Iamge courtesy of Flikr

I’ve hardly had time to blink, and it is Wednesday again! Time to unearth a wacky, weird or wonderful word  and give it an airing.

The word I have chosen for this week is to me, a wonderful word despite its meaning! It has that quality to it that makes it funnier,  the more it is said with derision; or at least, I think so!

Grotty. This is a second-rate, shabby kind of a word, a down at heel dive, or a sleazy shithole of a place. It’s cheap and nasty, grimy and well, pretty grim actually!

It is the kind of pub you go to where you wipe your feet on the way out! (I have seen my fair share of these over the years)! The tatty old threadbare carpet, and the crusty old curtains that are well past their prime. The chipped woodwork, and stained surfaces that you really wouldn’t want to become too well-acquainted with. The good old spit and sawdust kind of a place that is a mainstay in most towns, that despite its appearance is usually a fun place to be!