Here we are ready for another Wednesday where I unearth a wacky, wonderful or weird word that is not used often enough! Today’s word is no exception, and I would put it in the ‘wacky’ category due to the sound of it.  It is one of those words that always makes me smile when I hear it, and I am pretty fond of using it as often as I can too.

Wonky – What a wibbly, wobbly word this is. A bit off kilter, slightly skew-whiff, knocked off balance, or out of alignment. It’s that crooked picture you just have to straighten (never mind that it is in someone else’s house) or the sponge cake you loving baked that had turned out a bit lop-sided.

It is rickety and rocky, unstable, like one leg of a table is a bit shorter than the rest, causing it to lurch wildly as soon as anyone puts anything on it!  Actually, it is rather like me trying to walk in skyscraper heels, tottering and teetering trying to stay upright!