Today for the Blogging From A-Z Challenge we have the rather spiky letter ‘K.’ However although it may look all prim and proper, I have found a lovely word that is far from it! Ready…. we are going to kick off with….

Kinky.  Ooooh, the fun we could have with this word! It is the skin-tight rubber catsuit, with 6 inch heels,  thigh-high boots kind of word.  It is the handcuffs, feathers and hot wax sort of games you could play,

The frolics with fruit. the ‘whipping’ into a frenzy, and the……use your imagination with no limits type of behaviour, that I am far too polite to go into here, kind of fun.

Phew! After all that kinkiness, it is time to calm down and talk about its other meaning, which is twisted.(actually that could be applied to some of the deviant practices enjoyed by the other type of kinky, just depends what floats your boat)! It is the curly, springy, type of hairstyle, or even the knotted and contorted garden hose that won’t work until you have straightened it out and then, rewards you by blasting you in the face with a spurt of freezing water!

Oh yes, kinky is a wonderful word, with countless possibilities!