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#JusJoJan and #1LinerWeds 2018. January 24th Sick — January 24, 2018

#JusJoJan and #1LinerWeds 2018. January 24th Sick

Today we have the combination of Linda’s Just Jot it January and One-Liner Wednesday. I am going to keep it pretty short and sweet.

When I got up, Mr Grump was just about ready to leave for work. He looked a bit peaky and was pretty quiet. I asked him if he was ok; he looked at me balefully and said,

“I’ve got it now!”

Enough said. That makes all three of us now as Miss Hap came down with this horrendous cold a few days ago, and it is still lingering around in me. It’s going to be a bundle of laughs in our sick house this week!



Five Things I Hate About Winter — November 30, 2017

Five Things I Hate About Winter

The recent cold weather assures me that winter is well and truly on its way now. Although it does have many good points,  which you can check out here,  these are some of the things that I hate about it!

Well least, I would if I didn’t have my husband to do it for me! I am lucky in that Mr Grump will defrost my car when he comes back from taking the dog out for her early morning walk.

Coats are so bulky to drive in, so I take it off. Then put it on again (if it is really cold), then take it off…As soon as I go into a warm room I get boiling hot, so despite the freezing conditions outside, I rarely wear jumpers in case I combust!

Although the rain looks fine and wispy, it doesn’t take long before it soaks right through you. I would rather just have a downpour and be done with it!

Getting up at dark o’clock and coming home from work in the dark makes winter pretty drab and depressing.

Constantly! Despite always trying my best to protect myself again those winter germs, and religiously getting my flu jab, I always end up getting at least one nasty cold.

What bugs you about winter?!

Episode 481: Invasion of the Man ‘Flu! — September 3, 2015

Episode 481: Invasion of the Man ‘Flu!

Poor old Mr Grump has got the flu and I am the one suffering for it! He came home from work yesterday sneezing his head off, complained of aching all over and was generally whining and moaning! Luckily I packed him off to bed early with a cup of tea and Lemsip, and told him to get a good rest, whilst I had a bit of peace and quiet downstairs.

When I went up to bed he was still awake, sneezing, and snotty. The dog was snoring her head off , and just as I thought, no-one got a good sleep (well Roxy did actually)! This morning’s wake-up call was Roxy doing her usual licking Mr Grump’s bald head as it was 6.30 and time for her walk.

I was sleepy but took one look at Mr Grump’s bright red nose, and swollen eyes huffily got dressed and took Roxy for her walk. Once I got back and fed the dog it was then the ordeal of waking Miss Hap up for school (they went back yesterday).Mr Grump appeared in his dressing gown looking pale and weary having phoned in sick at work.

I finally got Miss Hap off and thought I would have a really lazy day today sorting out my blog and doing other bits as I had planned but oh no, Mr Grump plonks himself down on his chair.

I told him to go to bed, but no, he wanted someone to witness his suffering and I was the unlucky one! I was catching up with some blogs when out of nowhere  came

“ATISHHHHHHHOOOOO!” It made me jump out of my skin and I was none to happy when this was repeated at regular intervals ruining my concentration!  He still wouldn’t go to bed, but did stuff a tissue up each nostril to stop the dripping and hopefully sneezing,

By now I was to do a bit of knitting so sat down to watch the TV whilst I did so. I was mad as the channel had seemed to have morphed from Crime & Investigation (which I love), to one which was showing NCIS (although I do like this, I was in the mood for a bit of ‘how to bump your husband off’ type crime)!

I ended up having a nap. Then I had to cook dinner (3 separate meals as well)! This is supposed to be my week off. He always does this when I get a bit of time to myself, so I told him he had better hurry up and get better!

Are you sympathetic to man ‘flu?

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