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How to Become Addicted to Blogging — November 13, 2017

How to Become Addicted to Blogging

To become addicted to blogging

Is extremely easy to do

Just follow the steps I will teach you

And you will find yourself hooked on it too.

First, you must write a blog post

As without one, you can’t go very far

It can be about almost anything

From sewing to buying a new car!

Then you sit and wait anxiously

Hoping you’ll get a response

You know that it is important

Although you feign nonchalance

Next, you have to be friendly

It’s vital to have interaction

The giving and receiving of comments

Is a cause for immense satisfaction.

Blogging takes a lot of commitment

So doing it every day

Is a great way to speed up the process

As addiction will soon come your way.

Other bloggers will become your new buddies

And you learn from each other as well

You spend  all your time now on blogging

You are falling under its spell.

Sometimes it becomes so annoying

When you have something interesting to say

But you haven’t the time to post it

As ‘real life’ gets in the way!

You constantly check notifications

And hope there’s a comment or two

This blogging obsession is deepening

And there’s not a lot you can do!

You have even started to notice

That sometimes when you go out

And something unusual happens

It will be great to blog about!

If you are paying attention

And are following my tips to the letter

Then you too will be addicted to blogging

I can’t think of anything better!


Episode 342: WordPress Weirdness! — May 24, 2015

Episode 342: WordPress Weirdness!

I know some people have mentioned about missing comments, and other weird happenings on WordPress lately and I have noticed a few odd things myself.

Just now I had 49 comments in my spam folder which is utterly unheard of for me, as usually I just get 4 or 5 at most. Some of these however, were from people whose blogs I follow and are regular commenters!

Luckily I checked through them and restored them, but it is very annoying, I am always extremely happy when people take the time to comment and I reply back as soon as I can to EVERY comment.

I just want to say that if I do not reply within 24 hours to your comment then it is because I haven’t seen it. I really so not want anyone to think that I am being rude as I appreciate hearing from people.

I hope WordPress sort themselves out!

Daydreamer Challenge: Day 5: Achievements and Goals. — April 11, 2015

Daydreamer Challenge: Day 5: Achievements and Goals.

Today for the Daydreamer Challenge, the lovely Caitlin has asked us to talk about our achievements and goals for our blogs. (If you have not already done so please check out her blog as it is filled with lots of good things).

I am stunned at  what I have achieved so far. I have only been blogging for about 6 months, and already have over 460 followers. More importantly than that, I have built up a real rapport with a number of fellow bloggers and would actually count them as my friends. I have loved interacting with them and reading their blogs too. There is so much to learn from each other.

My favourite posts of my own (seems a bit funny to say that) are usually my poems, like this one or my attempt at a Christmas Classic here.

Other achievements include writing a Haiku for the first time, and also taking part in various challenges, oh and choosing my favourite posts of the week to share on my Free-For-All Friday post.

My goals are just to keep writing, and hopefully bring a smile to someone’s face if I can. Although I have found that writing this blog has been very cathartic for me, especially in coping with my depression, it has turned into so much more, and I truly love blogging, and all that it entails.

My question is: Have you ever taken down a post because it offended someone?

Free-For-All Friday!! #1 — March 13, 2015

Free-For-All Friday!! #1

Welcome to my first Free-for-all Friday. Today is all about sharing each other’s work. I was partly inspired by Josh over at My Friday Blog  who decided that he would rather not accept any more awards due to all the work involved. However, on the last award he did accept, he did a little added extra which is what I would like to incorporate into my free-for-all.

I will be sharing links of posts that I have enjoyed throughout the week, and would encourage you all to go and have a look yourselves. It may not be the type of blog that you would normally read, but it is so enriching to broaden the horizons, learn something new, or see something from a different perspective.

Below are some of the brilliant posts I have enjoyed this week, and I would love it if you could post a link in the comments to a post that has touched you in some way, be it funny, sad, enlightening, whatever, it doesn’t matter (this is where I nicked Josh’s idea). It’s just lovely to be able to share with each other something  we enjoy.

Wendy Of The Rock. Now this post really made me laugh. It is something that most of us can identify with, Having kids that think we are a ‘fail’ when it comes to being a cool Mum! There is a bit of swearing in this, but it is well worth a read.

Fill Your Own Glass. This is a great post for looking on the positive side of life. You know how some of us tend to get bogged down with always being negative, well Karen has given us a great tip on how to start the day on a cheery note.

 Emmanuel Muema. This post is a very erotic poem and Emmanuel is a very talented young man; I have read several of his poems, and enjoyed them all. However they are a bit ‘racy’ !

Inventing Real Life This post was Marti’s account of a terrible road accident that she had been involved in, which she recounts on the anniversary of the event. This really touched me in many ways.

My Friday Blog. This post by Josh is a post cancer bucket list. I have only recently started following Josh’s blog, but I love it. He is very direct and speaks his mind, He is also very funny (sometimes I don’t even think he realises it)!

My Spanglish Familia This post really made me roar my head off! I love La Sabrosona’s mad sense of humour! She is definitely a woman after my own heart. She likes a double entendre as much as I do, and a bit of smutty humour. This is great!

Beyond The Picket Fence This post was another inspirational one. It is about finally succeeding even though nobody thought that you would be able to do it. It just goes to show what self-belief and a positive attitude can achieve.

 But I Smile Anyway… Ritu is a prolific blogger and is absolutely brilliant! She writes poems, anecdotes and everything else in between! This post is part of a ‘Flash Fiction Foray’ I thought it was a really great story and a very clever ending!

My OBT Donna always has such wonderful and different posts. I have not only screamed with laughter at some of the stuff she has on here, but have been educated as well. This particular post is so funny, it amazes me the things people will buy. Check this stuff out!

Joeyfully Stated. This post is really sweet, about the interaction of a dog and cat! Joey has a great blog. She says what she thinks, and I love her style of writing. She makes me laugh a lot too! Oh, she does use a bit of swearing at times as well, but do check her blog out!

So there you have some of my favourite posts this week. I know you are going to enjoy them, and please don’t forget to leave links in the comments to your own favourite post this week.

Episode 215: Chatting With The Neighbours. — March 12, 2015

Episode 215: Chatting With The Neighbours.

Further to yesterday’s post on commenting on neighbour’s posts, today’s Blogging 101 task is to expand on it a little. We can either write a post that is inspired by the one we commented on, or we can explain why we commented on one of the posts. I am going to do a bit of both!

The blog that I will expand on from yesterday is Crickets Are Ok. The name itself made me curious as to what the blog would be like, so I had to go and see what it was about! I read a crazy post entitled ‘Hey, how are you?’ which really made me laugh.

I totally got this post! The seeing someone you haven’t seen for ages, asking them ‘how are you?2, then after you have exchanged greetings being at a loss as to what to say next! That has happened to me so many times. I am not the most socially proficient person at the best of times, In fact if there were a course entitled ‘The Art Of Smalltalk 101’ my name would be first on the list!

Thanks God for Blogging 101 is all I can say. At least no-one gets the awkward gaps in conversation,the stumbling over words, or the constant butting in and talking 10 to the dozen because I have finally felt confident enough to talk. That is why I love blogging so much. It is almost as if I have found my voice, and not only that, people are listening and even commenting! 

I looked at Krissy’s ‘about me’ page and noted that she too suffered with depression, something else we had in common. I then read another of her posts where she detailed what it felt like when she was in the throes of depression which really resonated with me. It is not an easy subject to talk about, but Krissy has managed to convey what it is like extremely well.

Anyway, the main reason I loved this blog and am now following it, is because of Krissy’s sense of humour. She too likes to try and laugh things off and see the funny side of things. It is her way of dealing with the challenges she has been given in life, and I admire her greatly for it.

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