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Lost For Words! — April 10, 2018

Lost For Words!

As many of you know, I really love words and the fun that can be had with them. However, as you get older (so I’m told), you might have a bit of job trying to remember a particular word that you were searching for.

How many of us have said,

“Can you pass me that…….thingummyjig’ or perhaps ” where is the …….oojamaflip?” Where on earth do these silly words come from? I know I often resort to ‘do-dah’ when I can’t find the word I need.

My step-father had a broad West Country accent and he would often say something like,

“Go and get the wha’s call it for I.”  He also had a lovely way of getting words mixed up as in ‘every Dick, Tom and Harry’ or better still, “pass I thick Amber Solamber, will thee?” Now, of course, he meant to pass the Ambre Solaire suntan lotion. Bless him, he always took it in good part when we laughed!

My husband is another one who can’t recall what he wants to say (well, he is even older than I am), and will refer to things as a ‘gizmo’ or ‘dooberry firkin.’

It’s funny though as most of these words we resort to when we can’t think of the right one, are probably about three times as long!

Wacky Word Wednesday — March 16, 2016

Wacky Word Wednesday

Keep Calm

Welcome to another Wacky Word Wednesday, where I get to feature a word that is weird, wonderful, or just downright wacky! Today I have a word that I use quite a  bit. as not only do I like the sound of it, but it is something that I always seem to be doing!

Faffing. This is a dithering and dallying kind of word. Procrastinating and pondering instead of just getting on with it! Mucking around and all that malarky, putting off the important stuff, preferring to  prat about with the piffling things.

It is fussing and fiddling, bumbling and fumbling about. Something that I seem to excel in!


Wacky Word Wednesday — March 2, 2016

Wacky Word Wednesday

Iamge courtesy of Flikr

I’ve hardly had time to blink, and it is Wednesday again! Time to unearth a wacky, weird or wonderful word  and give it an airing.

The word I have chosen for this week is to me, a wonderful word despite its meaning! It has that quality to it that makes it funnier,  the more it is said with derision; or at least, I think so!

Grotty. This is a second-rate, shabby kind of a word, a down at heel dive, or a sleazy shithole of a place. It’s cheap and nasty, grimy and well, pretty grim actually!

It is the kind of pub you go to where you wipe your feet on the way out! (I have seen my fair share of these over the years)! The tatty old threadbare carpet, and the crusty old curtains that are well past their prime. The chipped woodwork, and stained surfaces that you really wouldn’t want to become too well-acquainted with. The good old spit and sawdust kind of a place that is a mainstay in most towns, that despite its appearance is usually a fun place to be!

Wacky Word Wednesday — February 24, 2016

Wacky Word Wednesday

Image courtesy of Wikia.com

Wow,  it is Wednesday already! This must mean that it is time for me to dig out a wonderful, weird or just plain wacky word to have some fun with. This week’s word is actually a regular part of my vocabulary. Although it has quite a humorous sound to it, this word pretty much describes teenagers, or tweens, or kids, or husbands…pretty much everybody at times!

Stroppy. Oh, this is an obstinate and obstreperous word; moaning and moody, as well as cantankerous and crabby. The bad-tempered and sheer bloody-minded nature of this word can result in tears and tantrums, or possibly even fights and fisticuffs!

It is the sulky and sullen expression of the troubled teenager, the grumpy and grouchy face of the harassed husband, and the annoyed and angry face of the wife. Wait a minute, that sounds like a typical Martin family outing!!!


The Great Book of Lists 2.2 Words That Matter — February 18, 2016

The Great Book of Lists 2.2 Words That Matter


Today we are concentrating on words for the Duchesse’s Great Book of Lists.  As you know, I love words, normally the wackier the better. However, today I will be concentrating on words that matter. This prompt was suggested by the lovely Rosema who wanted us to think about words  that have had some kind of positive impact in our lives. words that have given us encouragement helped us when we were down or propelled us forward. Words that matter, indeed.  Here are some of mine that come to mind…

  • You are a valued member of our team Jude, and I just want you to know that. This was said to me just today actually by one of the senior nurses on my team. It really meant a lot to me hearing that, as I always try to work hard, so it is lovely to feel that it is appreciated.
  • I love you, Mama. Whenever Miss Haps says this, it really melts my heart. We have our ups and downs and because of her Asperger’s, she can be extremely blunt, which can be very hurtful at times, so when I hear this, it always lifts me up and keeps me going!
  • You look pretty today. Occasionally I do actually make an effort to look nice, and sometimes Mr Grump notices! It is always lovely getting compliments and it gives me just a little extra boost!
  • Believe in yourself, and if at first you  don’t succeed then try, try again. This really is  something that I try and remember. It is surprising how many things I have achieved that I had never dreamed I would be able to do. Alright, I may not be the best writer, poet, seamstress, cook or even the best mum, but I try! I get it wrong probably more times than I get it right, but I don’t give up. I am very determined that I will succeed, and that is because I believe that I can do it.

Although there are probably plenty more examples of words that matter, these are the ones that immediately spring to mind as being important to  me.

One Liner Wednesday – Confuddled! — February 10, 2016

One Liner Wednesday – Confuddled!

Image courtesy of Pixabay

I haven’t managed to join in with Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday for ages but I have got one to share with you today.

Yesterday after coming home from work tired and a little crabby, my daughter asked me if she could have some popcorn she had bought after school with the money I had given her to buy her teacher a leaving present (apparently she had some change, hmmm)!

Anyway as we were just about to have dinner, I said crossly, “no you can’t have that crop porn! Ooops!

Wacky Word Wednesday — January 13, 2016

Wacky Word Wednesday


Here we are ready for another Wednesday where I unearth a wacky, wonderful or weird word that is not used often enough! Today’s word is no exception, and I would put it in the ‘wacky’ category due to the sound of it.  It is one of those words that always makes me smile when I hear it, and I am pretty fond of using it as often as I can too.

Wonky – What a wibbly, wobbly word this is. A bit off kilter, slightly skew-whiff, knocked off balance, or out of alignment. It’s that crooked picture you just have to straighten (never mind that it is in someone else’s house) or the sponge cake you loving baked that had turned out a bit lop-sided.

It is rickety and rocky, unstable, like one leg of a table is a bit shorter than the rest, causing it to lurch wildly as soon as anyone puts anything on it!  Actually, it is rather like me trying to walk in skyscraper heels, tottering and teetering trying to stay upright!


Just Jot It January 1st- Persnickety. — January 1, 2016

Just Jot It January 1st- Persnickety.

I am excited to be taking part in Linda’s e where we get to write a post a day throughout the month of January. We can choose whether or not to use the prompt words as we wish. Why not have a go, as it is not too late to join in.

Now I don’t think that I am a ‘persnickety’ person at all. In fact, I would go as far as to say that I am quite easy-going. However, I looked at the word for today and thought that something was not right. It didn’t look quite right to me but I was not sure why. After all. ‘persnickety’ was spelled correctly, but something was off. Then I found it. That hidden ‘s’ that had sneaked in.

You see, over here in the good old UK,  we say ‘pernickety’ and that is what I am going to stick to. I know North Americans say ‘persnickety’ but I don’t like that ‘s’ so am going to ignore it!

So yes I am pernickety, and in fact, whilst we are on the subject, I also get mad about the apostrophe. Yes, such a small and inoffensive little thing, but it can cause me to get very cross when incorrectly placed.  Cafe’s over here love to advertise their ware’s, using my little friend with joyful abandon. Who wants burger’s and chips? They sell tea’s and coffee’s too you know! Grrrrrr enough already!

Do you realise how much it pained me to write that? Hmmm, I am far more pernickety than I thought over things that most people just laugh about!

Wacky Word Wednesday — December 16, 2015

Wacky Word Wednesday

Welcome to another wonderful Wednesday when we get to explore a weird, wonderful or just downright wacky word. The one I have chosen this week has a wonderful sound to it which is rather pleasing on the ear! It is a word that still gets plenty of use (at least by me), but still deserves to be the focus of attention.

Flummoxed. This is a mixed-up, muddled-up word indeed; baffling and bewildering, confused and confounded. It can be  puzzling and perplexing, not sure what is going on, kind of word, being all at sea, or at sixes and sevens.

This word is spaced out, shot to pieces, dazed and discombobulated, not to mention befuddled and bemused. It pretty much sums up how I feel at the moment.


Wacky Word Wednesday. — November 25, 2015

Wacky Word Wednesday.

Welcome to another wild, wacky and wonderful Wednesday, where I get to play around with words that are underused and under-appreciated (in my opinion), and give them a turn in the spotlight. This week I have been given a suggestion by the wonderful Geoff from Tangental. He is certainly a master of words if ever I met one,  and is the author of two books which you can check out on his website. So the words for this week is…

Pukka. Now this word is proper, the real deal, bang on the money type of a word. it is genuine and sincere, bona fide, spot on. A certain young Naked Chef made this saying popular some time ago and for such a simple word, it manages to say a lot.

It can be authentic and original, top-notch and tip-top. smart and special. An all round good-egg, or someone who has been a brick!

It could actually apply to good old Geoff himself!!!



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