I may have mentioned that at the moment I am going through quite a bad bout of anxiety and depression. My head feels like someone is wringing my brain out, and there is not enough room in it for all of the thoughts that are going around and around. It is really tricky even trying toΒ string some Β coherent thoughts together at the moment! It really seems like my head is full of clutter, which is funny really as. looking around my house is pretty cluttered too!

Now don’t get me wrong, the house is quite tidy, but everywhere I look there is stuff! Under the coffee table is jam packed with sewing magazines (I havent done any sewing for ages), all of the shelves in my front room are covered with photos or ornaments, my kitchen draweres are full to bursting with odds and sods, and the bathroom is stocked with enough toiletries to keep me going until at least next Christmas (not that I am complaining)!

I have two wardrobes chock-a-block in the bedroom but nothing to wear, an overflowing knicker drawer and shoes galore at the bottom of my wardrobes, and under the bed, oh yes, and in my ottoman at the end of the bed. It is like a lucky dip whenever I go in there, to get a pair out as it takes me forever to find the matching one!

The problem is Mr Grump is like it as well! He has got a box of hats on top of his wardrobe (everything from pork pie hats, to flat caps and an assortment of sun hats)! He also loves shoes and there are loads under his side of the bed although he only ever seems to wear one or two pairs.

If that wasn’t bad enough Miss Hap has also joined in the tradition! She has shelves of books, and video games as well as all of her hair stuff and makeup. She has now decided that she needs to minimalise her room, but that is not going to be an easy task.

If you were to look in my loft, you would find nearly as much stuff up there that I can’t bear to throw out, as in the rest of the house. I am a very sentimental person and have only just started throwing greeting cards out. I have kept them all for years and years. I also havee clothes of all different sizes up there that I will never wear, along with some baby clothes of Miss Hap’s that I cannot bear to part with.

I am wondering if maybe I should start being a bit more ruthless and chuck out some of this stuff. Β What about you, do you live in cluttered chaos or minimalist with no mess?