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Live to Eat — February 7, 2016

Live to Eat

Cup Cakes

I thought I would have a go at the ‘Daily Prompt’ today, which I like to do sometimes. Today the question is live to eat or eat to live? Also how far would we travel for the best meal of our lives?

The first part of this is easy for me, absolutely without a doubt, I live to eat! I am sure that nobody is at all surprised by that revelation. The thing is, I was brought up by a mother who was an excellent cook, as was her mother, and my dad’s mother too! My sisters are also brilliant cooks, in fact, one trained as a chef, as did my husband, even I can cook (although I rarely need to) Not only was I spoiled by having good, wholesome food as I grew up, it was frowned upon to leave anything on your plate.

All my family have ‘healthy’ appetites! Sitting around the table for our meals when growing up was the norm for us, and it was filled with talking, laughing, shouting and arguing, the bickering and banter of family life. Mum would go mad if anyone was late for meals, they were almost set in stone, breakfast being the most flexible, but other than that, lunch at 1 pm and dinner or ‘tea’ as we called it about 5.30pm. She relented a bit when microwaves became commonplace and she could reheat a meal for some latecomer. Mind you, she was terrified of the microwave, approaching it with caution and at arm’s length!

It’s funny, but whenever any of my family put on a meal, buffet or BBQ, you know there is going to be plenty of food, as we are all used to catering for large numbers, coming from such a huge family!

Now, one thing I do enjoy is a good meal. Food is not just fuel for the body, it is supposed to be a pleasurable and sensual experience. Well, at least in my book! It is very often the very heart of family life too when you think about it. When there is a birthday, or Valentine’ s day or Christmas or other holiday occasions, there is usually a meal or some sort of food associated with it as a form of celebration.

We have a pub that does a great carvery and it is lovely going there with some of the family in the summer  whiling the hours away sitting out in the garden after a great meal, chatting and laughing.

When it comes to how far I would travel for the best meal of my life, I am not sure. I have simple tastes and it is more the company and the occasion than the meal itself. I am lucky enough to have not only enough food to eat, but to have it beautifully cooked too!


Episode 341: Romantic Old Fools! — May 24, 2015

Episode 341: Romantic Old Fools!

Ahhh romance….I remember it well (just about)! As time goes by, it seems to go out of the window a bit; take Valentine’s Day for example, I was not feeling very well this year and it ended up as a bit of a damp squib as you can read here.

Mr Grump does sometimes bring me home some flowers, but he no longer bothers to take off the ‘reduced’ sticker, and I oohh and ahhh over the rather tired looking blooms, happy that at least he thought of me.

We very rarely sit cuddled up on the settee together now watching some sort of romantic movie either. We changed our furniture about 18 months ago and he now has an armchair (yes he is an official Old Git), whilst myself and Miss Hap have the nice big settee to ourselves. Not only that but I nearly always fall asleep watching films (apart from the Disney ones of course)!

Well last night Mr Grump lit the candles as usual but then disappeared off to the shed. I wondered what he was up to, but after a bit of banging and crashing around, he returned triumphant with a load more candles. He faffed about digging out some more candle holders and placed them all over the front room creating a lovely atmosphere.

He informed me that he liked to have things nice for his wife (he had been at the beer). and as Miss Hap had gone upstairs by then thought he would put on a bit of 80s music which I always enjoy. I even got a bit of his ‘twerking’ thrown in as he did here.

After a while of singing along, the mood changed as George Michael’s ‘A Different Corner’ came on. Mr Grump thought it would be nice to have a smoochy dance to it like in the ‘old days.’ Fine, but it isn’t the hold days anymore! I had on my pjs for a start, but I trotted up to him and we had a bit of a dance.

It seems as if we were a bit out of practice though (although shuffling about in a circle is not exactly difficult). I trod on his foot, which meant that he was kind of pinned to the spot, so he told me to,

“get off my slipper!” I did so and he was free to shuffle a bit more. The problem is that going around in a circle after a few beers is a little bit dizzying, and he stumbled landing heavily on my ingrown toenail! Suffice it to say, we decided to sit it out!

Episode 179: Say What You Mean Why Don’t You! — February 24, 2015

Episode 179: Say What You Mean Why Don’t You!

As I may have mentioned before, my daughter has Asperger’s and many times comes out and says exactly what she thinks about things.This is regardless as to who they are, or indeed where we are. I seem to spend a lot of time trying to explain to her why it is not polite/tactful to be so blunt, but sometimes, just sometimes I think we would all just love to say what we really think….

You have been invited to a friend’s/family member’s house for a coffee; just as you are about to leave, you get a phone call asking if you could ‘just pick up a pint of milk, packet of cigs’ and a few other bits and pieces. You don’t actually have that much money on you and you know it is going to be tricky asking for your money back when you deliver the goods. What you want to say is,

“No I bloody can’t! Why the hell did you invite me over for coffee when you haven’t even got any milk. Why can’t you do your own shopping?”

What you actually say is,

“Oh yes, of course I will . Do you need anything else?”

You are walking along the street when someone coming the other way barges into you and knocks you out of their way.

What you want to say is,

“Watch where you are going you Arsehole!”

What you actually say is,

“Sorry!” Yes really. Or at least I do!

You are in the supermarket, strapped for time trying to get grocery shopping done, only to come to an abrupt halt as two shoppers are having a chat, blocking the aisles with their trolleys. They see you trying to get by, glare at you before finally huffing and puffing, and moving a fraction so you can just about get through.

What you want to say is,

“So sorry to interrupt your important meeting just so that I can actually do my shopping as this is a supermarket not a village hall!”

“What you actually say is,

“Thanks so much, whilst looking apologetic for having disturbed them!

This one probably only applies to me as I am a ‘Philistine’ who likes their steak well-done. On going out for a birthday meal with my mum and some other family members, i and some others requested a steak. I explained how I liked it cooked and when the waitress plonked it down forcefully, and dare I say resentful in front of me she asked me if ‘it was well done enough for me or should she take it back and get the chef to cremate it a bit more’

What I wanted to say was,

“How dare you try to belittle and humiliate me in front of everyone you rude excuse for a person. You can sod off if you think I am leaving you a tip, other than get some bloody manners!”

What I actually said was,

“Thank you, that will do fine!”

Ahhh yes, wouldn’t it be good to say what we really think sometimes.  Anything you would like to say?

Episode 164: Hearts and Flowers, Tissues and Snot! — February 15, 2015

Episode 164: Hearts and Flowers, Tissues and Snot!

Well what a wonderful day Valentine’s Day turned out to be! Miss Hap started the day off on the right note by waking Mr Grump up at 6.30 (I was already up an hour before). For some reason, she had decided that it was the perfect time to have a very loud telephone conversation with her friend that she was meeting up with a little later.

I meanwhile, was up sneezing my head off! From out of nowhere a  nasty cold had appeared the night before, decided it liked the look of me, and would hang around for a while, settling in and making itself comfy. This left me with half-open watery eyes and a lively red nose, I decided that I might as well stay in my pyjamas to complete the look.

Miss Hap eventually met her friend (after taking ages choosing the right outfit, and making a racket about it) so Me and Mr Grump had some time to ourselves. He had chores to do though, and I was flat-out on the sofa for most of the morning,We did however exchange cards and he bought me my favourite yellow roses which was lovely.

Miss Hap was originally going to stay with her Nan for the night, but plans were changed so she was joining us for our ‘romantic steak dinner’. I decided to ‘slip into something more comfortable’ for the meal, so had a bath and put on fresh pyjamas! Well I thought that it was more in keeping with the Vaseline around my nose. I didn’t have any wine due to dosing myself up with painkillers.

There was a little streak left over so Mr Grump insisted we give it to Roxy the dog as she is a girl and needed to be treated on Valentine’s Day as well! Anyway, dinner over and Miss Hap heads off upstairs out of germ’s way. I conk out on the sofa at 7pm for a couple of hours wake up for half an hour and then go to bed! Mr Grump, defeated, had started on the beer!

This is what real love is like! It’s not always hearts and flowers, it’s just being together, and making the most of it!

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