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Photography 101:Landscape & Cropping — March 25, 2016

Photography 101:Landscape & Cropping


Today our task for Photography 101 is to take a photo of a landscape. This could be something in nature, industrial or perhaps a city scene. We are also to practice cropping photos as well to see what works and what doesn’t.

The photo I took today is of the office buildings where I work. Although I am out and about most of the day, I also spend time at the office, sorting out paperwork and other bits and pieces.

It just so happens that the offices are within a few minutes walking distance to me, and most of the time I drive past there anyway, on the way to town! I think they stand out quite a bit as they are very modern, and are very light and bright.

It is hard to believe that just behind there is some beautiful countryside, and it is a favourite walking spot for Roxy and Mr. Grump.

Photography 101:Scale & Observation — March 24, 2016

Photography 101:Scale & Observation


Frosty leaf

Today is all about scale and observation for Photography 101.

Now at the moment, I am still using my phone as my camera, but Mr Grump bought me a couple of little lenses that clip on to the phone over the camera to create different effects.

The one I used here is the micro lens and it is a photo of a frosty leaf taken early one morning.

In close up, it is interesting to see the little ice crystals scattered around the leaf, not all in one lump as it appears in normal vision. I love the indentations and lines on the leaf as well.

It is difficult for me to keep a steady hand at the best of times, but with the phone (especially with a phone case), it is tricky, hence the blurry bits around the outside of the pic!



Photography 101: Architecture & Monochrome — March 22, 2016

Photography 101: Architecture & Monochrome


Today is another double whammy for photography 101. We are not only to look out for architecture that catches our eye, but to then see how it looks in Monochrome.

I have noticed a few of the houses nearby where I live have these little trellis type designs either side of their front doors.

They are sort of lacey and as far as I know, serve no purpose. I wondered how they would look in black and white.

I went over to Picmonkey and applied ‘Silverscreen’ to the photo, thinking it might add a touch of glamour. Actually, it just looks as though I have got an old photo from the 50s kicking around!


Photography 101: Pop and Colour. — March 21, 2016

Photography 101: Pop and Colour.

Today for the Photography 101 course, we are encouraged to focus on colour and how it can change the perception of a photo.

Again, we are to keep in mind the point of view, and the light in the photo.

Coloured clouds

I have not had much chance to take any photos today so had to look back to see what I already had that might be suitable for the challenge. I thought this photo of the sky that I took looking up between two houses was pretty colourful.

I love the pinky clouds in the blue sky, with just a little golden stripe the the bottom of the picture. The dark silhouettes of the houses seem to  enhance the pastel colours of the cloudy sky even more.

Photography 101: Mystery and Lighting Effects — March 18, 2016

Photography 101: Mystery and Lighting Effects


Today we are to find something that is a bit of a mystery and photograph it. We are also to think about different types of lighting effects. We have been given some suggestions as follows:

  •  Take your photo during the “Golden Hour”: the time just after sunrise or before sunset when natural light is soft and takes on color tones of its own.
  • Illuminate your subject with a flashlight or candle.
  • Take a street shot, using car headlights or street lamps to light your scene.
  • Try a photo during the day when the bulk of the sun is hidden, revealing patches or bursting rays of light.

I have not got a lot of time today so have taken a shot during the ‘golden hour’ of some houses over the back of where I live. It is always interesting to wonder what people are getting up to behind closed doors; well, it is to me anyway, being the nosey parker that I am!


Photography 101: Warmth & the Quality of Light — March 17, 2016

Photography 101: Warmth & the Quality of Light

Today for our photography course, we are to think about light, specifically from the sun. Now, there was talk of front lighting and side lighting which I might have to swot up on a bit. Although it may sound obvious, I am not exactly sure of the fundamentals! I presume this shot is backlit due to the sun being behind the tree, but as I said, I need to get my head around exactly how they all work!


trees, photography, light, sunrise

Photography 101:Natural World & Leading Lines — March 16, 2016

Photography 101:Natural World & Leading Lines

Today for our photography challenge, we are to go outdoors to the natural world and photograph something. It can be large or small. Whilst we are taking the photo, it is suggested that we look at the lines of the object.

I chose to take a close-up photo of a potted rose plant that Mr Grump bought me ages ago. It is outside at the moment and although parts of it are brown, it has a few of these tiny little leaves poking through the soil. I liked the pink tips of the leaves and their zig-zagged shape

leaf, close-up, nature,
Miniature rose potted plant leaf.
Photography 101: BIG & Point of View — March 15, 2016

Photography 101: BIG & Point of View

Walmer Windmill

Today it is time to think big for Photography 101, and also look at things from perhaps a slightly different point of view or a different angle.

I took this photo of a windmill as we were in the car travelling to Deal. I only managed to get it from the side, but I like the way the grass in the foreground looks slightly smudged due to the motion of the car.


Photography 101: Connect & Tags — March 14, 2016

Photography 101: Connect & Tags


Today’s Photography 101 challenge is all about the word ‘connect’ and what it means to me. As you can see from my photo, this was taken at a family wedding.

This speaks of connections on so many levels. Not just the couple that are getting married and starting a new life together, but of the friends and the family that are invited to share the day with them too.

The gathering together of all those people with one common connection, celebrating a marriage,  despite many of them not knowing each other. Eating together, dancing together, and meeting new and interesting people that you may not have otherwise encountered, is certainly making connections!

Photography 101: Solitude and the Rule of Thirds — March 11, 2016

Photography 101: Solitude and the Rule of Thirds



I already had the perfect photo for today’s Photography 101 challenge of solitude. Last summer we went down to the coast on rather a cloudy day. It was also pretty early in the morning so the beach was near enough deserted. I love this shot of Miss Hap walking off towards the sea, mid-stride, hair blowing in the breeze appearing to be enjoying the solitude.

As far as the rule of thirds go, I think I have managed to capture it (despite not realising it at the time)! The sky, sea and sand are all roughly a third each of the picture, and Miss Hap is just off into the bottom third of the picture.

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