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The Christmas Countdown Has Started! — November 8, 2017

The Christmas Countdown Has Started!

Before the last pumpkin has rotted away and the fireworks fizzled out, the Christmas adverts have started on the TV! Now I love Christmas, but it is just a bit early to start the annual panic. I thought that you might enjoy this poem I wrote a while ago, about the guilt I felt for not being organised.

There’s only 7 weeks until Christmas

And I’ve not even started to shop

No presents, no food, and no booze yet

I don’t even have any pop!

The town is all lit up and sparkling

Santa’s grotto has also arrived

The shops are blaring out music

The old Christmas favourites revived!

All the heart-warming adverts on TV

They are sure to bring a tear to the eye

But my festive spirit is lacking

And I’ve not even made a mince pie!

I really need to get started

There are so many things still to get

I will make more of an effort

But it’s still not  December yet!

Cluttered House, Cluttered Mind? — December 30, 2015

Cluttered House, Cluttered Mind?

I may have mentioned that at the moment I am going through quite a bad bout of anxiety and depression. My head feels like someone is wringing my brain out, and there is not enough room in it for all of the thoughts that are going around and around. It is really tricky even trying to string some  coherent thoughts together at the moment! It really seems like my head is full of clutter, which is funny really as. looking around my house is pretty cluttered too!

Now don’t get me wrong, the house is quite tidy, but everywhere I look there is stuff! Under the coffee table is jam packed with sewing magazines (I havent done any sewing for ages), all of the shelves in my front room are covered with photos or ornaments, my kitchen draweres are full to bursting with odds and sods, and the bathroom is stocked with enough toiletries to keep me going until at least next Christmas (not that I am complaining)!

I have two wardrobes chock-a-block in the bedroom but nothing to wear, an overflowing knicker drawer and shoes galore at the bottom of my wardrobes, and under the bed, oh yes, and in my ottoman at the end of the bed. It is like a lucky dip whenever I go in there, to get a pair out as it takes me forever to find the matching one!

The problem is Mr Grump is like it as well! He has got a box of hats on top of his wardrobe (everything from pork pie hats, to flat caps and an assortment of sun hats)! He also loves shoes and there are loads under his side of the bed although he only ever seems to wear one or two pairs.

If that wasn’t bad enough Miss Hap has also joined in the tradition! She has shelves of books, and video games as well as all of her hair stuff and makeup. She has now decided that she needs to minimalise her room, but that is not going to be an easy task.

If you were to look in my loft, you would find nearly as much stuff up there that I can’t bear to throw out, as in the rest of the house. I am a very sentimental person and have only just started throwing greeting cards out. I have kept them all for years and years. I also havee clothes of all different sizes up there that I will never wear, along with some baby clothes of Miss Hap’s that I cannot bear to part with.

I am wondering if maybe I should start being a bit more ruthless and chuck out some of this stuff.  What about you, do you live in cluttered chaos or minimalist with no mess?





Episode 218: Organised Chaos Disorder! — March 13, 2015

Episode 218: Organised Chaos Disorder!

I might have mentioned before that I am a bit of a creature of habit, and that I kind of like routines. Now, I don’t know whether I have just pressed something by accident or not but something bis different when I go to write a post!

It is putting me right out as everything is topsy turvy as well as being the wrong way around. The tags, categories etc have changed sides from right to left, and the space where I type my post has moved from top to bottom! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

In fact, the more I think about it, the weirder I realise it is really, being such a stickler for routine. I get up for work every day at the same time, have the same breakfast, leave for work at a set time, park in roughly the same place! Hmmm that seems a bit odd really! I know my work colleagues think I am mad, as I always get to work at least half an hour early so I can have a coffee and a chill out before the madness of the day sets in.

I suppose I don’t even realise I am doing it really (unless I stop to think about it) as it has become a habit. Mind you, any break in the link puts me right out! It might even take me ages to get back into the swing of things (Mr Grump keeps me in pitta bread for my breakfast so he doesn’t incur my wrath)!

Mr Grump is also a fan of the routine-oriented day though! He gets up (lovingly woken by me yanking the covers off him once I have opened the blinds, and takes the dog out before he goes to work. (We have a decided lack of spontaneity in our house you might have noticed)!

Thank God though for Miss Hap!! She gets up eventually after being called repeatedly, has no routine, is totally disorganised and just floats along in her own sweet way. She has no concept of time or urgency and drives me and Mr Grump round the bloody bend!!

I don’t know which is worse, being too regimented or being too lackadaisical!

Episode 136: Everyday Essentials….. — February 3, 2015

Episode 136: Everyday Essentials…..

I decided that it was about time my handbag got sorted out. I have loads of different coloured ones, but seem to stick with the same old black one that matches most of my clothes, plus I am too lazy to turn move stuff from one bag to another! The fact that my bag was getting heavier and heavier, made me think that perhaps I don’t need to carry around everything….

I was surprised at some of the stuff i find essential to cart around everywhere with me:

  • Address book. note-book and blank diary (ahh, what a social butterfly I am – NOT)!
  • Sunglasses. Well I know it is the middle of winter in England but you never know…
  • Empty glasses case. I only ever wear my glasses to work. so no idea why this is in my handbag. (I have a separate bag for work which is even bigger)!
  • Cheap reading glasses. Just in case I do have to admit defeat when squinting at something for ages doesn’t work!
  • Purse and phone. These really are the essentials.
  • Jotter, This was supposed to be to write things in to help with inspiration. It hasn’t worked.
  • Programme for school Christmas concert that I wrote about and offended everybody. God knows why that is still in there.
  • 4 and 1/2 pens. Yes, one is broken,(who knows when you will need 1/2 a pen)?!
  • 3 lighters. I gave up smoking in October, but they may come in handy.If I am stuck outside freezing somewhere, I can always rip up my jotter and use it to start up a fire. Be prepared, is what I say (Well actually I think it was the Brownies or something)!
  • A multi-tool consisting of what looks like a knife fork and spoon combination. Now you never know when you might need eating utensils, so this is a very handy piece of kit to have around. (Shame you can’t use both the knife and fork at the same time though).
  • Two packets of tissues for snotty noses, messy eating, emotional moments, or even substitute loo roll (Public toilets are always running out of toilet paper and you don’t want to be caught short). Another essential.
  • A ‘looking good’ compact mirror. Not that i ever want to look in it, but it is there to compliment me, as no bugger else will!

I have decided that actually I do need everything in that bag. I have covered myself for some of the little challenges that life likes to throw our way when least expected.

What essentials do you need to carry with you, just in case?

Episode 117: The Tortoise or the Hare? — January 21, 2015

Episode 117: The Tortoise or the Hare?

My daughter seems to have got two speeds…slow and even slower! Ooooh it does drive me mad! She has the attention span of a gnat, and whilst cutting out pictures to stick into her art project, she starts curling up the leftover strips with the scissors! Aaaggh! This has to be in tomorrow (she has had 2 weeks to do it though) and she is faffing about, playing with scraps of paper! There is no sense of urgency with anything at all, least of all homework!

Getting ready in the morning is nothing short of an ordeal for me and Mr Grump (when I am there as most of the time I am already at work).We are both very organised; we get up in plenty of time to get ready. Not so Miss Hap!

We wake her up, she mutters;we call up to her, she grunts;we tell her that she now only has 15 mins left and to hurry up! She gets stroppy; the front door bell rings, she clomps down the stairs like an elephant with hobnail boots on! She’s gone, and our nerves are shredded! Thank God for breakfast Club at school, as God knows how long that would take at home!

You would think that having us for parents, she might have picked up some of our habits, like for instance, packing the stuff we need for the next day, the night before…no, why do that when you can get the school to phone whilst we are at work asking us to bring in her dance kit/science book?

My daughter has boundless energy and is always dancing, skipping, shuffling and generally running around except when I ask her to do something for me. She then seems to go into reverse (probably a ploy so I don’t ask again)! How long does it take to make a cup of tea?!! God help me when I decide (soon) to get her to help me with the washing up!

Maybe it’s me?… perhaps I am the one who should relax more, instead of running around like a blue-arsed fly, getting het up, in my haste to get things done on time!

After all, I’ve lost count of the times I have been somewhere way too early and have had to sit twiddling my thumbs waiting for everyone else to turn up! Or I have got ready so early for a function that my outfit has got creased from sitting about in it for ages, and my make up got smudged!

There must be a happy medium!

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