friend Erika has nominated me to take part in this challenge again. Please visit her blog for a daily dose of music, wisdom and enlightenment. I am so pleased she nominated me for this challenge as it is one of my favourites.

Challenge rules:

  1. Post 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days
  2. Thank the person who nominated you
  3. Nominate 3 new bloggers each single day of the challenge

In light of the season, and recent events, I am going with a theme of thankfulness, and the ‘quotes’ are my own.

I am kicking off with family.  As you can see, I have included a montage of some of my motley crew!

Family: They see at your tantrum throwing, projectile puking,snotty snivelling  worst –  but still love you anway!

Judy Martin 2015.

I would like to nominate the following to take part, if they fancy it 🙂




Episode 5: Back To School — September 14, 2015

Episode 5: Back To School

This afternoon I was invited to a ‘parent’s tea’ at my daughter’s new secondary school. As per usual, I had completely forgotten about it until the last minute! I phoned Mr Grump to see if he was close to finishing work (he is a delivery driver for a charity), as I did not want to face this ordeal alone. My daughter, having only started three weeks ago, had already made herself known,as was the norm with her,

In her very first reception year, she was the child that had to wear as high vis top as she kept trying to do a runner at lunchtimes; In junior school during the first week, whilst I was dropping her off in the morning, the headmaster saw us and greeted her by name, which was not a good sign (I later found out that she had flooded the toilets by turning on all the taps, leaving them running as she thought it would be fun).

I myself used to attend this new school back in the late 70’s when it was a boarding/grammar school. It still is a grammar school but no longer has boarders, and some of the old buildings that were used for this purpose, have now been turned into more classrooms, so it had changed quite a bit since I was there.

This started me thinking about some of the other ways that it had changed as we meandered along various corridors, up and down stairs, and in and out of the various buildings. The first thing that struck me was the classrooms no longer had the retro 50’s desks that we used to have. The ancient,  wooden single desks that had a groove etched out for pencils etc and a little hole in the corner which used to hold a  pot of ink in order to fill up the fountain pen that was compulsory (even when I went we had to write in fountain pen, but thank goodness, refill cartridges had been invented by then, as God knows, I made enough mess just changing them, let alone being let loose with  pot of ink!

These desks also had a lid to them which was very handy to store your books in, and hide behind if you wanted to avoid the teacher’s steely glare (naively, we thought she couldn’t see us), and a telling off swiftly ensued.

My daughter wanted to introduce me to her maths teacher, and this was the second shock, He was warm and welcoming, not to mention encouraging and enthusiastic, but what struck me the most was that he was wearing a funny tie that had various sums all over it! My math’s teacher was a bloody dragon to say the least. She  struck the fear of God into us poor terrified pupils, with her cap and gown engulfing her skinny frame; Her  small stature did not suit the bellowing, foghorn voice that emitted from her as some brave soul dared to tell her that they did not understand something! Big mistake,! That called for a total humiliation in front of the whole class for them, plus the rest of us were stupid idiots if we dared to admit that we did not understand it as well. The verbal lashing we got from her would ring in ours ears, and we soon learned to shut up, keep our heads down and get help from someone else!

I was shown to the PE area next which evoked some pretty unpleasant memories. Nowadays, (God, that makes me sound old) the PE kit is skort, joggers, shorts, hoodies,polo shirts, shin pads, mouth guard,dance kit and all kinds of other stuff. We had a polo shirt, little tiny skirt, and bloody great passion killer knickers that we had to wear underneath, which we wore in ALL weathers. For Gym we had a lovely little black leotard which looked good on no-one. As for mouth guards etc, we had never heard of them. On one occasion whilst playing hockey, I got whacked in the mouth with a hockey stick, told to go to the Home Economics department for some ice to put on it, then hurry up back to the game and get on with it!

The biggest humiliation of all was the dreaded shower afterwards…..I remember those with absolute horror. We had a large, waist height set of showers, we lined up at one end,, the teacher would whip of your towel (we were naked), and we had to have a quick shower and come out the other end. This was mortifying for body-conscious young teenagers, but there was no getting out of it!

Once our tour of the school was over, we went back to the hall where refreshments were being served….needless to say there was a massive queue, and being rather partial to a cup of tea, I was disappointed that we did not have time to wait, as Mr Grump had to get back to the depot before it closed…mind you a must admit I was glad to get out of there. However much it had changed for the better, I am pretty glad my school days are over. Now I just hope my daughter enjoys hers!

Episode 79: Bull In A China Shop……. — December 18, 2014

Episode 79: Bull In A China Shop…….

It can be quite an expense being clumsy, not to mention time-consuming! The fact that both me and Miss Hap are a little on the heavy-handed side, plus objects have a habit of slipping through our fingers, means that we quite often have to replace the odd item or two…..

I love sparkling water with lots of ice, so am very often in the freezer getting ice cubes from the special little trays, that churn out the cubes with a flick of a wrist. Only this time I twirled the knob and heard a ‘clonk’ , the tray didn’t move as a bit had snapped off the end and the spring, sprang off! Bugger! Who broke that? I’m sure it wasn’t me, I bet Miss Hap has been at it and twisted the knob the wrong way (She might as well be blamed, I break enough stuff as it is)! Anyway, it meant that I yelled for Mr Grump to come and fix it with his trusty toolbox. He tutted and moaned but got out the glue and stuck the bit back on.

That was yesterday, so today after a bit of a  stressful day at work I came home hot and bothered and went to get my favourite drink. Twist, clonk, boiiiing! You guessed it, the damn thing broke again and the spring pinged off! Well now I will have to order a replacement tray (yes I know I can buy a bag of ice to put in the freezer, but I LIKE my little ice-cube trays).Luckily, the good old internet found what I needed and a new one will be winging its way to us soon.

I am very good at finding spare parts for things, as In the past I have pulled the handle off not one but TWO washing machine doors and have had to order new ones. (They don’t make things that are built to last these days)! I have taken a chunk out of one of the freezer drawers, and snapped a part off the vacuum cleaner which holds the vital parts together, to name but a few things,

We have got through loads of glasses, and my favourite dinner service has only 2 dinner plates left and 3 side plates, the rest has been smashed (mind you I did have it for years),. I now do not buy expensive crockery as it will not last long. I do actually have some lovely crystal wine glasses,that were a present, but they rarely come out as I can’t be trusted with them. Shame really as they are sitting gathering dust instead of being enjoyed!

I am pretty rubbish with chargers as well for phones and tabs etc. I tend to stretch them and pull the wires out, so Mr Grump has to get me new ones. Miss Hap loves to break headphones; little ones that fit into the ear, large ones that look like something that should be worn on an artillery range, she has broken them all! She has one of those keyboards that she loves to play, but it is missing a key!  She had one of her phones for a week before she dropped it and cracked the glass,despite us buying her a case for it!

Mr Grump regularly goes out to get me yet another mouse for my laptop ( I don’t like that little pad thing) as they are not sturdy enough to put up with the treatment they receive at my gentle and delicate hands!  Luckily Mr Grump himself is still in one piece despite being married to me!

Episode 77: Another Little Bit of Dirt Never Killed Anybody… — December 16, 2014

Episode 77: Another Little Bit of Dirt Never Killed Anybody…

Further the post I wrote in Episode 64, my younger sister reminded me of a story that I had forgotten to include, and although it is pretty stomach-churning, it did make me laugh so here it is….

Mum had made a corned-beef hash, which although we didn’t have very often we were looking forward to. Anyway she had left it to cool off on the worktop for a little while. As she was about to dish up she suddenly screeched,

“Where’s me teeth”? She had this little plastic plate with 4 or 5 false teeth on which she used to take out now and again when they started to chafe, and they would sit on the table or window sill, wrapped in a tissue until she needed them to eat! My sister and I searched the kitchen without success, We couldn’t understand where they had gone As a last resort we decided to check the corned-beef hash, as it was not unusual for a bit of fag ash to land up in the food so why not a denture!

As it happened, the teeth were not in the hash, but the obligatory ants were! Yes, they had found their way into the hash that had been left uncovered, and had dived on in! Yuk! That was yet another meal that had no takers, fussy as we all were! Oh, and Mum’s teeth turned up in the kitchen rubbish bin! As a last resort we went through it, and there they were in a soggy filthy tissue, buried beneath tea bags, potato peelings and other assorted nasties. Mum was thrilled, a quick rinse under the tap, and she popped them back into place!

My nephew when he was young, also shared my mum’s casual attitude to dirt and used to love grubbing about in the mud as most kids do, However he liked to pick up slugs and worms as I think he liked their slimy feel. He wanted to share his treasures with the rest of us and would very often come up with us, hand outstretched grasping a writhing creature and say,

” Lug!”  he hadn’t mastered how to pronounce his S’s yet, bless him. Myself and my sisters would recoil when he brought the slugs to us for inspection, and would try to swallow the scream, force a smile and tell him how lovely it was. He would amuse himself for some time playing in the dirt, making mud pies, and decorating them with the slugs and worms, singing away happily.

After a while he came up to us again

“Lug!” Only this time there was only a little bit of slug in this podgy little hand; not only that but he looked a bit mucky around the mouth. Yep, he had decided to taste his mud pies, but must have found them rather filling as he couldn’t manage a whole slug! It’s nice to know he has inherited the strong family constitution!

Episode 74: It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas……. — December 13, 2014

Episode 74: It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…….

Today I could no longer put off the inevitable and it was time to put up the Christmas decorations!  Miss Hap was getting excited and, given her way, they would have been put up a couple of weeks ago! I had asked Mr Grump to get the decorations out of the loft  last night as that is somewhere where I NEVER venture. It is far too dangerous for someone as clumsy as me. For,if I don’t break my neck getting up there, one wrong move could send me plummeting headfirst over the bannister and down the stairs. I spend enough time at the hospital as it is, and did not want to experience it ‘from the other side’!

My morning didn’t exactly start very well. I have been bone tired this week for some reason. Mr Grump was on an early start for work this morning and had sneaked out about 5am. Unfortunately for me, Miss Hap heard him leave and the next thing I knew she had got into my bed and decided it was high time I got up. I did so very reluctantly as I still felt shattered.

Anyway, once I had finally come to, after several cups of tea, we decided that we would  take the dog out for her walk before we did anything else. Now Roxy gets really excited  like most dogs when she sees her lead, and it took me a while to clip it on her collar as she was dancing about wildly.Once fastened, we headed for the front door. Oh, its locked, and Mr Grump has the key. We can’t get out! As he left so early, he locked us in. I looked around for my keys but didn’t have them as they were on the key ring with my car keys, and my car had gone to be fixed! Great! Roxy is going berserk, frustrated at us not going anywhere!

I decided to phone Mr Grump as he was due home soon, and I wanted to know how long he would be. He answered but was nowhere near home,and the job was talking a lot longer than expected! He told me that I did have a front door key at home in my bag. I turned out my handbag, work bag and coat pockets, no key! I knew there was no bloody key anyway,, it was with the car! I phoned Mr Grump back to rage at him for a bit as I was mad; the dog was going crazy, Miss Hap was moaning loudly as we couldn’t get out of the back gate either due to something that was Mr Grump’s fault! The poor dog had to settle with being ran around the back garden on her lead by Miss Hap, so at least it appeared she was being taken for a walk!

I was not feeling  that festive by now, but we put on one of the music channels for a bit of Christmas music, and Boney M’s Mary’s Boy Child had me singing along loudly and tunelessly. lifting my mood completely. Myself and Miss Hap even managed to lift up the heavy box with the Christmas tree in,and transport it downstairs without injury or harm to either of us or the tree! Plus it only took two attempts to correctly assemble it! The end result was lovely though, and we enjoyed ourselves singing and dancing along with the music as we decorated the tree.

Mr Grump came home soon after we finished, and took poor Roxy for her walk. When he came back he dangled my front door key in front of my face, which he HAD thoughtfully separated from the car keys. It had been hanging up in the kitchen the whole time on my Betty Boop key ring, but he didn’t think to tell me it was there!

He wasn’t off the hook though as the rest of the decorations still needed to be put up around the room, plus the lights outside!  That wiped the smugness off his face! Miss Hap decided to bugger off to Nanny’s as her job here was done. I however, was designated drawing pin holder…..’It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’!

Episode 70: Growing Up Too Fast! — December 9, 2014

Episode 70: Growing Up Too Fast!

Miss Hap decided to surprise me this morning. She was up pretty early and thought it would be nice if she finished off making my breakfast for me whilst I was having my bath….

Now I am a creature of habit, and routine (I CAN do spontaneous, but it’s not easy)! When I am working,my breakfast consists of a hard-boiled egg, wholemeal pitta bread, and a little cheese sprinkled on top. Anyway I had put my egg on to boil, and halved the pitta, which I shoved in the toaster, then I went up to have a quick bath, by which time everything would be ready.

I came downstairs to be greeted by Miss Hap in her pyjamas looking despondently at my egg, still in its shell on the worktop.

“Sorry Mum, I’ve broken the egg slicer”, she said dejectedly, “but I’ve fixed it with Sellotape!”  I followed her gaze to my patched up egg slicer. One of the wires was broken and had been taped securely to a couple of the others, rendering the whole thing pretty useless. I reassured her that it didn’t matter, and for now I would just cut up the egg. I could see that she had thought of that as the egg was positioned on the chopping board with a butter knife close by. This was presumably to cut the egg up through the shell.!  I showed her how to crack the egg in order to peel the shell off, which she did for me chunking off quite a bit of the white with it, in the process. What was left of the egg, I divided into the two pitta halves!

I have made a bit of a rod for my own back by not teaching Miss hap to do any chores, and I suppose at 11 years old she should be helping out around the house. I know me and my sisters certainly had to at her age; that is partly why I have left it so long for her.

Due to her inheriting my clumsiness, I have not allowed her as yet to wash or dry the dishes unless there is anything unbreakable, as I didn’t want all my crockery landing up in a smashed heap!  she is allowed to make cups of tea and coffee (that is a MUST in our family) but doesn’t bring in the finished drink as she worries that she will get burnt! The one time she did bring it in she used the oven gloves (she is high on initiative, if not common sense)!

She doesn’t have to do any vacuuming (I worry that either the vacuum will get bashed to smithereens or the furniture will), She will sometimes help me hang out the washing though (well she will hand me the pegs at least)and on the odd occasion has helped me clean the bathroom. Other than that, she doesn’t even run her own bath, as again she worries that she might burn her hand on the hot tap, and knowing her, I worry too, so do it for her!

I think I probably mollycoddle her a bit too much;  I must admit I am surprised when I know some kids get up and make themselves breakfast, which my daughter never does as, left to her own devices, she would raid the crisps or something.I don’t want her to grow up too fast, but neither do I want her not to be able to do anything for herself when she is older.

What do you think? Is 11 too young for chores?

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