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#JusJotJan and #SoCS 2018. January 6th Economising — January 6, 2018

#JusJotJan and #SoCS 2018. January 6th Economising

Day six of Linda’s Just Jot it January and the first Stream of Consciousness post of the year. It is a double bonus in my book, combining the two!

Anyway without further ado, here is today’s prompt word.

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “eco.” Find a word that starts with “eco” or has “eco” in it, and base your post on that word. Have fun!

Economising is the name of the game in January! After the over-indulgence of the festive period, it is time to cut back.

That means not only trying to save money by not splashing out on things that I don’t need (this is going to be tricky) but also not stuffing my face with things that I don’t need (this is going to be trickier)! Hmmm, I notice a bit of a thing going on here, it seems like I can’t do things by halves, it is all or nothing!

Most people can be satisfied with a small chunk of a family sized chocolate bar. Not me, I will have the small chunk then go back for another, and another until I have polished off the lot! It is the same if I see something in the shops that I want, (mainly gadgets). I think that I am economising by buying that new set of pans or more recently, my new multicooker when in actual fact, I didn’t need them in the first place!

If only I could become as over-indulgent at the gym!

#SoCS Well — October 14, 2017

#SoCS Well

Linda’s back with us this week and has given us well to use as our prompt word for our Stream of Consciousness post.

[clickToTweet tweet=”What does being ‘well’ mean to you? #SoCS #health” quote=”What does being ‘well’ mean to you?”] Is it the way you feel when you are healthy, things are going along nicely in your life and everything at work is just tickety-boo? Or is it that you are just grateful that you are alive and have a job, family and friends?

As some of you may know I am striving to make changes in my life so that I lose weight and become healthier, that also includes exercise of course, all of which is a bit of a struggle for me.

I am hoping that it will improve my well-being too. It is not that I  feel unwell at the moment but I am overweight, have diabetes type 2 and suffer with anxiety and depression. I know that the exercise is good for my mental health as well a physical so I am really trying to stick with it.

Of course, if I lose weight and am able to wear the kind of clothes that do not make me look pregnant, are straining at the seams, or dig in and leave a mark on my skin then that is going to also improve my well-being. Nobody feels great when they look like a sack of spuds.

I am lucky in that I have a  wonderful family and friend and not only that, but I am studying to become a nurse, something I am so proud of. This is really the perfect time for me to get my own health in check as much as I can. I don’t want to be advising people to live healthier lifestyles if I am the size of a bus!

Are you well today?


SoCS liquid

Oh How I Hate Dieting! — May 21, 2016

Oh How I Hate Dieting!

Oh, I’m sick of this dieting

In my quest to be all lithe and slim

Some food is so difficult to give up on

And, I am not really keen on the gym!

This spare tyre that I carry round my middle

Spills over the top of my jeans

I need to ditch the roasts and the curries

And eat more salads and greens!

I’m fed up with looking so chunky

And hate to see myself in the nude

I really must get some willpower

And take control of my food!

I know my lifestyle is unhealthy

That’s why I have diabetes type 2

I have given up smoking and drinking

And there is just this one thing to do

I have to become more assertive

If I am going to succeed

And stick to what’s healthy and nutritious

Instead of giving in to my greed!

Food, Glorious Food! #BeWoW Post. — October 7, 2015

Food, Glorious Food! #BeWoW Post.

I have always had rather a passionate love affair with food, It is, after all, vital for our very survival. For some, though it is just fuel in order to keep the body functioning properly, and not something they particularly think much about. They eat when they need to, and ensure that they consume the right balance of nutrients to keep them within a healthy weight range.

For me, though, food is so much more than that, it is an experience. I love to savour and enjoy; it is a pleasure to be shared with others, whether it be around a huge table, or sitting on a towel at the beach! Give me a buffet and I am in my element; Eying up the selection of foods laid out, enticing me with their irresistible looks, and inviting me to devour them.

Even more than this is my desire to attend a ‘Medieval Banquet.’ Get out of the way Henry, that ham is mine! Just the thought of the succulent meats, tender vegetables, and plump juicy fruits not to mention all of the other goodies that would be on offer, is enough to send me into frenzy!!


Food is also linked to events, dates or occasions. For me Bonfire Nights as a child were wrapping up warmly against the chilly November night, watching the fireworks, and then eating something warm and hearty, such as a stew and jacket potatoes with chunks of bread. Christmas dinners, of course, with the traditional roast turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets, sprouts (the only time I eat them), roast potatoes, and all the other trimmings. Once that was eaten, it was either a brisk walk or a slump on the sofa for a nap!

One more food I have to give a mention to is bacon. Just the smell it cooking, can rouse the laziest teenager from their bed to breakfast in record time! For me, it is caravanning holidays with my family. We always had cooked breakfast when we were on holiday, and the ‘full English’ was the perfect start to set us up for the day.

But, my love of food has cost me dearly. Well, actually, truth be told, not my love of food, more so my greed with food. As I got older, and life became a little tougher, I sought out my loyal and faithful love. It was always there for me and made me feel better. It gave me comfort and, for a while, respite. Unfortunately, it also gave me Type 2 diabetes.

My over-indulgence was to blame, I did not heed the danger signs, the weight continued to pile on and I did nothing to counteract it. I used food too much for comfort, paying no heed to the negative effect it was having on me.

However, this is a positive post. I can still have a good relationship with food, but not so much of an obsessive one. I can still eat the foods I enjoy, just in smaller quantities and not as often! The best thing though is that food can still be a pleasurable experience to be shared with others, and as long as I rein in my urges to eat everything in sight, I might even get to that banquet!

Those people who I did not understand who ‘ate to live’ rather than my philosophy of ‘living to eat’ had got it mostly right. However, I do believe that there should be no shame in enjoying food; I can still feel the comfort and warmth that food gives me, but I can eat sensibly so that my body can feel the benefits of it too!

This post was part of BeWoW 

Episode 468: An Apple A Day…… — August 22, 2015

Episode 468: An Apple A Day……

Last week saw me at an appointment with a ‘Health and Well-Being Advisor.’  I am having a bit of trouble managing my weight still  and am seriously lacking in motivation due to being in a bit of a low mood. Anyway, this, of course, is having a knock-on effect with my Diabetes and I am constantly getting other minor things wrong which are annoying.

Anyway, time to take things in hand and I trotted off, to be told what I already knew, that I was overweight and unhealthy. Unfortunately, things were worse than I had anticipated. I had reluctantly braved the scales that morning to see what the damaged was, and was not impressed with the figures, despite trying not to put all my weight on there and make it worse! The problem with having a big tummy us that you can’t see the display on the scales so my balancing act was not helping and I had to let loose the full load!

I was greeted by a very slim and smiley woman who assured me that we would be able to sort something out and get me into some kind of diet and exercise routine. My height and weight were measured (in metric, I had done it in feet and inches and stone as the figures were smaller), and then my BMI (body mass index), was worked out.

I had done enough of these myself on patients to know that the result was not going to be pretty and it wasn’t. Morbidly obese! Morbidly obese, Oh My God, how the hell did I let myself get into this state.

The next little treat was the hips to waist ratio. Christ, please let my hips be bigger than my waist….PLEASE!  I jokingly mentioned that there was not a lot in it, and sure enough it was only 3cms. Again I joked that I had not been blessed with an hourglass figure. At least my hips were bigger than my waist…JUST!

These numbers were crunched on the computer and it was gauged on a coloured thermometer type thing. Needless to say, it shot straight up to the top which was not only red but had a sad face emoticon to add insult to injury! Well, actually that was not the only insult as there was an explanation as to each category and mine was ‘over fat.’ Over fat,  How bloody rude! Kick a girl when she is down why don’t you.

She then wanted to see what my fitness levels were. What hideous torture have they got planned for me this time? I wondered. Luckily, it was just a sit to stand test to see how many I could do in 30 seconds. I actually passed this one with flying colours, having completed 15 when the average was 12. Mind you, thinking about it, who was it average for? Not some young athletic type I am sure of that!

The penultimate check was the good old body fat measure. I had to stand gripping what looked like a steering wheel device for the WiiFit, with my arms outstretched until it scanned me over and displayed my overall blubber content! Well, at least it was less than half!!!

Last but by no means least, was a questionnaire to assess mood. Well as you can imagine, it was right down there in the lowest quarter. It might have been a bit better if they had done that first, but I doubt it would have been by much.

I came home armed with charts and wheels and ‘My Fitness Pal’ app downloaded on my phone; my already low self-esteem in tatters!

Maybe this is just the kick up the arse I need to do something about it!

Episode 287: Whittling Down The Waist! — April 14, 2015

Episode 287: Whittling Down The Waist!

I’ve always had a problem

With my lack of waist

I’ve always loved my food so much

But overindulged my tastes!

So I have had to take some action

To tone the muffin top

After talking with a friend

I set off to the shop

To get myself a hula hoop

To whittle the inches away

The regimen is easy

Just ten minutes every day

Three weeks in already

And half an inch less flab

It looks as though I’m lighter too

5 pounds lost. That’s fab!

Episode 180: Fitness Not Fatness — February 25, 2015

Episode 180: Fitness Not Fatness

Having been diagnosed with diabetes Type 2, I am trying to change my lifestyle habits in order to try to keep my blood sugars down, thus avoiding having to take medication, for as long as I possibly can.

This means, not only eating healthier meals with smaller portion sizes, but taking more physical exercise. The days that I am at work I know that I am constantly running around, but I need to do much more exercise for the rest of the time.

There is one exercise class though that I really wish I could go to, but it is too far away unfortunately! It is a kind of aerobics class called ‘Jungle Body’ but the reason I would love to go is because it is run by a woman who weighs 18 1/2 stone, This is roughly 117.4kg and 260 pounds!

Now I think this woman is an inspiration. She has already lost 5 stone herself (31 kg and 70 pounds) and has totally altered her unhealthy lifestyle. She is now 6 dress sizes smaller, and a lot fitter.

She is right in thinking that women would prefer to go to her classes as she is not judgemental of them, plus they are not intimidated by her, as they possibly would be if she were slim and svelte.

As I have an extra day off today, I decided to be proactive and plan my meals out, so that I know I have the right foods available and don’t raid the fridge! That was all well and good, but we needed to go food  shopping first! No bloody car means trudging 40 mins to the Supermarket. Great, a bit of exercise to boot.

Mr Grump came with me, armed with his backpack to lug the shopping home with, and off we trotted.We have done this walk a few times recently due to having no car, but it was starting to get a bit boring now! My trainers were rubbing my toe, and I was hungry as we walked through the industrial estate (which houses all the restaurants and takeaways), due to only having a few tablespoons of sugar-free muesli for breakfast!

Anyway, we had to get rather a lot of stuff, so the backpack was bursting, plus we (by that I mean Mr Grump), had 2 more heavy carrier bags, and I had one to take as well. Poor Mr Grump was grimacing all the way home. He resembled a snail with his huge backpack on his back and his skinny little body underneath all the weight. Bless him. Of course by the time we got back home, I had worked up one hell of an appetite!

I have a feeling that these lifestyle changes are going to take a bit of getting used to. However, I am inspired by that fitness instructor; her dedication is paying off, so there is no reason why I can’t do it as well.

Episode 122: Fools Rush In…. — January 25, 2015

Episode 122: Fools Rush In….

It has been nearly 4 months now since I have managed to stop smoking, which is all well and good, but I am STILL waiting for some of the benefits to kick in!

I am not the most patient of people, I have to say, and I do not like having to wait long for things. If I am on a diet (which I am , constantly) then I expect to have lost a load of weight by the end of the first week! I will jump on the scales every morning and if I have not lost at least 2lb, then I am not happy! After all, if I am to be constantly hungry and as a consequence, grumpy, then I expect the scales to reflect the sacrifices I have made.

Last Christmas I treated myself to a very expensive mascara. Now, I don’t even wear makeup every day, but when I do, I like to look nice. This mascara was supposed to make me look like I was wearing false lashes. It didn’t. It just looked like I had got heavy handed with the wand and put too much on, giving that thick spider’s legs effect!

I have tried foundations that promise to knock years off your age and give you  a smooth flawless skin or some such outlandish claim (to be fair though, they need a decent face to work with). I couldn’t wait to try it, but it just sank into the wrinkles and crevices in my skin, making me look ridiculous.

I am pretty rubbish at Christmas and birthdays as well. If I see a present wrapped up that is for me, I will poke it, prod it, and shake it, trying to guess what it is as I can’t wait to find out! I have actually improved over the years, as I now no longer undo a bit of the tape carefully, and look inside the package, and then have to feign surprise on the actual day!

That is the trouble with me. I go about things in a gung-ho fashion, and expect to see instant results! I had patches to help me with the nicotine withdrawal and I did manage to cut those out completely within three weeks. However because I was desperate to cut those patches out so quickly, and rid myself of the nicotine sooner. I nearly sabotaged my success by rushing things.

So although I am still waiting for my sense of smell and taste to return, I will try to be patient, or risk setting myself up for disappointment!

Episode 102: Food For Thought…. — January 14, 2015

Episode 102: Food For Thought….

I have a bit of an addiction

This really is not very good

Now that I’ve given up smoking

I’ve become more attracted to food

It gives me the comfort I’m seeking

It is there when I need it the most

I can never resist a steak dinner

Or perhaps a traditional roast!

I am also partial to takeaway

I love chicken curry and rice

Or cod and chips from the chippy

Always goes down rather nice

I wish I wasn’t so greedy

As I’m putting on more and more weight

My portions are always so generous

I need a much smaller plate!

I am on the road to redemption

I’m starting to gain some control

I’ve started to eat much more healthily

And have ditched the pies and the rolls

I really have to stop snacking

This will help me along in my quest

To finally kick this addiction

And get me looking my best!

Episode 92: Barrel of Laughs! — January 8, 2015

Episode 92: Barrel of Laughs!

I’ve noticed lately that Mr Grump has got a little pot belly on him. He still looks skinny,but there is this little bit of podge around his tummy that he needs to get rid of.He has also been giving our dog Roxy a few too many treats, as he spoils her rotten. Now when she flops down on my lap or crawls over me to get to him, I am almost winded,as she seems substantially heavier than before.

It goes without saying that I too need to lose weight. I am sick of looking like a barrel; no shape at all, and whereas before my legs were quite slim, they are beginning to resemble tree trunks now and that won’t do. Having watched a programme on TV this morning about people that were ‘too fat to work’ I put down the nutcrackers (we still have a few nuts left over from Christmas) and decided that I  had better get a grip of myself! (not that hard really as there is rather a lot of me to grip).

I don’t want to end up like some of these unfortunate souls who get ridiculed in the street, not to mention suffer from all sorts of ailments associated with being overweight. However sometimes it is a slow process that gradually creeps up until you get on the scales and freak out!  I think it is time to nip things in the bud and take action.

I was really cross to hear about one of our British ‘Celebrities’ who won ‘The Apprentice’ some years ago, who stated that she would never employ a fat person as they were lazy, or words to that effect. She then said there was no excuse whatsoever to be overweight and to prove it she put on nearly 4 stone (about 50 lbs, or 25kg roughly) which she said she would lose again to show how easy it is!

She bloody did it as well, and in fact lost more that she gained in only 3 months! To top it off she  made a TV programme about it  (You can read about it here if you are interested).On the one hand this makes me feel guilty as there is no excuse for me being overweight; on the other hand it makes me annoyed, as some people do genuinely have problems losing weight, and she is belittling them ( I cannot include myself in this group as I just love my food).

Anyway, I have a habit of comfort eating, especially at the moment, and fruit just doesn’t cut it for me like a packet of crisps does! I wish I could be like Mr Grump who sometimes ‘doesn’t feel hungry’ . I always feel hungry. Well the unhealthy snacks will have to go, as will the rather generous portions Mr Grump serves up at mealtimes (He loves feeding people up, – and dogs too for that matter)!

Mr Grump’s weakness is beer (or bitter to be precise). He does like to have a few cans at the weekend to relax, but they have been taking their toll, hence the ‘muffin top’, and the loosening of his belt.  Mind you it won’t be long before his stomach is as flat as his arse as he is pretty disciplined (unlike me)!  I think he will have more of a problem not  being able to feed the rest of us up than he will losing weight.

Miss Hap will of course be appalled. She is pretty solid but burns off a tremendous amount of energy due to her constantly being on the go. The mere mention of the words ‘diet’ and ‘healthy’ will put her in a strop, and it will be a nightmare getting her to eat her meals. (It is bad enough already when she thinks that her ‘cook from frozen’ school dinners taste better than our home-cooked offerings).

Poor old Roxy will no longer be getting the odd sly sausage, or the left-overs from Miss Hap’s plate after dinner. She will no doubt be sulking along with Miss Hap when we get started on our new regime.

It’s going to be a bit fraught around here for a while, I reckon!

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