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Episode 302: Do We Need More Wonderful Words? — April 24, 2015

Episode 302: Do We Need More Wonderful Words?

As you may know, I have been participating in the Blogging From A-Z Challenge throughout this month. Although nervous about doing it, I have found that I have actually really enjoyed the whole experience.

I think that once I had got my theme (words) sorted out then I was well on my way. Typical of me, I hadn’t even decided on it until a few days before the event, but I was pleased with the choice.

It is surprising just how much fun you can have with words, especially the old-fashioned ones. The sound of them alone, conjures up all kinds of images, which almost write the post for you. I have noticed though that I seemed to have a kind of sub theme going as well with the words that I chose.

I think it is probably the fact that I have such a dirty mind that most of the words I chose had some kind of sexual connotations (whether they were supposed to or not)! It didn’t go unnoticed either as some of you pointed it out to me! That’s what you get after being brought up on ‘Carry On Films’ stuffed full of innuendos.

I think there are still quite a few words out there that need their time in the spotlight, so I think I will be doing some posts highlighting some more wonderful,whimsical, weird and wacky words for your entertainment.

What say you?

Episode 290: Ode To Blogging From A-Zed — April 16, 2015

Episode 290: Ode To Blogging From A-Zed

I always love a challenge

A chance to use my head

I joined two friends and signed up

For the Blogging from A to Zed!

Now it seems to make things harder

You ought to have a theme

So as, I love words so much

I thought that could be my scheme!

I’m more than halfway through now

And it’s really been a blast

I’ve dug around and found some words

That I’ve rescued from the past.

So although I might be ‘flummoxed’

About the right one to choose

I have got ‘ample ‘amounts of ‘corny’ words

Even ‘nincompoops’ can use!

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘L’ — April 14, 2015

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘L’

The Blogging From A-Z Challenge seems to really be picking up speed now and we have already got to the laid-back letter ‘L.’ This is rather a casual letter, although a little stiff maybe. The word I am going for today is yet another sexy, voluptuous word (I’m on a bit of a roll with these)…so without further ado, my word is…

Luscious. There are a few meanings to this word, but all of them have in common a sensual feel to them. Think of a plump, juicy strawberry, then tart it up a bit by adding a large dollop of fresh cream….yummm. It is the nubile young woman with the thick, shiny hair who looks ravishing, or the gorgeous, athletic-looking Adonis with the piercing blue eyes, talk about hot and sultry!

It is something that appeals to the senses, delectable, mouth-wateringly scrumptious; rich and full-bodied, bursting with appeal, desirable, sexy and downright moreish!

It is my kind of word in every sense!

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘K’ — April 13, 2015

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘K’

Today for the Blogging From A-Z Challenge we have the rather spiky letter ‘K.’ However although it may look all prim and proper, I have found a lovely word that is far from it! Ready…. we are going to kick off with….

Kinky.  Ooooh, the fun we could have with this word! It is the skin-tight rubber catsuit, with 6 inch heels,  thigh-high boots kind of word.  It is the handcuffs, feathers and hot wax sort of games you could play,

The frolics with fruit. the ‘whipping’ into a frenzy, and the……use your imagination with no limits type of behaviour, that I am far too polite to go into here, kind of fun.

Phew! After all that kinkiness, it is time to calm down and talk about its other meaning, which is twisted.(actually that could be applied to some of the deviant practices enjoyed by the other type of kinky, just depends what floats your boat)! It is the curly, springy, type of hairstyle, or even the knotted and contorted garden hose that won’t work until you have straightened it out and then, rewards you by blasting you in the face with a spurt of freezing water!

Oh yes, kinky is a wonderful word, with countless possibilities!

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘J’ — April 11, 2015

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘J’

The Blogging from A-Z Challenge has now arrived at my favourite letter. Yes the letter ‘J.’ This is the letter of my first name, and is rather curvy just like me! It can be jokey, or even jealous, but my word for today has a fantastic ring to it..so without further ado, let me introduce to you……

Jiggery-pokery. Although it is a fun-sounding word, it is actually rather sneaky. It tricks you with its skullduggery and lulls you into its cunning lair.

It is the smiley clown that goes to shake hands with you, and either squirts water out of a fake flower at you, or electrocutes you with a hidden buzzer in his hand!

It is the magician performing a bit of hocus pocus by making his glamorous assistant disappear in a puff of smoke, kind of a word.

Politicians are pretty good at a bit of jiggery-pokery too with their cheesy grins, promising all sorts, yet delivering nothing! A bit like my posts really! 🙂

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘I’ — April 10, 2015

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘I’

We are about a third of the way in now on the Blogging From A-Z Challenge  and I am having a lot of fun with some of the words I have chosen. Today we have the Innocuous letter ‘I.’ Yes, it looks innocent enough, but my word can be a bit on the naughty side.

Innuendo. This word is insinuated, saying one thing but implying another. It is quite often an allusion to improper or immoral behaviour,  or a veiled reference to smutty shenanigans!

Sexual innuendo is very often hard to grasp, but the more you keep at it, the easier it comes!

It is the ‘Carry On’ kind of humour, making something out of nothing type of comment; It works even better if the person you are talking to has a dirty mind as well!

I love this kind of word, as I have a filthy mind and a cackling laugh to match. Who says humour has to be always ‘good, clean fun?!’

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘H’ — April 9, 2015

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘H’

Blogging From A-Z Challenge today has us looking at the letter ‘H.’ This seems to be rather a staid and serious letter, being all proud and upright. However, my word for the day is far from it!

Higgledy-piggledy is a wonderful word on so many levels, It rhymes (always a bonus in my book), and it has a silly, wacky quality to it that is s appealing,  This word is all of a jumble, mixed up and in a mess.

It is the state of Miss Hap’s bedroom! It is stuff haphazardly chucked about all over the place; cupboards stuffed full of all sorts of junk, balancing precariously on top of each other just waiting to spring out at the poor unsuspecting sod that dares to open the door!

It is where everything is topsy-turvy, upside down, helter-skelter, and in complete disarray.There is no order in the chaos…

Sounds a bit like my posts really!

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘G’ — April 8, 2015

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘G’

Here we are at week two of the Blogging From A-Z Challenge and the gorgeous letter ‘G.’ My glorious word for the day is gluttony.

A gastronomic, gourmet  of greediness; a shovelling in of tasty treats until you are sated and sick, then going back for more. Rapacious, ravenous appetites that yearn for gratification.

Or its other meaning; licentious lusting leading to orgasmic orgies of overindulgence.

Either way, it is not knowing when to stop, being self-indulgent to the extreme, wanton pleasure-seeking, and sensual overload. Debauchery and excess are essential for a gluttonous lifestyle!

Count me in! 🙂

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘F’ — April 7, 2015

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘F’

As the end of week one draws to a close for the Blogging From A-Z Challenge we find ourselves at the letter ‘F.’ Now there are a few words that I could do for this letter, but they would not be very polite, so I am going to opt for the beautifully sounding flummoxed.

Now this word is mystifying in a kind of ‘what’s going on?’ type of way. It is the vacant expressioned bamboozled look of someone totally discombobulated! It is the blank face of bafflement, the perplexed  look of puzzlement.

This word is for when you haven’t got a clue, The shrugged shoulders when you realise that something has just gone way over your head, and is way beyond your grasp! A bit like the feeling you get when reading one of my posts!

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘E’ — April 6, 2015

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘E’

As it is nearly Easter, it would have been so handy to have chosen that word for my Blogging from A-Z Challenge post. However, there is a much better word that I think suits me perfectly.

Let me present to you my word, eccentric. This word is the mad professor, blowing up things in his shed as he perfects his inventions;  the crazy old girl who trots about in multi-coloured clothes and unruly hair, who has about 100 cats!

What about the elderly gent that still likes to wear a top hat and tails whilst doing his weekly shopping? Maybe he lives next door to a rosy-cheeked grandma that has a load of dollies that she treats as her children, dressing them up and holding tea parties for them.

It is peculiar in its nuttiness, unconventional and odd. It is what I aspire to be when I get old.

Yes, eccentric seems to be mainly applied to the ‘more mature’ person. Presumably. it takes time to perfect the art.

I am working on it!

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