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Writer’s Quote on Wednesday Writing Challenge- Innocence. — August 10, 2016

Writer’s Quote on Wednesday Writing Challenge- Innocence.

Oooh, quite a tricky prompt for Colleen & Ronovan’s  Writer’s Challenge post. Collen has given us ‘innocence to work with. I came across this quote which summed up innocence perfectly for me.

“When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.”

  • Patrick Rothfuss

Those carefree days of childhood

Spent playing in the sun

Staying out from dawn till dusk

Laughing and having fun.

Playing footie on the field

Or swimming on a rope

Looking forward to each day

Fresh faces filled with hope.

Dancing with abandon

Free from worry and strife

No thought for the future

Just enjoying life

Relishing each moment

Splashing in the sea

Staying round a friend’s house

Having fish and chips for tea

Innocence is precious

As it doesn’t last that long

Savour every moment

As once it’s gone, it’s gone!


Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – Freedom — May 25, 2016

Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – Freedom

Ronovan and Colleen have given us ‘freedom’ for our prompt this week in the Writer’s Quote Writing Challenge.  I have found a wonderful quote below that certainly sums up my thoughts on ‘freedom.’

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.

–  Mahatma Gandhi


Freedom to choose what colour

I want my hair to be

Freedom to wear what clothes I like

For my personality!

Freedom to drive my car around

Wherever I want to go

Freedom to ring my friends up

When I’m feeling low

Freedom to go out to work

And earn my own money

Freedom to laugh freely

If I find something funny!

Freedom to go swimming

On a hot and sunny day

Freedom with the words I use

In what I write or say.

Freedom with the food I eat

Or if I choose to drink

Freedom to marry whom I want

Who cares what others think?

Freedom with sexuality

Whether straight or gay

Girl, boy, or transgender

I can choose to live my way!

Freedom to make mistakes

To learn and then move on

Freedom to teach others

On where we got it wrong!


#SoCS – Ball — March 12, 2016

#SoCS – Ball

Image courtesy of Wikimedia


Today is an interesting Stream of Consciousness, Linda has given us ‘ball’ to play with. Hmmm, I can’t immediately think of anything regarding balls (oh, that sounds rather dodgy and has just set me off on the wrong train of thought entirely)! Ahem, time to rein myself in.

Now apart from netball and tennis, I did not really enjoy sport at school. Hockey scared me to death, especially after I got whacked in the face with a hockey stick and ended up with a fat lip! In those days though it was more of an inconvenience if someone got injured, and I just got sent off to the home economics department for some ice, and expected to come back and get on with it!

Another thing I really enjoyed as a child was rounders. We didn’t play it a lot at school but I used to live just by a large green. In the summer a load of local kids would gather together and we would all play rounders together in the evenings. It was great fun and kept us all active. We didn’t need anything other than a bat (sometimes it was a cricket bat or tennis racket or even a bit of wood, a tennis ball and a couple of t-shirts or stones to mark out the bases.

I take with me some very happy memories of growing up there, where we all knew each other, and despite the odd falling out now and again, we all came together in the summer. It is surprising what fun you can have with a ball!

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