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Strategies I Use For Coping With Anxiety and Depression — October 20, 2017

Strategies I Use For Coping With Anxiety and Depression

Those of you that suffer from anxiety and depression know how difficult it can be to come through the other side. I know that when I went through a particularly bad phase, it was as much as I could do to get out of bed, let alone function. This poem will give you an idea of what I felt like.


You wake up but still feel so tired as if you’ve had no sleep at all.

Your thoughts all muddled and fuzzy you want to curl up in a ball.

Your head feels so constricted like someone is squashing your brain

Your body has lost all momentum and your soul is crying in pain

Yet, there’s no logical reason why you want to just be on your own

To lock yourself up with your sorrow and be in that zombie like zone

You are unable to communicate though God knows, you have tried

Your inner most thoughts want to break free but your mind keeps them locked up inside. 

It can be debilitating to yourself and affects all aspects of your life. Your family, friends and work colleagues try to be understanding and patient, but it ‘s hard for them, especially if you don’t want to communicate with anyone and shut them out.

Here are some of the strategies I have learned to help me cope with anxiety and depression.

The most important thing is to recognise when things are starting to become challenging and tell someone about it.  I know when everything is starting to get on top of me, and I am struggling to cope, so it is at that point I make an appointment to see my doctor to try to get some help as soon as possible.

Be open and honest. I know it can be difficult for some people, as mental health issues are often brushed aside or stigmatised. It is that feeling that you won’t be believed because there are no visible signs, or worse, be told to ‘pull yourself together and snap out of it!’ If only we could.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. Another tricky one, because when I am feeling depressed, I go back over everything; conversations I have had, situations I have been in and berate myself for something that I have said or done which has made me look/feel stupid or might have offended someone. It is very often not the case at all, but when you feel useless or helpless in yourself, you feel that everyone else thinks that you are too.

Try and get out into the fresh air. When I am feeling particularly bad, I just want to shut myself indoors and hide away in my little cocoon of security. The problem with this is, it is tough to get out of this rut, and in a way, it makes you feel worse. You become wrapped up in yourself, sometimes not bothering to get dressed, or having a wash. It just adds to the general feeling of worthlessness and self-disgust.

Write or  start a blog. Now I know this might seem ridiculous if you don’t feel like doing much, especially if you have cut yourself off socially from everyone, but I found that this was the best way to help me get through. In fact, it was the very reason I started my blog. I found that by trying to see the funny side of things and making others laugh kind of made me feel valued in some way. Also, I made friends but did not have to physically meet up with them and therefore wasn’t shy or embarrassed. There were no awkward silences, and I could reply to messages or comments when I felt ready to do so.

Of course, it took some time to build up my blog, but I never thought anyone would read it in the first place, it was just for me to express myself in the best way I could. In the end, I met some of these wonderful bloggers sometime later at the Bloggers Bash in 2016. By then, I was much better and ready to socialize in person!

Take any help that you are offered. In the past, I have been to counselling and also have had some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Sessions which I have found helped me enormously. Yes, it was sometimes hard to physically get myself out of the house to attend these appointments, but occasionally I asked my husband to take me. I was always glad that I went as it helped me understand why I felt the way that I did, plus I was given tips to try to help myself.

Aim to achieve a little more each day. It may sound obvious, but doing things in bite-sized easy to manage chunks is so much better than hurtling headlong into forcing yourself to complete tasks then feeling resentful and burned out when you are unable to cope with the self-enforced pressure. For example one day I would get up, have a bath and hair wash, the next I might do some washing up or walk to the shop as well,

Don’t Rush it. As I mentioned above, it is much better to make sure you are feeling well before you try jumping back into everything in full-on mode. I once made the mistake of returning to work too early as I was worried about taking time off, but I was not quite ready, and it didn’t do me any favours. It was extra stressful as I was trying to appear my ‘usual’ self when apparently, it was obvious to others that I wasn’t myself at all.

There are no hard and fast rules of course, as we all cope with things in different ways. I have found that these strategies were crucial in helping me cope with anxiety and depression.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other ways of coping .

I have found this useful website (Mental Health. Org. UK) that offers a booklet that can be downloaded with tips to help overcome anxiety and depression. Please click the link here if you would like more information.


Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – Adventure — June 14, 2016

Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – Adventure

It is Ronovan’s turn to suggest the prompt this week and he has come up with ‘Adventure’ for his and Colleen’s Writer’s Quote Writing Challenge Prompt. This quote seemed just perfect for where I was thinking of going this week with it. I have decided to write my poem about the Blogger’s Bash.

Every new friend is a new adventure…the start of more memories

–  Patrick Lindsay


This weekend I went on an adventure

I was determined to do it this year

Last time I was so regretful

That I let myself succumb to my fears.

My family didn’t think I would do it

Too many obstacles in my way

Anxiety, worries and shyness

Were not going to ruin my day!

Hubby dropped me off at the station

And I tentatively boarded the train

Despite getting all hot and bothered

I focused on what was my aim!

Ritu was there on the platform

With a huge smile on her face

Then off we went to meet Erika

Then had a coffee someplace!

Rich was not far behind us

The Blogily was now complete

We hadn’t got to the Bash yet

There were other bloggers to meet!

My nerves were now so much better

As we found our way to the pub

We met all of the committee

And Geoff had cooked up some grub!

Cakes of all kinds of flavours

He catered to every taste

I tried a bit of each one though

I couldn’t have them going to waste!

Hugh was doing the filming

And talking to every guest

Sacha was rocking her Louboutin’s

Definitely dressed to impress!

Ali was friendly and lovely

And welcomed us all with a smile

I was so pleased I had made it

I knew it would be so worthwhile

There were so many others present

Really there were quite a few

Many were faces I recognised

And I managed to chat with some of them too.

It was certainly a day to remember

I ‘m so glad I conquered my fear

And now I know I can do it

I can’t wait for this time next year!



Cluttered House, Cluttered Mind? — December 30, 2015

Cluttered House, Cluttered Mind?

I may have mentioned that at the moment I am going through quite a bad bout of anxiety and depression. My head feels like someone is wringing my brain out, and there is not enough room in it for all of the thoughts that are going around and around. It is really tricky even trying to string some  coherent thoughts together at the moment! It really seems like my head is full of clutter, which is funny really as. looking around my house is pretty cluttered too!

Now don’t get me wrong, the house is quite tidy, but everywhere I look there is stuff! Under the coffee table is jam packed with sewing magazines (I havent done any sewing for ages), all of the shelves in my front room are covered with photos or ornaments, my kitchen draweres are full to bursting with odds and sods, and the bathroom is stocked with enough toiletries to keep me going until at least next Christmas (not that I am complaining)!

I have two wardrobes chock-a-block in the bedroom but nothing to wear, an overflowing knicker drawer and shoes galore at the bottom of my wardrobes, and under the bed, oh yes, and in my ottoman at the end of the bed. It is like a lucky dip whenever I go in there, to get a pair out as it takes me forever to find the matching one!

The problem is Mr Grump is like it as well! He has got a box of hats on top of his wardrobe (everything from pork pie hats, to flat caps and an assortment of sun hats)! He also loves shoes and there are loads under his side of the bed although he only ever seems to wear one or two pairs.

If that wasn’t bad enough Miss Hap has also joined in the tradition! She has shelves of books, and video games as well as all of her hair stuff and makeup. She has now decided that she needs to minimalise her room, but that is not going to be an easy task.

If you were to look in my loft, you would find nearly as much stuff up there that I can’t bear to throw out, as in the rest of the house. I am a very sentimental person and have only just started throwing greeting cards out. I have kept them all for years and years. I also havee clothes of all different sizes up there that I will never wear, along with some baby clothes of Miss Hap’s that I cannot bear to part with.

I am wondering if maybe I should start being a bit more ruthless and chuck out some of this stuff.  What about you, do you live in cluttered chaos or minimalist with no mess?





Episode 479: Tuesday Tidbit. Seven Embarrassing Sexual Fails! (18+) — September 1, 2015

Episode 479: Tuesday Tidbit. Seven Embarrassing Sexual Fails! (18+)

Sex is fraught with the potential for embarrassment, and a good sense of humour very often ‘comes in handy’  (if you’ll pardon the pun) to deal with some of the most common cringeworthy moments that most of us have encountered at some stage in our sexual shenanigans!

  1. Things are heating up, the pace is getting faster, and more passionate, then…. PARPPPPP. Oh No, someone has let one off! You both freeze as the horror of the moment sinks in; hopefully things will resume pretty quickly afterwards and the mood is not lost!
  2. Ready for a bit of bedroom action, everything is going well….kissing and touching,  breathing is getting heavier, your body is responding to the sensuous caresses but something is not quite right. You have noticed that your partner has backed off just  a little. You are getting to the point now where touching is not enough, and as you reach for him, you realise that he is not quite ‘ready’. This is a bit of a tricky situation. You could try other things to ‘perk things up’  but sometimes it is just ‘flogging a dead horse’, or you could sulk, turn your back and seethe! The other option of course, is to just snuggle up together and reassure that it doesn’t matter.
  3. If you have quite sensitive skin on your face, this one could be a problem. After a long, long night of hot and heavy action, and hours of passionate kissing, you might wake up in the morning with what looks like friction burns on your chin! I have actually had this happen to me and have had to think up some pretty (lame) excuse at work the next day as to how I got ‘that awful burn’ on my chin.
  4. Waking up the next morning only to find there is a patch of blood on the sheets! Mother Nature had paid you an unexpected visit during the night. Mortifying!
  5. Feeling sick just when things are getting going. This is really awkward as you cannot enjoy what is happening if there is a possibility of puking all over your partner! They won’t appreciate it either.
  6. You have got a bit of unexpected child-free time that you decide to take advantage of during the day. You have a bit of ‘afternoon delight’ with your partner, and as you are lying together in the afterglow, you can hear sounds of kids playing outside. You realise that all the bedroom windows are open and that half the street probably heard what you have been up to. Cringe!
  7. Whilst showing off your agility and flexibility getting into all sorts of interesting positions, you are attacked by CRAMP. It’s no good, you twist this way and that way trying to alleviate it, then end up leaping up and hopping about yowling in pain as it won’t go away! Passion is killed!
Episode 314: Ronovan’s Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #43: Source And Thought — May 4, 2015
Episode 90: Banishing The Blues….. — January 6, 2015

Episode 90: Banishing The Blues…..

Today is one of those days….I am not feeling so great, as I have been fighting with anxiety for a while now, and it has temporarily won. However, I will take stock, re-arm and continue to fight  until it surrenders…

In the meantime, I thought I would drag myself out of the inertia (I haven’t slept so much for ages) and try to make myself feel and look better by painting my toenails(the logical choice for someone who is severely lacking in motivation to do anything). I have recently bought some lovely polish and set about the job. Well I needn’t have bothered! The end result looks  like it has been applied by a two-year old wearing boxing gloves! What a bloody mess, my toes have nice dark green blobs all over them. Some of which are actually on the nails as intended, but most are liberally dotted everywhere else!

I am however, going to try to do a bit of housework. God knows I am hard-pressed to want to do that at any time, let alone when I am feeling like this, but a fellow anxiety sufferer whose blog I follow, finds that she enjoys it, and it helps her,(as you can read here). So I will try and take a leaf out of Mary-Anne’s book and give it a go.

Mind you, I cannot get as excited about putting the rubbish out as she does. If there is one thing that annoys me, it is a full-up rubbish bin, and I usually nag ask Mr Grump to take it out. He will no doubt be pleased to be relieved of this duty for a while whilst I try out my cleaning rampage to see if that helps me fight the enemy!

I think having a positive attitude helps, and perhaps that is where I am always going wrong. It seems to be a bit of a trait in my family. I know both of my sisters have mentioned that they too seem to look on the negative side of things. It is funny, but it seems to be quite a difficult habit to get out of! That is something else I need to take in hand and gain control of.

Yep, I need to get myself up off of the settee.  I have become far too attached to it today. I nodded off on it earlier, and woke up feeling cold and groggy, then lazed about watching TV which was pretty depressing. I notice that naughty Roxy (our dog) dived straight into the comfy corner spot as soon as I  got up to use my laptop! She certainly doesn’t care if she sleeps all day.

I think I might dig out one of my favourite 80s CDs to blast out whilst I am cleaning up. I fancy a bit of Human League or Depeche Mode might lighten the mood… Well it’s time to stop procrastinating…off I go into the fray!

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