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Today is an interesting Stream of Consciousness, Linda has given us ‘ball’ to play with. Hmmm, I can’t immediately think of anything regarding balls (oh, that sounds rather dodgy and has just set me off on the wrong train of thought entirely)! Ahem, time to rein myself in.

Now apart from netball and tennis, I did not really enjoy sport at school. Hockey scared me to death, especially after I got whacked in the face with a hockey stick and ended up with a fat lip! In those days though it was more of an inconvenience if someone got injured, and I just got sent off to the home economics department for some ice, and expected to come back and get on with it!

Another thing I really enjoyed as a child was rounders. We didn’t play it a lot at school but I used to live just by a large green. In the summer a load of local kids would gather together and we would all play rounders together in the evenings. It was great fun and kept us all active. We didn’t need anything other than a bat (sometimes it was a cricket bat or tennis racket or even a bit of wood, a tennis ball and a couple of t-shirts or stones to mark out the bases.

I take with me some very happy memories of growing up there, where we all knew each other, and despite the odd falling out now and again, we all came together in the summer. It is surprising what fun you can have with a ball!