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7 Things I Remember From Childhood That Have Gone Now — October 11, 2017

7 Things I Remember From Childhood That Have Gone Now

I was just reminiscing about the good old days, those carefree days of childhood when everything was so different…Thank God, some things do change for the better!

  1. Who remembers that awful scratchy toilet paper (or was it tracing paper)? that didn’t wipe anything at all, instead just spreading it around. Not only that but it was so rough and got into all those tender places making them sore. This was all we had at school so we had to like it or lump it!
  2. The note from Mum. I love this one, it was like a magic ticket in some ways that NOBODY questioned. It got you off PE (well it would if it were genuine, I tried forging it once and got found out straight away)!  Your Mum would send you off to the shops with a note for 20 cigarettes or Dad would want some beer, If you had the note, it was fine! I can’t believe looking back that I travelled back from Germany on my own at 14 years old on my own, via train and Ferry with just a Visitor’s Passport and a note from my Mum saying I was not a runaway
  3. Buying a single cigarette from the shop. This might not be common everywhere, but I do remember buying one or two single cigarettes on the way to, or home from school. There was also a cigarette vending machine at the end of our road which sold 7 cigarettes for something like 20p.
  4. Another one about school, corporal punishment  I remember when I was at school there were various forms of this, the cane, the slipper, the strap and the ruler being the most popular If a child was unlucky enough to get punished at school then the chances are they would get another clout when they got home for being in trouble as they always knew!
  5. Nitty Nora the bug explorer! Otherwise known as the school nurse! Although there are still school nurses, they don’t go through your hair looking for lice (nits), as they did when I was at school. They were quite heavy-handed as I remember, and would go through us one at a time in a room. The door was left open though and everyone knew if you had them. You would then be sent home in disgrace to get yourself treated before being allowed back.
  6. Another thing I remember from school is having to back all of our books. I used to hate doing this, especially if we didn’t have any brown paper or anything. I have used rather garish wallpaper before now when there has been nothing else!
  7. Doing PE in just a vest and knickers! When I was in primary school girls and boys would do PE in their underwear! It seems odd now, but nobody thought anything of it.

I have had fun looking back at this list from my childhood, but I am sure there are many things I have forgotten. Can you think of any? Please let me know in the comments,

Mind Your Language, No Swearing! — October 10, 2017

Mind Your Language, No Swearing!

Some time ago I read a post by Wendy on the Rock where she talks about her love for bad language, particularly the ‘F’ word and how this used to upset her mother to hear her swearing at one time, but now she has become used to it.

I could relate to this post, mainly as it brought back memories of how strict my mum and stepdad were when my siblings and I were growing up. I have to say that as a little girl, I was not much of a swearer, in fact, I was reticent and a bit of a ‘Goody Two Shoes’. Well, truth be known, back in the ‘olden days’ we didn’t hear much bad language, not even on the TV (Mind you I had to be in bed before eight until I was about 12 years old)!

I never heard my mother swear at all, growing up, (I don’t count ‘bugger’, ‘bloody’ and ‘Christ’ as swearing. She did let the odd ‘shit’ slip out though (Ha Ha! bit of a double entendre there). Woe betide any of us that dared say any of those words though, We would be threatened as Wendy was, with our mouths being washed out with soap. My stepfather was a bit different though as he had a broad West Country ‘oooh-arrr’ type of accent that made us laugh, especially when he described someone falling as ‘going arse over tit’. Commonplace now but shocking to us kids back then. Mum would give him a bit of a look, but he was oblivious to it anyway!

I remember when I was about nine years old and desperate to grow up quickly, was upset about my deficiency in the boob department. We had been singing Christmas Carols at school. A line from ‘In The Bleak Midwinter’ had piqued my interest, which was …’a breastful of milk and a manger full of hay’. Hmmm, did that mean that if I drank a lot of milk, then a would get big boobs, which I desperately wanted ( I was very innocent back then). Anyway, I asked my Mum for a glass of milk, and for some reason told her why I wanted it. She asked me to repeat what I had just said,

“To make my breastful of milk grow bigger,” I chirped. WRONG! I got a clout for that!. We did not discuss intimate body parts in our house, not even allowed to say ‘bum’. Bottom was the correct term for everything front and back, girls and boys! Sex education we learned at school (or from other kids), and I dreaded telling my Mum when puberty started!

I would never swear in front of my older brothers and sisters either, particularly my eldest sister as I would probably get a smack off her as well (she dobbed me in to my Mum when she found a packet of cigarettes on me when I was 13)!!! Funnily enough, Mum wasn’t as mad about that as she would be about us swearing!

My younger sister was and is a lot braver, and much feistier than I am. I remember once when we were teenagers; she was sleeping in my room, and as we used to fight like cat and dog then. I for once got furious and told her to ‘piss off”. Oh, no, Mum’s room was next door, and sure enough, my stepdad yelled, but at my sister, not me! No-one thought I had it in me to use such language!

Now of course. Mum doesn’t seem to mind her grand-children swearing, in fact, she has been known to come out with a few choice words herself. Not only that she openly talks about sex (CRINGE), and has a filthy mind we’ve discovered. When we have large family gatherings, we quite often end up playing games, and although they always start reasonably innocently, ‘consequences’ ends up making an appearance, and the filthier, the better!

For those unfamiliar with it, everyone starts off with a bit of paper, you write a girl’s name on it, fold it over, pass it to the next person and they write a boy’s name on it, fold it over, pass it on. Then write where they met, what they did, what he said, she said and how it ended up each time folding it over and passing it on. When that is over, you take it in turns to read out all the combinations. It is a playground game really, but you can get some interesting scenarios if you have a dirty mind!

It is odd though that I still have that fear (or respect) in me that I will not swear in front of my Mum!

Writer’s Quote on Wednesday Writing Challenge- Innocence. — August 10, 2016

Writer’s Quote on Wednesday Writing Challenge- Innocence.

Oooh, quite a tricky prompt for Colleen & Ronovan’s  Writer’s Challenge post. Collen has given us ‘innocence to work with. I came across this quote which summed up innocence perfectly for me.

“When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.”

  • Patrick Rothfuss

Those carefree days of childhood

Spent playing in the sun

Staying out from dawn till dusk

Laughing and having fun.

Playing footie on the field

Or swimming on a rope

Looking forward to each day

Fresh faces filled with hope.

Dancing with abandon

Free from worry and strife

No thought for the future

Just enjoying life

Relishing each moment

Splashing in the sea

Staying round a friend’s house

Having fish and chips for tea

Innocence is precious

As it doesn’t last that long

Savour every moment

As once it’s gone, it’s gone!


#SoCS – Ball — March 12, 2016

#SoCS – Ball

Image courtesy of Wikimedia


Today is an interesting Stream of Consciousness, Linda has given us ‘ball’ to play with. Hmmm, I can’t immediately think of anything regarding balls (oh, that sounds rather dodgy and has just set me off on the wrong train of thought entirely)! Ahem, time to rein myself in.

Now apart from netball and tennis, I did not really enjoy sport at school. Hockey scared me to death, especially after I got whacked in the face with a hockey stick and ended up with a fat lip! In those days though it was more of an inconvenience if someone got injured, and I just got sent off to the home economics department for some ice, and expected to come back and get on with it!

Another thing I really enjoyed as a child was rounders. We didn’t play it a lot at school but I used to live just by a large green. In the summer a load of local kids would gather together and we would all play rounders together in the evenings. It was great fun and kept us all active. We didn’t need anything other than a bat (sometimes it was a cricket bat or tennis racket or even a bit of wood, a tennis ball and a couple of t-shirts or stones to mark out the bases.

I take with me some very happy memories of growing up there, where we all knew each other, and despite the odd falling out now and again, we all came together in the summer. It is surprising what fun you can have with a ball!

The Great Book of Lists Chapter 1: Treasures From Childhood — January 5, 2016

The Great Book of Lists Chapter 1: Treasures From Childhood


La Duchesse d’Erat has come up with a brilliant new challenge where you make lists on a range of topics which changes every week. The idea is at the end, you have a whole host of lists that are filled with memories, humour, and all kinds of other emotions experienced. If you want to get involved, check it out here 

The first list is regarding childhood treasures. I always think it is lovely to look back to those carefree days and remember some of those special moments. So here is my list.

  1. Spending summer days at the beach with the family. We always went prepared! Ice box, windbreakers, dinghy, buckets and spades, more food, flasks of coffee, spare clothes, towels, and of course, yet more food!
  2. My Nans. Both of my nans were characters in their own way. As I may have mentioned before, they lived next door to each other when we were very young. Both were strict, formidable women, who were bloody hard workers. They were also damn good cooks, and many a good meal was had at both of their houses!
  3. Our golden labrador Jasper. We used to live on quite a busy road which was just opposite an alleyway that took you to the local recreation ground right next to a primary school. Jasper was a regular Houdini and my mum had many a phone call from the irate school caretaker telling her that the dog had got into the swimming pool again! (Yes, school used to have their own pools when I was young)!
  4. My exchange partner Gudrun. When I was 13 the school organised a German exchange trip, for two weeks we would be hosts to a German child and then we would go and stay with them for another two weeks. There were other schools taking part and we all had a fantastic laugh. I went again the next year with the school, and the year after, we did it on our own in the school holidays. Gudrun and her family were absolutely lovely and we stayed in touch for years afterwards.
  5. My record player. I had one of those little box type record players with the long spindle bit in the middle where you could stack a few records in a row (mind you, when you had about 4 on there and some of them were warped, they did not always play properly)! I have always loved music and my records were a huge part of my childhood.

So there are a few snippets from my childhood. Why not join in the challenge.


Whatever Happened to…… — October 4, 2015

Whatever Happened to……

Today, I thought it would be fun to have a bit of a reminisce about some of the things I grew up with but are not so common or popular anymore. TJ’s Haiku Challenge from yesterday sparked off a conversation between myself and La Sabrosona, which has now inspired me to write this post.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane (some of you might still have these, and some are even coming back into fashion), and pay our respects to….

The knitted egg cosy:

Image: www.papastour.com
Image: http://www.papastour.com

Now when I was young, we very often had a boiled egg and soldiers for breakfast, and the cosy was just the thing to keep the egg warm if you were not quite ready to eat it!

The lovely loo roll cover


Don’t you just love these? The little dollies dressed in all their finery, in order that you and God forbid, your guests do not have to look at the indecency that is toilet roll!


Image: Wikimedia
Image: Wikimedia

Oh, how my nan loved these (my mum is quite partial to a doily as well)!  They were scattered all over the place but lived mainly on tables, to act as a kind of coaster, or on sideboards, where ornaments were placed on top of them.

The chair and settee covers


These were a real pain. As soon as you sat down on the settee, you normally had one fall off and flop right over your head. The arm covers (my mum had the ones that actually slipped over the whole arm of the chair or sofa) would also fall off, every time you brushed past them. We had linen ones, and I hated them as I used to do all the ironing when I was young, and these were a bloody nightmare to get creases out of!

The drinks cabinet


Everyone seemed to have one of these. Just an ordinary looking sideboard, but when you pulled down one of the cupboards, lo and behold, you had a mini bar! Not only that the ledge served as a little table from which the drinks could be mixed and poured!

Soda Stream.


I loved it when we got one of these. Me and my siblings made loads of them just so we could press the button at the top which ‘fizzed’ up the drink!

The twirly ashtray.


Again my nan had one of these. and I was fascinated by it. Once the cigarette was stubbed out, and the button pushed, it would disappear just like magic!

I have realised, whilst looking for some pictures, that most of this stuff has become popular again!

Episode 461: Recycled Teenager. — August 16, 2015

Episode 461: Recycled Teenager.

When my dad was well into his seventies, he and my step-mother still tried to live life to its fullest. They went off on all sorts of cruises everywhere, and when they were back at home, were members of various clubs; ‘The Walkers’ club and ‘Munch Club’ speak for themselves but they also belonged to what they referred to as the ‘Recycled Teenagers’ club, where a group of like-minded pensioners strutted their stuff to music and got up to all sorts of mischief.

For me, the teenage years although pretty uneventful are not ones that I would be keen to revisit. The one thing that I didn’t get as a teenager (apart from a bust, which I was very resentful about), was spots.

Yes, I was lucky as many of my peers suffered with dreadful acne that was both painful and soul-destroying for a young image-conscious teen. I escaped with the odd spot once a month and that was it.

So why the hell at nearly 50 years old have I suddenly got 4 spots on my face! All at once, all in the same day. I mentioned that I had a pretty rough day yesterday, but when I got home and took off my glasses, I thought the bridge of my nose was sore where they had rubbed, but no, there was a spot there, its twin had settled just near the corner of my eye, the triplet by the corner of my mouth, and its quadruplet right on top of a small mole I have just under my chin!

Not the most attractive sight in the world but when I asked Mr Grump to look at the one on my nose, he just laughed because it had caused the bridge of my nose to swell up a bit, making me look a little bit odd and distorted (well more than usual anyway)!

I know sometimes as we get older it is said that we recede back to our childhood! What happened to the 40s, 30s and 20s??!!!

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