It can be quite an expense being clumsy, not to mention time-consuming! The fact that both me and Miss Hap are a little on the heavy-handed side, plus objects have a habit of slipping through our fingers, means that we quite often have to replace the odd item or two…..

I love sparkling water with lots of ice, so am very often in the freezer getting ice cubes from the special little trays, that churn out the cubes with a flick of a wrist. Only this time I twirled the knob and heard a ‘clonk’ , the tray didn’t move as a bit had snapped off the end and the spring, sprang off! Bugger! Who broke that? I’m sure it wasn’t me, I bet Miss Hap has been at it and twisted the knob the wrong way (She might as well be blamed, I break enough stuff as it is)! Anyway, it meant that I yelled for Mr Grump to come and fix it with his trusty toolbox. He tutted and moaned but got out the glue and stuck the bit back on.

That was yesterday, so today after a bit of a  stressful day at work I came home hot and bothered and went to get my favourite drink. Twist, clonk, boiiiing! You guessed it, the damn thing broke again and the spring pinged off! Well now I will have to order a replacement tray (yes I know I can buy a bag of ice to put in the freezer, but I LIKE my little ice-cube trays).Luckily, the good old internet found what I needed and a new one will be winging its way to us soon.

I am very good at finding spare parts for things, as In the past I have pulled the handle off not one but TWO washing machine doors and have had to order new ones. (They don’t make things that are built to last these days)! I have taken a chunk out of one of the freezer drawers, and snapped a part off the vacuum cleaner which holds the vital parts together, to name but a few things,

We have got through loads of glasses, and my favourite dinner service has only 2 dinner plates left and 3 side plates, the rest has been smashed (mind you I did have it for years),. I now do not buy expensive crockery as it will not last long. I do actually have some lovely crystal wine glasses,that were a present, but they rarely come out as I can’t be trusted with them. Shame really as they are sitting gathering dust instead of being enjoyed!

I am pretty rubbish with chargers as well for phones and tabs etc. I tend to stretch them and pull the wires out, so Mr Grump has to get me new ones. Miss Hap loves to break headphones; little ones that fit into the ear, large ones that look like something that should be worn on an artillery range, she has broken them all! She has one of those keyboards that she loves to play, but it is missing a key!  She had one of her phones for a week before she dropped it and cracked the glass,despite us buying her a case for it!

Mr Grump regularly goes out to get me yet another mouse for my laptop ( I don’t like that little pad thing) as they are not sturdy enough to put up with the treatment they receive at my gentle and delicate hands!  Luckily Mr Grump himself is still in one piece despite being married to me!