Well what a wonderful day Valentine’s Day turned out to be! Miss Hap started the day off on the right note by waking Mr Grump up at 6.30 (I was already up an hour before). For some reason, she had decided that it was the perfect time to have a very loud telephone conversation with her friend that she was meeting up with a little later.

I meanwhile, was up sneezing my head off! From out of nowhere a  nasty cold had appeared the night before, decided it liked the look of me, and would hang around for a while, settling in and making itself comfy. This left me with half-open watery eyes and a lively red nose, I decided that I might as well stay in my pyjamas to complete the look.

Miss Hap eventually met her friend (after taking ages choosing the right outfit, and making a racket about it) so Me and Mr Grump had some time to ourselves. He had chores to do though, and I was flat-out on the sofa for most of the morning,We did however exchange cards and he bought me my favourite yellow roses which was lovely.

Miss Hap was originally going to stay with her Nan for the night, but plans were changed so she was joining us for our ‘romantic steak dinner’. I decided to ‘slip into something more comfortable’ for the meal, so had a bath and put on fresh pyjamas! Well I thought that it was more in keeping with the Vaseline around my nose. I didn’t have any wine due to dosing myself up with painkillers.

There was a little streak left over so Mr Grump insisted we give it to Roxy the dog as she is a girl and needed to be treated on Valentine’s Day as well! Anyway, dinner over and Miss Hap heads off upstairs out of germ’s way. I conk out on the sofa at 7pm for a couple of hours wake up for half an hour and then go to bed! Mr Grump, defeated, had started on the beer!

This is what real love is like! It’s not always hearts and flowers, it’s just being together, and making the most of it!